Recommendation for Visa Angels, visa facilitator

Just got my permanent visa and renewed (new format with chip) cedula, all thanks to Jodie Mansfield and her assistant, Giovanni Vallejo.

Jodie and her crew are true professionals. They got me my permanent visa and my appointment in Azogues for the cedula order, and Gio drove me out there so that we arrived exactly as the parking garage opened, and we were in and out within an hour while other people, who had to go to the bank to pay their fees, had not yet returned. Gio had paid the fees in advance and had the bank receipt in hand.

Requirements change almost weekly for visa processing requirements, and because Jodie is out in Azogues multiple times each week, she knows exactly what the latest situation is.

Address: Edificio Maldini, Gasar de Villarroel y Isabela la Catolica

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