Recommendation for who likes sweet buns? Bakery/restaurant

I am…and when I stepped into KOLO and got a whiff of the freshly baked cinnamon rolls, my mouth began to water at the temptation. Should I indulge in this goodie or should I try the kolaches, the inspiration for the bakery? The kolos won and my taste buds did a happy dance.

Soft, fresh, melt in your mouth gooeyness that was *almost* better than something I don’t get anymore! It’s a fine substitute in moderation.

And if the aroma of the baked goods doesn’t grab you, check out the menu. This is a serious twist on comfort food with a high-end twist. No mamby-pamby blandness here; the balance of seasonings combined with unusual pairings will explode in your mouth. Ever have that perfect combination of bites? A little of the chicken chili with the cornbread, egg, and salsa together on the fork savored so much you don’t want another bite or fear it won’t match the perfection it already has? But, you take more and it does create more pleasure?

This is food you enjoy with all your senses. And shouldn’t it be all that?

So go, for breakfast or lunch or a cup of java and a kolache. Frank is the proprietor and the host with the most. The ambiance, menu, and his company make KOLO an all-around winner.

Biosecurity measures and social distancing is strictly adhered to for your safety and comfort.

Address: Louis Cordero Upstairs in The Viajar Mansion Hotel

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