Recommendation for María Teresa, learn Spanish via Zoom

For anyone looking to learn Spanish, I want to highly recommend Maria Teresa Ramon Giacometti. I’m a professor from the United States, and I’ve really enjoyed working 1 on 1 with Maria Teresa via zoom for the last couple of months since moving to Quito.

Her prices are very reasonable. She is a wonderful young woman who speaks Spanish, English and Italian fluently. She is well qualified professional teacher and journalist. We at Goshen College consistently contract with her for our study abroad students when they come to Ecuador each year.

If you are interested, I’m sure you could arrange a full course with her or if you are just looking for conversation practice, I’d bet she would be open to that. She is looking for more students at the moment, so I thought I’d reach out to our community here. Feel free to send her a message on WhatsApp.

Address: Quito – (Classes can be via Zoom)

Contact information: +593 99 772 8188

Recommended by Caleb Longenecker:
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