Please help name the kitties

Not long ago we had to put to sleep, Dash and Lilly, our 13-year-old brother and sister Balinese cats. Nothing was the same without them in the house.

But a little over a week ago we saw Jo’s post for Mama and Baby cats from Patan up for adoption. They now own the house and bring us great joy. However, we have not yet found the perfect names for them.

Attached are photos. Mama is a 1.5 year old mostly Siamese purr factory. Three to four month old
Baby has to be part Tortti with the black and brown coat, and her eyes seem to go from green to burnt yellow.

We want them to have great names and Laverne and Shirley just does not work. Please send your suggestions. They deserve special names. Thanks in advance for your help.

Joyce and Richard

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