Fundacion Grace

Helping someone you don’t know be successful, will be your greatest success.

As a volunteer for Grace since last year, first from the States and now in Cuenca, I have found that not only do I find personal success and satisfaction, but I have also seen firsthand that the people who receive the help benefit greatly.

Grace, Give Refugees a Chance. first opened its doors in 2019 and in recent months has been providing free health care to 120 migrants and refugees per month. Recently, the doors of Grace closed after inspectors provided a new list of requirements for Grace to obtain their final licenses from the city. In order to complete the required work to re-open, Grace needs $5,500 in donations in order to purchase supplies and have the work completed. New walls, plumbed sinks and lighting is required.

Please go to our GoFundme page to make a donation.

Although the GoFundMe page highlights the help for Venezuelans, Grace currently helps all migrants and others in need of medical services. With your help we will be able to open our doors soon and start providing health care services to the most needy.

We have a list of needed construction materials if you would prefer to make an in-kind donation. To obtain a list please email:

Grace also is need of people who have skills in construction, plumbing, wiring, and carpentry. Please email us if you are able to donate your time to help with our remodeling.

Guillermo Medina 25-01, Cuenca, Ecuador.

Steve Chasson: 95 920 4786
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