BYOB Tienda eco-responsible

We are an eco shop. We offer a wide selection of natural and organic pantry products as well as personal care and household cleaning supplies with minimum packaging or with a refill system. You can find: Organic honey, propolis, pollen, and other bee products Organic cacao nibs, cacao infusion, our own blend of trail mix Natural peanut butter, hazelnut & chocolate spread Shampoo bars made with 100% natural ingredients Hair conditioner bars Natural soap free of dyes and fragrances Laundry detergent and fabric softener Dish washing liquid Multipurpose cleaner Liquid hand soap We work with a convenient refill system that will allow you to fill you own empty jars and jugs so that we can all contribute to reduce our plastic waste and also save some money every month.

Address: Miguel Moreno y Jacinto Flores, Cuenca.

Wilson: 099 906 6943 / 098 391 7769

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