The coronavirus continues to grow in Cuenca

Vaccines against the coronavirus go to Phase 1 in Azuay, in which not only health personnel will be vaccinated, but also other sectors of the population that are those with the highest risk of critical COVID cases. Despite this, the increase in cases continues.

According to data from the Ministry of Public Health, in the last week there has been an increase of 439 confirmed cases for coronavirus in Azuay, of which 343 correspond to Cuenca, a figure that worries the front-line medical corps.

This is the largest increase in the last 6 weeks according to the records of the Zonal Coordination 6 of Health, which fears that in the coming days hospitals will begin to receive those patients who may show critical symptoms of COVID, after having been infected during the holiday Carnival.

At the moment, public hospitals have an average occupancy of 90% of ICU beds and in private hospitals that figure reaches 70%, which reduces the operational capacity of the health system to face a new wave of infections.

The problem is that Ecuadorians do not make good use of the mask or use non-approved masks. They care more about what a good mask costs than their own health. According to the World Health Organization, KN95 filter masks are still the most suitable to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

I am Andrés Guillermo, distributor in Cuenca and Azuay of KN95 masks with filter, made in the USA. These masks are not the ones sold in Shopping Centers, they are masks with sanitary registration, laminated and with high protection. Its use is comfortable, it avoids dizziness, headaches, fogging of lenses or glasses. They are lightweight and are placed behind the ears, but above all 100% safe and reliable. I sell them by unit or box of 20 masks. Contact me at 0996472877, WhatsApp or call me.


Andrés Guillermo: 099 647 2877
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