Recommendation for Pig and Cow, restaurant

Eating out in Cuenca used to be our daily routine. Now it is home cooking and ordering in. And nothing has made it easier on us when we need a break from cooking than finding several consistently excellent restaurants. Our friends at Pig and Cow are just that… A consistently excellent BBQ, smoked meat, sandwich restaurant.

They do it like you wish you could. But for us spending 12 hours babying just the right cuts of hand selected meat as it slow roasts and smokes, is just not in the cards. We’ve never been disappointed not once! The meat, the seasoning, the bread, the packaging, the sauces, every little detail is handled perfectly and we always come away happy.

Our ‘Go To’ sandwiches are the Pulled Pork and the Hot Pastrami but we’ve had the ribs, roast turkey, sliced ham, hamburger, cookies and cold slaw, all are very good. The succulent, flavorful, mouth-watering pulled pork with just the right balance of sweet sauce on the tender meat and that bread, well that’s just been hard to break from.

The Pastrami Sandwich is just gorgeous, packed with layer upon layer of thin sliced meat piled high on fresh rye bread, it hits all the flavor notes and never ever disappoints.

We are happy to highly recommend Pig and Cow to anyone needing some great comfort food.

Address: Av. Juan Iniguez V. 5-22

Contact information: 096 297 2352

Recommended by Doug Morgan:
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