Recommendation for ORIGINAL Edwin Loja for transportation and tours

As much a warning as a recommendation. There is another man with or using a very similar name. Do not be fooled!

Edwin Loja supplies wonderful transportation services. We always use him to take us to and from the airport in Guayaquil. We have also used him to take us on tours of Ecuador when family and friends come to visit.

He speaks perfect English. He drives a very comfortable and large van. He is always on time. His communication about your trip is always complete and through.

Be very careful. I know nothing about the other man but since I heard of someone thinking they were hiring the original Edwin Loja and not being at all happy when this new person showed up, I thought I would stress to be careful.

Correct information for the original Edwin Loja:

WhatsApp: +593 99 371 3936
Cell: 099 371 3936

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Trisha Egge:
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