An attitude of gratitude to members of the Cuenca expat community

In response to an opinion piece published elsewhere on March 7, shaming expats over 65 who request IVA refunds (which might be deleted before this is published), I feel compelled to post a different, more positive perspective here:

–Thank you for maintaining sufficient healthcare coverage even after you received your permanent residency visa and you no longer have to prove to the government that you or your family and friends can cover the cost of any medical calamity.

–Thank you for having sufficient income above the $400/mo minimum, which is the poverty wage of Ecuador. If you cannot sustain your chosen lifestyle as an expat, you make a change privately.

–Thank you for the respect you show the expat community by assuming they are adults who have found their own ways to donate, whether it be to a recognized charity or one individual, without being hounded during this worldwide, soul-crushing time with pleas to support those whom you deem worthy or be told how you should be charitable with your stimulus checks.

–Thank you for living the belief that being an expat is a privilege. Fitting in as a good neighbor by accepting what may be irksome to us reflects on us all.

Here’s hoping 2021 improves for everyone. Feel free to add your gratitude in the comments.

Sharon McAdams

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