Recommendation for Kolo, restaurant/bakery

Frank Gonzalez has hit a home run with his new restaurant/bakery.

Kolo is on the second floor of Hotel Vieja Mansion a beautiful patrimonial bldg. with tons of natural light from a huge skylight in the ceiling. The walk up the one flight of stairs is worth every step once you smell the fresh baked breads, rolls, and the signature Koloche a brioche type of pastry filled with a variety of fresh homemade preserves.

Greeted by a friendly staff and served a pitcher of water infused with cucumber, mint and lime you are quickly made to feel at home while being given a small sampling of the wonderful pastries while waiting for your food to arrive.

Kolo has a breakfast and lunch menu with breakfast house specialties that range from Prosciutto Parmesan Scramble to the more traditional fare of bacon & eggs.
Lunch specials include a pressed classic Cuban sandwich and the best Shepherd’s Pie since my mom’s.

There are ample choices (10 on each breakfast and lunch menu) to satisfy varied tastes and vegetarian options are available.

I’ve had both breakfast and lunch at this wonderful new environment and can’t wait to return.

Address: Hotel Vieja Mansion 5-65 Luis Cordero

Contact information: 099 297 5788

Recommended by Paul Marquis:
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