Ecuadorian paradises. What to do and when to visit them?

Ecuador is the country that has it all in one place, we have an Andean forest with a foliage of trees and extensive fields full of lagoons in the city of Cuenca, located in the Cajas that has a natural reserve and protection of species of this cold and humid area that will leave you breathless when you know the “Toreadora”, a lagoon with magical stories of our ancestors.

If what you want is to know our little paradise in the Galapagos Islands, the best time to go is from January to May, you can enjoy a warm and sunny climate, but before you go check the weather in any application you have, because although it is sunny at this time of the year, you could also find rainy and cold days. In these beautiful islands you can admire colorful species such as blue footed boobies, sea lions, giant tortoises, adult and juvenile iguanas that are fearless and fast.

The Ecuadorian Amazon will enchant you, its humid climate, warm and rainy at the same time are the perfect combination to explore your wild side taking you to the most famous caves in Latin America, La Cueva de los Tayos, a place with ancestral stories and vault of the strangest findings made by a priest in Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian beaches have the best climate in South America and you can find a varied vegetation despite being lying on the warm sands of Ayampe, you can see a green foliage set with the sound of birds chirping from dawn, If you are lucky you can see other species of the area while you make a small tour of the beaches, you can go to Olon which is a small beach with good waves if you want to surf on your trip, or you can get to Montañita that gives you the night experience of a beach full of party.

Ecuador is the country that allows you to know it from point to point with little money, but do not forget to travel insured, so you can live all the extreme experiences you want without compromising your health and your joy. We have the best prices on the market, travel insurance from $5 per day depending your age.

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