Changes have been implemented in the new “ley organica de Movilidad”

Changes have been implemented in the new “Ley Orgánica Reformatoria de La Ley Orgánica de Movilidad Humana” approved on February 5th, 2021 by the National Assembly.

Some of the most relevant changes that affect those who are considering living in the country or who already live in it are the following:

Temporary and permanent residents

People must be subject to the activity dictated by their visa. That is, if a person applied for a retiree visa, that person will not be able to carry out any commercial activity, give classes or any other economical activity. In case of carrying out activities other than those dictated by your visa, there will be a penalty of a basic salary ($400). In case of being a repeat offender, the immigration status will be revoked and two years will be penalized in order to obtain a visa.

The person who has not changed their immigration status in the time provided by law, that is, who, for example, has an investor visa and is carrying out economic activities in Ecuador, and does not change the category of their visa, will be sanctioned by average unified base salary ($200).

The person permanently residing in the country may not be absent from it for more than 180 days per year, from the date of obtaining their visa and in the event that they are absent, they will be sanctioned with 50% of the unified basic salary ($200).

This means that it does not matter how many years you are living in the country, since the maximum allowed currently is 180 days per year.


In the case of foreigners who entered the country under tourist immigration status, with a stay of 90 days and exceeded that time without requesting an extension, or those who requested an extension and have exceeded 180 days, will not be allowed to enter the country through the period of one year from the date of your departure from Ecuador, unless you cancel a fine equivalent to a unified basic salary ($400) and obtain your respective consular visa. From the date of departure from the country, a year will be counted for the sanction to prescribe.

Now to make your visa extension “prorroga” must be done before the 90th day otherwise the Government of the interio (Inmigration Office) will proceed to fine to people who overstayed in the country, people who try to make their visa extension after the 90th day. Please be careful on this. This will be effective from May 5th
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