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Sizú Lab

Hello, our names are Susy and Sylvia. We are both chefs and opened our brand in December, 2019 and since then we have been working on attending our clients with different options we have created for them.

This month we offer to the market a new catalog of products such as:

Bagels (our best) – Caponata – Pastrami – Green Sauce – Yellow Pepper Sauce – Red Pepper Sauce – Onion chutney – Blueberry Sauce – Garlic Confit – Smoke Oil, Queso amasado….

You can also ask for our Bagel Combos….

We also offer sweets products:
Rocky Road Bars (free sugar) – Double Chocolate Cookies – Salty Caramel – Free Sugar Almonds

Orders and more information at 099 979 2741 Sylvia or 099 976 4947 Susy. We do deliveries on Tuesday and Friday, orders are taken 24 hours in advance.

Please send your orders to the following email only to make sure they don’t get lost:

Delivery costs not included.

We hope to attend your requests soon

Susy and Sylvia

You can also checked us on Instagram or Facebook as Sizu.Catering

Call after 8 AM, Alonso Vicuña, Parque Puertas del Sol

Susy Sylvia: 099 979 2741
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