Scouting trip to Ecuador


I am planning a scouting trip to Ecuador in the Fall checking out various areas of Ecuador that I might possibly want to move to. I do not speak any Spanish, would love to rent first to set up a base camp in an area with many expats in order to develop friendships and to feel safe.

I am a single female with a very large black Goldendoodle. Is it difficult to bring a dog into Ecuador? Is there an area of Ecuador that would be the best for a base camp?

I have no intention of ever driving there so public transportation is key as are safe neighborhoods. Shopping, restaurants, the arts and good healthcare would be great. I am not a fan of condos/close living. I would love a small, 2 bedroom home to rent with a good size yard for the dog.

If anyone can help please respond on the user forum and thank you.

Amy Ross

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