Thank you for supporting Paulina Urgiles

A big thank you to everyone who has donated to Paulina’s Go Fund Me page. We have raised $395 so far. We would love to receive more donations.

Many of you know Paulina, who is finishing law school at the University of Cuenca and will be graduating mid-2021. Like many, she has been struggling to support herself and has been cutting hair and helping people resolve billing or financial problems. She is weighed down by medical debt owed to IESS that is keeping her from moving forward with her life.

Paulina’s dream is to start a pro bono law practice defending the vulnerable members of society, specializing in LBGTI persons suffering discrimination, physical attacks or even death. Ecuador’s constitution guarantees equal rights to all, but the reality on the ground is quite different. Paulina would like to make the reality match the ideals written in law but not enforced.

During the quarantine Paulina organized a food drive for vulnerable persons with no other means of finding food, and helped distribute food parcels to people in need.

I have established a GoFundMe page for Paulina at where you can make a donation. Her debt is over $20,000 but any amount will help Paulina in paying down the debt to IESS. The GoFundMe page has more details about the situation here in Ecuador for LBGTI persons.

Paulina is a neighbor of mine and I have gotten to know her well over the past year through the quarantine.

If you wish to contact Paulina directly her email address is and her phone number is 098 890 7549.

Ann Fourt: 098 995 7953. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca
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