Recommendation for Expat Envoy, professional personal courier service

My many experiences with Expat Envoy have been both professional and effortless.

I needed to utilize DHL during the months when Expat Envoy was full and it helped me recognize what a blessing it is to have the services of Harrison and his family.

While DHL was very fast and professional, I paid at least 4 x as much (shipping price + duty fees) and there were at least 10 or more emails with DHL regarding submitting my cedula and other paperwork. While I was happy to do so and the staff were all helpful, it began to feel like I had a job with DHL.

I used to transport many things (many suitcases) with my family from the US for my family in Ecuador. It is a lot of work.

We are very fortunate to have this very affordable service through Expat Envoy. They are professional, always respond swiftly to emails, and they offer delivery. My items always arrive in better condition than when I pack them myself.

Fast, effortless, no paperwork and clear communication. Thank you Expat Envoy!


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