News from Cuenca Muesli, delicious factory

Hello every one. Now in Cuenca, Muesli we are offering several typical Venezuelan meals that will delight your palates:

Corn Arepa (gluten free).

with black beans and cheese (domino)
with shredded meat.
with shredded chicken.
with ground beef.
with reina pepiada (potato, carrot, chicken, cheese, ham, corn, onion and avocado.
with jam and cheese.
with pabellon (shredded meat, black beans, cheese, egg slices of ripe banana.
with roasted pork leg.

Simple $3
Combined $3.50

Tequeños (cheese fingers)

of cheese alone
cheese and ham)

Packs of 12 per $3, 24 per $5.

Andean cakes.

Andean (ground beef, rice, egg and capers)

Ground beef,
cheese with ham
potato with cheese.
mushrooms with cheese.
cheese with corn.

Packs of 12 per $3, 24 per $5

Delivery per $2.

Contact us by:
phone 099 420 7251

This year, Av. El tejar, del Sarar Street, Nostrum building

Gabriel Osorio: 099 420 7251

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