Horseback ride in San Joaquin this Sunday, 7th March

Horseback riding in the Andes is always a new and exciting experience, so come along and join us on one of those new experiences this Sunday, 7th March.

Your day will begin by being picked up at Supermaxi, Las Americas at 9 AM and taken to the fields opposite the JEP Bank in San Joaquin where the horses will be saddled up and waiting for you. When you book, just let us know your level of riding so we can set you up with the appropriate horse. Like us, they all have their own personalities.
Beginners are welcome this weekend…

The ride will begin at 9.30 AM for approx 2-3 hours, depending on which trail is chosen for the day, but each ride goes through different villages where the locals always get excited when we ride through, and the scenery is definitely worth the travel up into the mountains.

Lunch is around 12:30 and we will be served in a lovely, family owned, licensed restaurant just up from the San Joaquin Golf Course.
Lunch is a la carte (and optional) and is not included in the price. Why not check out their website on facebook …. “Campana Huaico ”

When lunch is finished, our private van will deliver you straight to your home.
Cost: $45 Includes the ride and transport.
Bookings are essential and will need to be in on Friday 5th….
Ph Jane: 097 879 7350

Feb 28, from 9am to approx 2 PM, $45 ea, San Joaquin opposite JEP Banco, Cuenca.

Jane: 097 879 7350. Call after: 7 AM.
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