News from Dr. Jenny Meza

The best of from 2017-2020 in alternative medicine/aesthetic medicine, Dr. Jenny Meza has moved to Yucatan, Mexico. Due to recent immigration law in Ecuador, it has become impossible for me to come back. For now, I will be realizing my therapies in the peninsula of Yucatan between the three following cities: Cancun, Mérida, y Valladolib. Meanwhile, I am constructing a small clinic which will done by the end of the month of March of this year. I can also offer transportation services, tours to get to know the city better especially in its main attractions such as arquealogical cities, ruins and Mayan culture, all included with its diverse appetizing gastronomy. A real magical place. Thank you for confiding in me during my services in Cuenca. Therefore, if you decide to travel to these other wonderful cities, i offer you these places to also come and enjoy. For more information please do not hesitate to contact me at my or by cell phone: +529 85 133 4832


Dr. Jenny Meza: +529 85 133 4832
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