Empanadas for delivery

Empanadas $1.50
Ready to eat or frozen (Just heat and eat at your convenience)

1. Chicken Pot Pie
2. BBQ Pulled Pork
3. Pepperoni
4. The Veggie
5. Italian Beef Sausage
6. The Classic taco
7. Sloppy Joe

Enjoy with our homemade salsas, your choice.

Pico de Gallo
Hot salsa

Also add fresh coconut water
$2 for a 1 litre bottle

For delivery call us from noon to 6 PM, Monday to Friday

Juanito Pablo Picaso
We have WhatsApp: +593 98 398 2821
Buen Provecho!

March 3, 2021, 1752 Mariscal Lamar y Octavio Cordero

Juan Pablo Tenacora: buenprovechokitchen@gmail.com
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