Bluebox Asesores: A personal brand developed by Carlos Ramirez

Bluebox Asesores: A personal brand developed by Carlos Ramirez
Bluebox Asesores: A personal brand developed by Carlos Ramirez (Founder and Ceo).

Bluebox Asesores, was born from the dream of supplying the need for personalized and reliable attention to the small expat community that inhabited the “Santa Ana de los 4 Ríos” almost a decade ago, Carlos Ramirez decided to found his broker in the heart of the city with a modest office ready to provide the best service, With the passing of the years, his brand has become one of the ten best in the city for its quality and fair prices. As his brand grew, his office moved to the Monte Carlo Building, a spacious office with new collaborators that would allow the service to be optimized and grow to reach the largest number of expats in the city of Cuenca.

Our clients trust in our brand and our work, we are a broker that since its inception thought only to provide the best service for this wonderful community that is growing in our country, we are proud of our customers, because of them today we are recognized among this community, for our agile, personalized and guaranteed services, our claims are paid in a maximum of 10 days and when they are denied by the companies we direct our clients to other options such as administrative claims within the Ecuadorian regulating entity of private insurance companies, the “Supercias” in Ecuador support all insured in private companies that have inconveniences with their reimbursements. In addition to that our services go much further, we provide assistance in all the procedures that the expat community requires such as: registration of vehicles, affiliations in external companies, mediation with other brokers and more, all these services are provided to the community in general regardless of whether they are already our clients or will be soon.

At present we have remained in the ranking of the best brokers nationwide, and maintain business relationships with the best insurance companies in the country, we are the only broker in the city with its own products for the expat community always thinking about their benefits and improving their quality of life with convenient prices and high coverage.

Av Ordóñez lasso Y Los Cedros. 2 de Marzo 2021

Carlos Ramirez: 098 246 5168 @blueboxec

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