To use masks with high efficiency, doctors ask for variants of COVID

Guaranteeing or ensuring that the mask that you are going to use has high protection efficiency is the recommendation that doctors and infectologists in Ecuador are giving in the face of the variants or mutations of COVID-19 that circulate in the country and that are more contagious.

“The mask becomes a fundamental piece for you to work, do your activities. You need something that fixes your face well, the only ones that fix well are the highly effective ones ”, says Washington Alemán, physician-clinician and expert in infectious diseases, who considers it vital that citizens try to use a good mask at this time. that guarantees adequate protection.

Vulnerable groups such as the elderly, people with pre-existing diseases, catastrophic diseases and others at risk should use a highly effective mask, such as the KN 95 type with filter to improve their breathing.

In the case of masks that guarantee high protection, such as type K95 with filter FFP2, FFP1 (the last two, European versions), among others, only one mask should be used. Not two, the experts quote. Nor two surgical at the same time.

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