Recommendation for Jose Rodrigues, appliance repair

Any appliance, if it is repairable, Jose can fix it. My 1950s coliform was a disaster. My landlord refused to replace it. Finally it broke down on a Sunday. Jose came over within the hour. He took it apart, cleaned it and secured all fittings. 3 hours later it was working. He charged me $15. Few days later, he phoned me to check if it was OK. I told him, when I turned on hot water, it would backfire, making a tremendous noise. Again, he came over within the hour. He had picked up a part, he suspected was the problem. Again he disassembled the coiform, replaced the part. It no longer backfired. He charged me $10 for the cost of the part. You will never get a more honest, reasonably priced repairman.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 707 4688

Recommended by Blaine Miller: 098 985 9879

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