You are not alone. Helping hands is there for you

You are not alone.
Enjoy your time while we take care of your groceries, medications, IESS bills, you name it.
We get your groceries, your medicine or run your errands Sunday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM.

We all wear face masks and gloves.

We are already helping some expat friends, former and current Spanish students who are very grateful for this service.

Our service has 3 simple steps:
(Please, when making your shopping list, think of one or two week’s worth of groceries)

Step 1. Send us your exact address (location where you want to receive your groceries) as well as your shopping list (if needed, include pictures of difficult items to find) through email or at our WhatsApp number. (New: You can also place or tell us your order over the phone)

Step 2. When groceries are delivered to your place, you can either…
• Pay cash to HHs (Helping Hands) representative who will deliver your products and whose id and photo will be sent to you.
• Deposit or wire money to any of our savings accounts (Pichincha, JEP or Guayaquil)
• Pay with credit card/ debit card, Visa or MasterCard (some commissions take place)
• Pay with PayPal (some commissions take place)

In any form of payment, include:

• transport fare (from Supermaxi Las Americas to your place and from there to our place downtown), which is usually $4 or $5, depending on the place you live.
• $0.50/$1 for boy/girl (supermarket packer)
• Please, also include, a love offering for HH.

Step 3. HHs will monitor the shopping from the very beginning till you receive everything ordered.

“Good Morning. Helping Hands’ service was amazing. They are extremely kind and helpful. They messaged when they had a question and were very helpful! They did a great job getting all items that were available on my list and helped me carry them up to my apartment and were so thoughtful and everything was in perfect condition. Even the ice was still totally frozen! Perfect! Oh, yes, I am already spreading the word of your wonderful service and I so appreciate this help.

“We have used many delivery grocery systems during the quarantine. Like many reading this recommendation, we are in a high-risk group and just don’t want to risk going into a grocery store right now.

So, for what it is worth, we can wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Helping Hands to do your shopping and all errands. They supply a very detailed set of instructions, which are readily available on GringoPost. If you put their name in the search bar on top of the page their ads will appear. We submitted our grocery ‘wish’ list and they told us when they would be shopping and who would be handling it.

During the entire process we were updated constantly, they informed us of items that were out of stock and sent us pictures via our smartphones of what was available as possible substitutions. They can do this via WhatsApp or whatever way you prefer. We always knew where they were in the process, they even told us when they were approaching our building so we could be ready with our cart to upload our groceries.

It was the easiest, most professional and safest shopping process we have encountered, here or in the States. They offered multiple forms of payment and even brought change with them. They fully disclosed all costs up front, and gave us the receipt asking only that a donation be made to the church to continue their work with the poor.

The minimum ‘love gift’ is suggested at $10 for households.

We were so impressed and grateful that we offered more. Why? Because they use these offerings to feed and support our community, it just seemed right.

It is times like these that you actually do yourself and our community a favor. There is a double benefit of employing a professional group to do your shopping and errands, who donate their profits to feed the poor in Cuenca. It is beyond a relief and it is a heartwarming feeling.

I always hesitate to give recommendations because sometimes success is fleeting. So, on Monday I gave them another assignment. My Instant Pot broke several weeks ago and I was able to find another supplier for it in Loja they were able to ship it to Cuenca, but only to the central Servientrega office. I asked and for a small fee they provided a temporary power of attorney letter, identification for the person picking up the package at Servientrega and delivered it to our home. So, two interactions and two successes. We will definitely use them again.”

“This is a top-notch organization that shops and delivers groceries to your door. HHs Team (Helping Hands) made this such an easy experience checking frequently with me by What’s Apps to be sure the products I wanted were correct. They also double checked with me several times while at SuperMaxi and the pharmacy with photos from the items on the shelf in case substitutions were needed or several choices were available.

They were thorough, pleasant, responded quickly to email, and items were delivered in full the day after I contacted them.

I will continue using them and highly recommend this service.”
Simply the Best.

“Helping Hands is a true gem. Their shopping service at this time is a lifesaver. They shop carefully and make sure your order is correct. If they are unsure or need to substitute they will WhatsApp or call to be sure it is correct. They have taken care of our banking and bills. Trustworthy, timely, and makes the whole process easy and efficient. Do yourself a favor – make your life easier call HelpingHands. You won’t be sorry.”

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask.
We are bilingual.
You can rely on us on…
– paying your bills
– grocery shopping
– cleaning and housekeeping

Contact us today

You’ll be glad you did.

Mariscal Lamar y MIguel Heredia..

Rosa and Antonio: 097 916 1784
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