Sourdough bread (rye, classic, whole wheat and more).

We want to send you a warm greeting from Sourdough family, I hope you are well and safe. We are baking new products and always with security measures. It is important to remind you that our breads are sugar free, free of animal products, without chemical preservatives, lactose free and very low in gluten thanks to the fermentation process.
(Betsy / Luis)

We still have everyone’s favorites:

• Classic sourdough 900gr price: $4

• Whole wheat 900gr (oatmeal, wheat germ, linseed.) price: $4

• Rye bread with caraway seeds 900gr. Price: $4

•Barley 900gr. Price: $4

• Multi grain 900gr (contains: walnuts, chia, amaranth, linseed, oats, wheat germ.) Price: $6

• Chocolate 700gr. $6 (made with our vegan chocolate 70%. $8)

• New flavor 800gr with (fresh blueberries, organic vegan chocolate70% and almond. $8)

• Sourdough bagels 120gr. $0,75

Promotions: 3 breads x $10 only classic, rye, wholewheat or barley

Contact us:
098 773 8532

February 27. from 1 to 2 PM, Cuenca

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