Recommendation for Madeleine Gonzalez Mensch, health insurance

I highly recommend Madeleine as broker for health insurance. I had many questions, as I think we all do, and she was knowledgeable and happy to answer them all. My last insurance company was not good and the broker just did not do their job at all.

I recently needed several tests, including a Cover PCR. Modeleine made the appointment and translated everything for me, via WhatsApp the entire 2 hours. The next day, she again was available to translate the results and the Dr’s recommendations for me. She made sure I had all the paperwork needed to apply for reimbursement, had a courier pick it up and filed it for me. She took very good care of my case and I appreciate her attention to detail, as well as my health. Just one week later, and the reimbursement is being sent to my bank.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

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