Half way there: GoFundMe for Nimmy

GoFundMe link:

PayPal: you can transfer money to sjminer@hotmail.com and say “Nimmy” in your note.

While Nimmy waits for the administrative wheels to turn, we want to continue our campaign to assist her with her upcoming work visa application and relocation expenses. Many of you know and love Nimmy. She has a huge heart and has provided the gringo community with home care, cooking, and administrative services. She has also been a caretaker to those in need. We have benefited from her skills, her perfect English, trustworthiness, kindness, gentleness, and honesty.

Unfortunately, this work does not provide a dependable income. It is barely enough to live on or to obtain the medications she requires. The good news is that there are job opportunities in Canada for someone with Nimmy’s skills.

And now we all – you and me and our friends – have the opportunity to help her get there. This is her pathway to a new life, citizenship, the chance to continue her nursing education and, at some point, being reunited with her son who is currently a successful college student in India.

Nimmy needs:
an airline ticket
the Canadian work visa application fee
living expenses for a month
winter clothing
funds for Airbnb during the required Covid-19 quarantine period
additional expenses such as the cost of having documents couriered from India.

Our goal is to raise these funds by the middle/end of March.

Any amount and every social media share is appreciated, as the funds raised will go towards a real and sustainable future for Nimmy.

On behalf of Nimmy, we all thank you very much.

Jane Miner: jminer83@hotmail.com .

City: Cuenca
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