Ear, nose and throat Dr.

I am Dr Jimena Mancera, an MD who specialized in Otorhinolaryngology. I studied in the National Mexican University (UNAM), in Mexico City. I offer medical consultation for ear, nose and throat problems. Infectious, inflammatory and allergic diseases of the upper airway, facial aesthetic surgery, nose surgery, sleep and equilibrium diseases, and voice disorders (I see patients from all age groups). I will be glad to help you with any of these health issues and I’m fluent and comfortable speaking in English.

Inés Salcedo 2-41 y Federico Proaño. Consultorios Arupo. One door down from Emergency entrance of Santa Ines Hospital. Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 7 PM

Jimena Mancera: dramancera.orl@gmail.com 099 867 7986

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