Brunch in La Guarida

Did you know that in La Guarida we serve the best tenderloin in the city provided by us by our wonderful friends from Nunkui. We also love buying from Cuenca Salmon; wonderfully reliable and the best seafood around. Have you purchased PanArte’s sourdough? Do yourself a favor and give them a call. In short, we buy from and support local businesses. We love creating relationships with our providers and that helps us maintain quality. Quality, care and love goes into every single one of our dishes are simply waiting for you. Take the Tranvia and stay in La Cuadra’s station; simple and quick. Following we share with you our brunch menu. We serve brunch Tuesday to Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Omelets $6
(served with sourdough toast and home fries)
i. Caramelized onions and country cheese
ii. Bacon, mushrooms and smoked provolone
iii. Peppers, caramelized onions, kale and smoked provolone
iv. Garlic shrimp and parmesano $6.75
v. Smoked salmon, capers and country cheese $6.75

Sourdough Toast
i. Avocado and sundried tomatoes $3.75
ii. Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, sundried tomatoes and smoked provolone $4.75
iii. French toast with fresh fruits and homemade jams $6.25

– Beef tenderloin, two fried eggs, home fries, kale $8.50
– Beef tenderloin sandwich, mustard, pesto, caramelized onions and home fries $8.75

All of the above options are served with a wonderful hot cup of organic coffee by our friends from Hoppe Coffee. We love to meet you and remember we have two permanent exhibits going on – apart from our beautiful restored colonial house.

Come discover La Guarida for yourself.

January 27th, from 9 AM to 1 PM, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta

Andres: 099 806 8071
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