Thank you GringoPost

Thank you for the opportunity that’s provided by your site, to give us businesses that great opportunity to continue with our business by allowing others to visit us. You always provide excellent service to our community. Thank you from Tutto Matto Pizzeria.

Olmes Jaramillo

Half way there: GoFundMe for Nimmy

GoFundMe link:

PayPal: you can transfer money to and say “Nimmy” in your note.

While Nimmy waits for the administrative wheels to turn, we want to continue our campaign to assist her with her upcoming work visa application and relocation expenses. Many of you know and love Nimmy. She has a huge heart and has provided the gringo community with home care, cooking, and administrative services. She has also been a caretaker to those in need. We have benefited from her skills, her perfect English, trustworthiness, kindness, gentleness, and honesty.

Unfortunately, this work does not provide a dependable income. It is barely enough to live on or to obtain the medications she requires. The good news is that there are job opportunities in Canada for someone with Nimmy’s skills.

And now we all – you and me and our friends – have the opportunity to help her get there. This is her pathway to a new life, citizenship, the chance to continue her nursing education and, at some point, being reunited with her son who is currently a successful college student in India.

Nimmy needs:
an airline ticket
the Canadian work visa application fee
living expenses for a month
winter clothing
funds for Airbnb during the required Covid-19 quarantine period
additional expenses such as the cost of having documents couriered from India.

Our goal is to raise these funds by the middle/end of March.

Any amount and every social media share is appreciated, as the funds raised will go towards a real and sustainable future for Nimmy.

On behalf of Nimmy, we all thank you very much.

Jane Miner: .

City: Cuenca

Painting tours

A Painting Dream Becoming a Reality
By Victor Rexach

Please read entire announcement article. “Painting for the first time,” was one of my first articles on my personal “blog,” after I started to attend a group of enthusiastic, talented and fun painters in Cuenca, Ecuador called “Vino & Van Gogh,” created by Amelia Earl. We use to paint every two weeks at San Sebastian Café and became one of my favorites things to do after retiring here in Cuenca.

I have painted before, but not to the point to understand that exercising our creativity and talent can give us an outlet from our daily routines, helping us express emotions and boost our happiness levels. Keeping this information in my head and being a lover for everything related to the arts, I knew there was something extra I could do to promote Cuenca tourism through art and painting opportunities. Since then, there was an idea in my mind but always overthinking if I wanted to pursue my dream to make it a reality.

After a year looking for support and commitment to my project, I’m very pleased and happy to announce the preliminary launching of “Paintourart, painting colors of creativity,” monthly tours, a joint venture with Best Experience Ecuador, Travel Agency, local professionals, experts in the travel industry. “When painting tours idea was presented to us by our friend Victor Rexach, we immediately embraced the initiative and make it part of our own tours as a fun and unique alternative for our clients,” said Pedro Alvarez, business partner at Best Experience Ecuador.

We are now in final touches for our first year of the new venture, but will like to give a sneak preview of what is coming ahead. Our first official “Paintourart” event will take place on Saturday, April 17, 2021, an all-day tour from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. We will be visiting two wonderful countryside places, “Trébol Roses Plantation farm,” and El Cortijo Cattle Hacienda, 45 minutes north of Cuenca, by Azogues and Biblian area. It’s a 4th generation family business that employees around 120 persons, specially young indigenous ladies. The painting theme will be roses, the perfect place for inspiration and creativity for our painters.

All of our tours will count with the participation of well-known local painting artist Cristian León “Cleón,” he will be providing tips, orientation and recommendations to our participantes during the most important part of our tour, the painting experience. At the end of the day, all of our painters will leave with their own creation in a 19″ x 15″ canvas that will keep as a memory of their experience in Cuenca, Ecuador.

You don’t have to be a Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh or Salvador Dalí to express your own creativity, everyone is welcome, beginners, amateurs, and experienced painters, we will have everything set-up for you.

This is just the beginning of what we have in place for all our participants. Details of what will be included in the tour, price, schedule of all future tours, reservations and payment method, will be announced in our official launching through our marketing and promotional efforts, coming soon.
For now, any question or interest write to,

Are you ready? Let’s all paint.

Please share the story.

April 17, 2021, 10 AM – 5 PM, Calle Larga, Cuenca.

Victor Rexach: 096 180 0074. Call after: 6 AM.

We are sold out.

Our Opera Night with Alex Rodríguez, Joan Rodríguez and Natalie Rojas is completely sold out. We thank you for helping us make this happen. Remember that La Guarida gives 100% of your admission fee to the musicians. It is a small step to help struggling artists and musicians due to this health crisis. Our capacity is very limited and we feel is the least we can do and you help us make this happen.

Next week, we are bringing back the incredible Cuban band “4 de Cuba.” These four musicians are just incredible and fill La Guarida with Caribbean rhythms. If you love Salsa, if you love Latin Culture and music then this is the perfect concert for you.

Make your reservations by calling 099 806 8071.

We are La Guarida. #1 recommended place in TripAdvisor. Come and get to know us.

February 27th, from 7:30 to 10 PM, $10. Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.


A very special tribute to Selena

To honor the 25 years since her passing, last year Carnales Mexican Grill organized a musical tribute to Selena Quintanilla, the eternal queen of Tex-Mex. Both shows sold out within a few days, and there has been great interest from our clients for another performance. We are very proud to announce the 3rd Selena Tribute Show scheduled for Saturday, March 13th. Tickets are $15, and includes a special menu made just for the event, plus ice cold margaritas. Send us a message via WhatsApp if you have any questions or would like to reserve a spot.

March 13th, from 4 to 5:30 PM, $15, Avenida Gonzalez Suarez 858, Cuenca.

Richard: 098 434 8665. Call after: 7 AM.

A Celebration of Martha Mays’ Life – Update

We have heard from a few people who are reluctant to attend due to concerns about 1. room and 2. safety at the memorial in her honor.

Republica Sur is authorized for 100 people at their venue during Covid, and anyone entering will be required to wear a mask. Of course, people will be removing their masks to eat and drink (cash bar and we will be providing appetizers). Note that there is an open garden space for those who are still concerned.

There will also be a Silent Auction of 5 pieces of art from Martha’s collection. All proceeds go to her favorite charities.

There is still room, so please send your reservatopm to, no later than March 19th so we can plan the appetizers. And let us know if you would like to say a few words (yes, you will be on video!)

We will also send out a reminder to all the respondents a week before (Saturday, March 20th).

Saturday, March 27th from 3 to 5 PM. Republica Sur (Presidente Cordova 5-55), Cuenca.

Leita Hulmes:

Volleyball – International 6 on 6: Sunday, Noon

All experienced intermediate or advanced 6 on 6 regulation volleyball players are invited to join us for fun, friendship, and exercise. We have players who represent countries from around the world and we had a good crowd last week.

We play Sunday, February 28, from Noon to 2 PM (weather permitting).
We will set up this Sunday at Parque del Vergel which is just behind the Iglesia Catholica Santa Maria de El Vergel.

We ask all who attend to wear a mask to protect themselves and others.

Come join us!
You can also join us on our Facebook page (Cuenca “Bump-Set-Spike” volleyball)
If you come early, another group is running a highly competitive volleyball tournament starting 9 AM at Parque Vergel. Spectators are welcome.

Sunday, February 28, from Noon to 2 PM, Free, behind Parque del Vergel which is just behind the Iglesia Catholica Santa Maria de El Vergel, Cuenca.


Meditation Invitation from Home Sunday with Shambhala

“You won’t be punished for your anger; your anger will punish you.” ~ attrib. Buddha

Dear Cuenca Community,

Shambhala Cuenca would like to invite you to meditate together from your home this Sunday at 10.30 AM. There are many forms and methods of meditation – the form you choose doesn’t matter, however it’s a very good thing to remember our shared humanity as we sit quietly and become mindful for a period of time.

Online meditation sessions are available at

To practice online regularly with a group, you can also visit

Contact , and visit us online at and Facebook:

If you would like to use it, the form we use at Shambhala Cuenca is outlined below, and you can search “Donna Williams Meditation” for instructions on YouTube, or contact us for instructions.

Cuenca Shambhala Meditation Practice:

Note that times and practices noted are commonly used, but shorter or longer times are beneficial too. Do what feels right to you.

– Opening prayer or recitation.
– Seated meditation, 20 minutes.
– Walking meditation, 15 minutes.
– Seated meditation, 20 minutes.
– Closing prayer or recitation.

Start with an attitude of friendliness and loving kindness toward yourself. Then, if you’re able, take an upright posture, on a cushion on the floor or in a chair, with the spinal column vertical. Notice your body sensations and be aware of any feelings that arise (such as anxiety, tiredness, anger, passion, boredom, indifference, etc.). Begin to completely identify with your natural breathing, in and out, maintaining some awareness of your body/posture. When thoughts or emotions arise, taking you away from the present moment, you simply notice them, without any judgement. Simply label the thought/emotion as “thinking” and return to awareness of your body breathing. Sitting meditation is a practice of simply being, touching into your awareness of that being, and letting go without trying to attain anything.

For walking meditation, take the same approach, except place attention on your feet as they touch the earth, and your legs moving through space. Join the hands at waist level and walk at a speed only slightly slower than normal (see photo).

Traditionally it’s believed that merit is accrued by meditating. In Shambhala, we dedicate this merit to the benefit of all beings, using the closing text below. Feel free to use it, or any other of your choosing:

“May basic goodness dawn;
May the confidence of goodness be eternal;
May that goodness be all-victorious;
May that goodness bring profound, brilliant glory.”

“By this merit may all attain omniscience.
May it defeat the enemy, wrong-doing.
From the stormy waves of birth, old age, sickness, and death,
From the ocean of samsara, may I free all beings.”

Links for instructions:

Meditation instructions are available free online with Senior Teacher Donna Williams at

Pema Chodron Guided Meditation —

Sunday Feb 28 10.30 AM, Free – donations to relief organizations are highly encouraged, Your house, Cuenca.

Paul: +592 98 284 8203 with WhatsApp and Text. Call after: 9 AM.

Are you seeking Liturgical Worship?

St. Christopher Episcopal YouTube – Evening Prayer online

All people are welcome at St. Christopher Episcopal Mission regardless of their faith tradition.

St. Christopher Episcopal Mission is a Cuenca-based faith community formed in 2019, as the first English-language Episcopal congregation in South America.

We gather online via Facebook and St. Christopher’s YouTube Channel, where you will discover new Evening Prayer services posted each Sunday. Our lectors, music and homilies are global. We invite you to participate.



Vision statement
St. Christopher Episcopal Mission

In the future, St. Christopher’s Episcopal Mission (SCEM), in a collaborative successful partnership with Mision Sagrada Familia, will be a welcoming gathering place, a spiritual center in Cuenca and the surrounding neighborhood of a theologically humble group of believers worshipping God, meeting Jesus and demonstrating the practical love of Jesus to members, visitors and the poor.

Through action, SCEM will demonstrate what it means to be a follower of Jesus with a commitment to serve those in need by doing good works quietly, without fanfare or notice while fulfilling the question “what would Jesus do”?

SCEM will be a growing force for good in the community, known for outreach ministry.

SCEM, with the help of a Priest will offer Christian educational activities for spiritual growth through liturgical worship, group discussions, learning, and education filled with the Spirit of God’s love for us in our loving hearts and minds.

Visitors will experience Christ centered individuals within an inclusive, multi-cultural, bi-lingual, and multi-generational worshipping community of believers, with close bonds between members, committed to social justice while helping others.

SCEM offers an Episcopal liturgical worship service and experience to the community.

Sunday’s after 5 PM or anytime, free, YouTube:,Cuenca.

Calvin E Hefner TSSF: 096 795 9674. Call after: 10 AM.

Sex on the Beach, Montanita and Carnival Weekend

I wanted to share thoughts on a fabulous Carnival week in Montanita, renting a car in Cuenca, and staying at a great hostel a few steps off the The Point between Montanita and Olon. No sex on the beach, actually, but I thought this needed a good title.

My friend Gail, visiting from South Carolina, drove an SUV rented from Cuenca Car Share (Emilio Morocho – While the drive during the day through the mountains was an adventure, with numerous landslides and only a few crazy drivers, we reached the Casa Del Sol ( with no problems.

Emilio was very supportive in making the rental happen and I can recommend him for service quality and ease of doing business. He delivered the car to us and picked it up when we returned. Having a car allowed us to drive up to Puerto Lopez and go out to Isla de la Plata for a wonderful day trip and to make another trip to Olon for an afternoon on the beach. (We both liked the La Punta area more than Olon, BTW. It was simply more casual, less commercial and uncrowded. But this was, after all, Carnival weekend. And there were a number of restaurants within easy walking distance.)

Jackson at the hostel was incredibly attentive to us and the other guests. We always felt supported and any requests we had were met promptly. Everyone was respectful and there was a real sense of collegiality among everyone; it was just the style of operations. Our room was great (a king bed and air conditioning) and everyone staying there shared the hospitality and openness that helped make our trip even better.

We were right at the beach, right at the point where the surf was fantastic and the where the surfers were out in numbers and fun to watch. Sunsets were fabulous and the walk down the beach to the city was easy and safe. Gail spent a lot of time picking up seashells and rocks and the beach itself was amazing – very clean and wide. We also had perfect weather, making things even better.

Walking to Montanita was always interesting with people playing in the surf (fabulous temperature!) and some amazing beachwear. Everyone was friendly and we were not bothered. Downtown, we had some really great cocktails on Cocktail Alley (I recommend Gabby for the best mojitos I ever had.) We made friends with some street vendors, ate good food and ice cream and had fun walking around.

I enjoyed the trip so much that I booked for next year.

Scott Simmerman

City: Cuenca

Gazebo/canvas repair or replace

I bought a canvas top and sides gazebo from Home Vega 4 years ago and the canvas “roof” has worn out, has rips and holes in it. I am looking for someone to make me a new top/cover/roof.

James Marcrum: DASJIM@ME.COM 097 990 9706. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for shamans recommendation

Looking for recommendations of shamans that would be willing to come occasionally to offer a traditional medicine retreats in the Cuenca or Quito area for about a group of 10 people.

Sam: .

City: Cuenca

Spanish-Russian translator

Looking for someone who is fluent in Spanish and Russian to do occasional work.

Sam: 096 841 1177. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca


Hi, my name is Edwin

I’m from Cuenca, I’m available as a driver for anyone who needs to go shopping, medical appointments, buy something, tours inside and out of the city, facilitator, moving and more.

Please be aware to use a facial mask.
Hand sanitizer will be provided.

Thank you.

Edwin: 096 335 4020. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Air mattress needed

Hello Everyone, I am sponsoring a couple to take my place with AHAH in Oaxaca Mexico to help restart the school rebuilding program after the earthquakes. I need one more single person, air mattress and linens. If you have either of these, please send me a note with your pricing. Thanks….the children of Mexico appreciate all our help.

Kim Curls: .

City: Cuenca

Office chairs

Looking for two office chair in excellent condition. They must be on wheels have adjustable height.

Darrell: 954 608 3167 (WhatsApp). Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Immersion Spanish lessons

• Lessons are given Monday thru Friday.
• You can take three hours in the morning (from 8 or from 9 AM) and/or take three hours in the afternoon (from noon or from 1 PM).
• During this program, you will…
· …learn topics of Ecuadorian and Latin-American culture, history, foods, arts, music, etc.
· …learn to handle conversations in different situations, such as, giving directions on a taxi, shopping at different stores, making a doctor’s appointment, , etc.

When can I start?
You can start anytime.

Where are the lessons given?
They can be given online (SKYPE or ZOOM).

Can I come to the School in Cuenca?
Sure. We’re at 16-63 Mariscal Lamar, between Miguel Velez and Miguel Heredia. We’re in the north of Cuenca downtown. Just ring the doorbell at the door and you’ll be very welcome.

How long does this program last?
It lasts three weeks.

What should I do to start my immersion program?
Before you begin taking this Immersion Course, you will be interviewed to know your interests in topics you would like to discuss and talk about during this course. You will also have to take a placement test, which is free, to know your level of Spanish, so we can prepare a lesson plan for you and your partners.

Will I really learn to understand and speak Spanish?
Sure, you will! We’ve been teaching languages, Spanish included, for almost 20 years. Your Spanish will be enhanced in record time.

How do I pay for my lessons?
You can pay cash.
You can deposit or wire money to any of our savings accounts (Pichincha, JEP or Guayaquil)
You can pay thru PayPal with Xoom, a PayPal service.

What did participants say about our lessons?
“We got a small group of friends together who were frustrated in our mutual lack of advancement in Spanish after 2+ years in Cuenca. CCN’s approach to teaching, patience and encouragement has provided a fun environment in which to learn. In just a few short weeks, most of us have learned and retained more than other classes and online teaching.

We love our experience and look forward to each week’s class that is opening up a whole new world for us.”

“I am very pleased to recommend CCN’s Spanish teachers here in Cuenca. I have been taking private lessons from them for the past four weeks now and I continue to look forward to each new class with them. I am a naturally inquisitive individual and I like to ask lots of questions. I have previously taken group classes elsewhere but would come home frustrated, because I would rarely get the opportunity to have more than a few of my questions answered. The concepts I needed to understand were being left as a mystery to me. This is not the case with CCN’s Spanish teachers. They are amazingly patient and also very flexible. They always allow me to focus or redirect my private lesson toward the things I would like to learn. When I first met with them, they spent an hour with me free of charge, assessing my incoming Spanish abilities. Each subsequent class has been based on working from my current level and helping me improve. I really like the fact that they always type out our conversation on their computer screen as we are talking. I am a very visual learner and when I can also see on their screen what we are discussing, it really reinforces the entire learning process. This also means I do not need to take notes but can concentrate on the speaking/listening aspects of the learning process. When I get home, the notes which they created during our class are waiting for me in my email inbox. Now how cool is that? I can go back over everything we talked about in class as a review, at my leisure.”


Should you have any questions, we’ll be happy to assist you.
We look forward to helping you out with your Spanish.

Contact us today to sign up for your Free Spanish diagnostic test in order to start your Immersion Spanish Course.

Mariscal Lamar 16-63 and Miguel Heredia.

Antonio and Misael: 097 916 1784

Need help with your home workouts?

We know the struggle of trying to work out by yourself, ether time, knowledge or motivational wise, it is hard to get started. That’s why we are here to offer our services in everything related to physical care and health wellness.

We are willing to provide you:

– Physical Rehabilitation.
– Physical training (based in the functional workout method).
– Therapeutic massage.

All these services in the comfort of your home.

Home visit. Previous appointment

Carlos Cabeza: 096 292 7668

Jack Daniels at CuencaShop (King’s Smokehouse)

We have the following currently in stock:

Jack Daniels No.7 1ltr $69
Jack Daniels Fire 1ltr $69
Jack Daniels Honey 1ltr $69

Most bottles around town are $57.50 for 750ml
So this is a bargain being a litre
(Especially as we will give a further 10% if your Jack Daniels order is over $120) – Can be combined with any other products to make the $120.

Also we have one bottle of
Jack Daniels Rye 1litre 45% $88.90 (we may not be able to get another one and we are at the mercy of the supplier regarding pricing)

So in summary if you grab yourself a bottle of Jack Daniels and your order is over $120 you will save a further 10%.

Remember we stock a great variety of Licors, Wines, Chocolates, Coffee, Olive oils, essential oils, sauces, teas, horseradish, honey, toothpastes, organic maple syrup, Steel cut oats.

CuencaShop (King’s Smokehouse) 8-66 Coronel Talbot, Parque Sans Sebastian, Cuenca. Monday -Thursday 9 AM – 5 PM, Friday 9 AM – 6 PM, Saturday 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

Tyrone: 098 402 6399

Do you want to go to the jungle?

Hello adventurers,

We started this year with our first jungle tour with total success. Our passengers were happy to meet, enjoy and do different outdoor activities.

We have decided to establish three new dates for the tour, so you can plan your vacations and do not miss this great adventure with your family or friends. This is an organized tour for small groups, no more than 15 people for a 6 days / 5 nights trip.

In our trip to the jungle, we combine visits to the Andes and Jungle. We will stay at Suchipakari Ecolodge in Misahualli and we will enjoy hiking in the rainforest, learn more about the Quichua culture, and navigate the waters of the beautiful Napo River. On our way to the jungle, we will visit Baños de Ambato and the Chimborazo volcano, on the way back to Cuenca.

March 14th – 19th, 2021
April 18th – 23rd, 2021
May 16th – 21st, 2021

Day 1:
– Depart from Cuenca to Baños de Agua Santa – Activities at night
Day 2:
– Waterfalls Trail – “Pailon del Diablo” waterfall.
– Check in Suchipakari Lodge – Activities in the Lodge – Hiking
Day 3:
– Suchipakari Lodge: Hiking in the Jungle and visit to a Quichua communities
Day 4:
– Suchipakari Lodge: We will cross the wonderful Ecuadorian jungle in the waters of the Napo River. Contact with the wild life close to the river and the lagoon.
– Chocolate demonstration, artisanal elaboration techniques
Day 5:
– Free AM – Time to relax
– Transfer from Suchipakari to Riobamba.
Day 6:
– Visit to The Chimborazo Volcano – Hiking to the second refuge!
– Transfer to Cuenca.

Prices from: $668 per person
**The tour will be confirmed with a minimum of 8 people registered 7 days before the departure date with a 50% deposit.

***To get the full itinerary and photos or you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me: Marithza Cuenca: / Mobil and WhatsApp: +593 099 960 4870

This rate includes:

* Bilingual guide (English – Spanish) all time with the group and also a native guide in Suchipakari Lodge
* Private transport all time with the group
* Hotel accommodation – Tourist superior class
* Breakfast per night of accommodation
* Meals (specified in the program)
* Entrance fee to all visitor sites listed on itinerary
* Activities, 24/7 assistance, taxes
* Biosafety protocols

Not included:

• Meals (Except those specified in the program – 03 lunch / 01 dinner)
• Beverage or alcoholics drinks
• Tips and personal expenses

Note: Due to the current situation and for the safety of all our travelers, we request a negative antigen test (swab) performed 36 hours before departure day.

Misahualli, Tena. March, April and May

Marithza Cuenca: 099 960 4870

Feeling adventurous? Want to do it your way?

While it is always great fun to get together with a small group of family or friends and set up a schedule for a tour, using my new tour bus; many times, people prefer to just rent a car because they do not need a guide or driver – they want to do it themselves. Go where they want to go, do what they want to do and even get off the beaten track. That’s where Cuenca Car Share comes in. Today I have two modern vehicles available for your use – it is not too late to call and schedule one of them.

Remember that another long weekend is coming up in a month and it would be a good idea to reserve early for the Easter weekend. Good Friday, April 2, is a national holiday here and there are many activities that occur on this 3-day weekend. One suggestion would be to worship with local congregations around Cuenca or to celebrate the Resurrection on Easter Sunday with a village congregation and experience the joy. Or, do whatever strikes your fancy that weekend.

Whenever you want to travel on your own and see the sights of Ecuador with yourself as the chauffeur, guide, and driver, call on me to schedule your car from Cuenca Car Share. If you want to form a group and go together, I can help you there, too. Reservations required.

Insurance is always included for you (free) and, depending on the length of the rental, we may offer free kilometers too.

Calle Canton Saraguro s/n and Manuel Arturo Cisneros, Cuenca. By Appointment

Emilio Morocho: 098 699 5694, WhatsApp + 593 98 699 5694

Traveling to NY

Hello, I’m traveling to NY on Sunday. I can take documents with me, if you need to send some.

Cuenca. Saturday 27

Marcela Castillo: 099 915 0443

Nebraska Hypoallergenic steam cleaning

Along with the expert branches in Quito and Manta, now in Cuenca offering high-quality professional steam cleaning, using only all-natural plant based hypoallergenic shampoo, in combination with industrial strength cleaning equipment imported from the US. Cleaning services offered for:

Upholstered furniture
Auto interiors
We are fluent in English. Reasonable rates. Call now for a free estimate.


Handyman services
Surveillance system Installation

Av 1 de mayo. From 8 AM to 6 PM

Freddy Delgado: 093 937 9979

Cuenca private services

Concierge services personal assistance translation services transportation services

Address: Cuenca

Eddie Remache Clavijo: 098 058 4551

You are not alone. Helping hands is there for you

You are not alone.
Enjoy your time while we take care of your groceries, medications, IESS bills, you name it.
We get your groceries, your medicine or run your errands Sunday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM.

We all wear face masks and gloves.

We are already helping some expat friends, former and current Spanish students who are very grateful for this service.

Our service has 3 simple steps:
(Please, when making your shopping list, think of one or two week’s worth of groceries)

Step 1. Send us your exact address (location where you want to receive your groceries) as well as your shopping list (if needed, include pictures of difficult items to find) through email or at our WhatsApp number. (New: You can also place or tell us your order over the phone)

Step 2. When groceries are delivered to your place, you can either…
• Pay cash to HHs (Helping Hands) representative who will deliver your products and whose id and photo will be sent to you.
• Deposit or wire money to any of our savings accounts (Pichincha, JEP or Guayaquil)
• Pay with credit card/ debit card, Visa or MasterCard (some commissions take place)
• Pay with PayPal (some commissions take place)

In any form of payment, include:

• transport fare (from Supermaxi Las Americas to your place and from there to our place downtown), which is usually $4 or $5, depending on the place you live.
• $0.50/$1 for boy/girl (supermarket packer)
• Please, also include, a love offering for HH.

Step 3. HHs will monitor the shopping from the very beginning till you receive everything ordered.

“Good Morning. Helping Hands’ service was amazing. They are extremely kind and helpful. They messaged when they had a question and were very helpful! They did a great job getting all items that were available on my list and helped me carry them up to my apartment and were so thoughtful and everything was in perfect condition. Even the ice was still totally frozen! Perfect! Oh, yes, I am already spreading the word of your wonderful service and I so appreciate this help.

“We have used many delivery grocery systems during the quarantine. Like many reading this recommendation, we are in a high-risk group and just don’t want to risk going into a grocery store right now.

So, for what it is worth, we can wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Helping Hands to do your shopping and all errands. They supply a very detailed set of instructions, which are readily available on GringoPost. If you put their name in the search bar on top of the page their ads will appear. We submitted our grocery ‘wish’ list and they told us when they would be shopping and who would be handling it.

During the entire process we were updated constantly, they informed us of items that were out of stock and sent us pictures via our smartphones of what was available as possible substitutions. They can do this via WhatsApp or whatever way you prefer. We always knew where they were in the process, they even told us when they were approaching our building so we could be ready with our cart to upload our groceries.

It was the easiest, most professional and safest shopping process we have encountered, here or in the States. They offered multiple forms of payment and even brought change with them. They fully disclosed all costs up front, and gave us the receipt asking only that a donation be made to the church to continue their work with the poor.

The minimum ‘love gift’ is suggested at $10 for households.

We were so impressed and grateful that we offered more. Why? Because they use these offerings to feed and support our community, it just seemed right.

It is times like these that you actually do yourself and our community a favor. There is a double benefit of employing a professional group to do your shopping and errands, who donate their profits to feed the poor in Cuenca. It is beyond a relief and it is a heartwarming feeling.

I always hesitate to give recommendations because sometimes success is fleeting. So, on Monday I gave them another assignment. My Instant Pot broke several weeks ago and I was able to find another supplier for it in Loja they were able to ship it to Cuenca, but only to the central Servientrega office. I asked and for a small fee they provided a temporary power of attorney letter, identification for the person picking up the package at Servientrega and delivered it to our home. So, two interactions and two successes. We will definitely use them again.”

“This is a top-notch organization that shops and delivers groceries to your door. HHs Team (Helping Hands) made this such an easy experience checking frequently with me by What’s Apps to be sure the products I wanted were correct. They also double checked with me several times while at SuperMaxi and the pharmacy with photos from the items on the shelf in case substitutions were needed or several choices were available.

They were thorough, pleasant, responded quickly to email, and items were delivered in full the day after I contacted them.

I will continue using them and highly recommend this service.”
Simply the Best.

“Helping Hands is a true gem. Their shopping service at this time is a lifesaver. They shop carefully and make sure your order is correct. If they are unsure or need to substitute they will WhatsApp or call to be sure it is correct. They have taken care of our banking and bills. Trustworthy, timely, and makes the whole process easy and efficient. Do yourself a favor – make your life easier call HelpingHands. You won’t be sorry.”

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask.
We are bilingual.
You can rely on us on…
– paying your bills
– grocery shopping
– cleaning and housekeeping

Contact us today

You’ll be glad you did.

Mariscal Lamar y MIguel Heredia..

Rosa and Antonio: 097 916 1784

Citizenship test and Spanish/English study material

With this program you will…
… have simulation tests as well as simulations interviews to make you ready for taking Ecuadorian citizenship real test.
… get lots of practice with knowledgeable Ecuadorian teachers who use our study booklet (in Spanish and/or English), 300 flashcards and much more.
… get to know enough Ecuadorian history (flag, coat of arms and National Anthem) to pass the test.
… enjoy and learn the most complete and updated information on test for Ecuadorian citizenship in a meaningful way.

– We’ll take you to accurate Spanish level for taking real test.
– Your Spanish language skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing) will be enhanced in record time.
– Take the morning session (two hours) or the afternoon session (two hours). Or just take the hours you need based on your knowledge of Spanish, your availability and the date of your test.
– Classes are given twice, three times a week or every day, Monday thru Friday.
– You can take this program for four weeks or for four months. It is up to you.
– This program is exclusively prepared to meet your needs and expectations.

Recommendations from participants:

“Thanks to attending the language school “CCNations, Escuela de Idiomas” I was able to pass the Ecuador citizenship written and interview exams, and will soon become a naturalized citizen. With their homework materials and instructional classes, my level of Spanish increased to where I could study, learn, and pass these essential subjects: the history of the tri-color Flag (“la bandera”); the Coat-of-Arms Shield (“el escudo”); the National Anthem (“himno nacional”); the important battles, persons and events for gaining Independence; and the primary Presidents of Ecuador. These study materials include bilingual booklets and guides, flash cards, simulation tests (from the official examinations), and multiple practice sessions.

Classes can be scheduled on flexible hours for individual sessions, or with small groups of other students. Additionally, this private 18-year language school can also help applicants to pass the examinations to obtain a drivers’ license (“Licencia de Conducir”). This is one of the top language schools I have ever attended!”

Recommended by Bartley

“My success in passing the test on my first attempt was primarily due to CCNations, their time, efforts and patience in guiding me towards success. I really couldn’t have done so well without them. For this reason, I highly recommend this school to anyone who needs help with Spanish in any capacity.”


You want to study by yourself? No problem. Now, you can buy all our material…

1. A study booklet (in Spanish and/or in English),
2. Flashcards of Ecuadorian national symbols.
3. Flashcards of important people and dates, and some other information.
4. 10 20-question-practice tests with answer key.
5. Audio of 17 interview questions (male and female voices).
Contact us today and find out more about how to enroll in our citizenship program or how to get our material.

Mariscal Lamar 16-63 and Miguel Heredia..

Antonio and Misael: 097 916 1784

Are you looking for your new TV; LG or Samsung?

Greetings Dear Expat-community and everyone else. Looking for the right TV?

I offer brand-new TVs. Some of the latest models of LG and Samsung for the best price in town.

If you need references from my happy customers, I will be more than pleased to provide you.

Kind regards,

Nestor Reinoso: 099 623 9495 / 096 742 1444. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Trying to get your driver’s license or renew it?

Hi, My name is Nestor Reinoso.

If you’re trying to get your Ecuadorian driver’s license, and can’t get it, don’t worry. I can help you get it even under the most difficult circumstances.

WhatsApp. 096 742 1444 / 099 623 9495
USA: 914 230 5429

I will be happy to help you..

Best regards,
Nestor Reinoso: claro. 096 742 1444. WhatsApp 099 623 9495. USA 914 / 230 5429 messenger nestor reinoso


Best Ecuador Homes

If you plan on selling or renting your property or even looking into investing in a project, we have the experience to help you in all those areas. Best Ecuador Homes has the experience to help you in Ecuadorian Real Estate. We can advise you in many ways so that you can get the best deal while protecting your investment.

We handle Rental and Sales contracts for our clients. At this time, we manage several apartment complexes and rental houses.

If you are you coming to Ecuador please consider our services. We strive to provide safest and successful service in Cuenca, and we look forward to meeting you!

Do you have a property? We can manage it, if you are not in the country or if you are, we always have the ideal client, we have happy clients that can provide good recommendations check our rentals or sales.

Benedicto XV 1-53.

Monica Gonzaga: 098 384 1691

VAN / SUV transportation service with English speaking driver

Greetings; expat-community, tourists, tour companies and everyone:

I provide completely legal, insured, and safe transportation throughout the whole country of Ecuador. I can service one passenger up to 40 passengers at a time.
The cars are completely sanitized.

My services include:

– Pick up and drop off to any airport (Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca)
– Transfer to and from any airport – (Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca)
– Taking you to other towns
– Driving you to any immigration office (Machala, Guayaquil, Azogues)
– Running any type of errands needed
– Facilitator (for shopping, doctor’s appointments, legal matters, driver’s license)
– we can deliver anything to your house.

Our insured and safe transportation services offer the use of a bus, car, SUV, pickup truck, or cab.

Note: This service is completely legal, safe, and insured transportation (it comes with free passenger’s insurance).

Available 24/7
Please feel free to contact me for a free quote at any time.

Many recommendations of my services can be found on:

FB exclusive transportation with Nestor Reinoso

GringoPost/recommendations/drivers/Nestor Reinoso.

Kind regards,

Av. 3 de Noviembre 1-56 (Plaza Ortorongo) Cuenca, EC ​.

Nestor Reinoso: Ecuador 096 742 1444 WhatsApp 099 623 9495 USA 914 230 5429 / 096 742 1444


Mónica Gonzaga facilitator services

Monica Gonzaga facilitator services have 5-years’ experience working with the Expat Community.

Nowadays is another change in the law so if they make it hard to do your residency visa. Contact me to see how we can solve this.

I can do your resident visa while you are at home resting and forget about Ecuador’s bureaucracy.

As well, I can do your cedula. The same for your driver’s license, car registration, or any issues you may have right now and just gives you a headache.

Don’t panic and don’t worry. If you have any problem, just call Monica Gonzaga. We have the solution for you.

Here are the services I can do for you. 100% guarantee:

*Temporary residency visas for any category (pensioner, investor, professional, work, student, etc. Hard case? Just bring it on I can solve it.

*Permanent residency (we can submit your application when you are on your 21st month) to my Loyal clients 10% discount this month.or cedula for free

*Resident or tourist Visas, to Spain, Portugal, or any other country. I can help you to obtain one.

*Ecuadorian police record (easy and fast)


*Cédula: acquisition, renovation, changes or lost

*CD renovations

*Visa transfer

*Passport renovations for USA and other countries.

*Driver licenses

*Car register (Matricula)

*Power attorney (POA)* Sworn statement End of life Plan consult to me,

*Last will, translation notarization does not need a Lawyer. Do not waste your money or your time with them.

Many of my happy clients can give you references.
Cellphone WhatsApp Facilitator: 098 384 1691

USA phone number: 609 423 4475
Zoom Meeting: Monica Gonzaga Facilitator
other emails
Follow us at
Monica Gonzaga:
Imstagram: Best Ecuador Homes Monica G
Facebook: Real Estate Best Ecuador Homes by Monica Gonzaga

Benedicto XV 1-53.

Monica Gonzaga:

Trip to Quito this Sunday, March 7

Dear expat community. I am offering transportation from Cuenca, Riobamba, Ambato, Quito. Sunday March 7, leaving anytime, but will be better in the morning.
50 % off from regular price, up to 4 people. Any question, fell free to contact me:

Fernandez de Cordova, Miraflores, Cuenca. After 7 AM every day.

Fausto Ortiz: 099 523 9988

60% off special departure, Ecogalaxy March 2 to 6

Galapagos Ecogalaxy Luxury Catamaran: 2021 departures


4 Days/ 4 nights Program:

Day 1: Transfer in – PM: Isla Lobos
Day 2: Santa Fe Island- PM: South Plazas
Day 3: Seymour Island- PM: Mosquera Island
Day 4: Sullivan Bay- PM: Bartolome Island
Day 5: Isla Santa Cruz Highlands – Transfer Out

Special Departure only: March 2nd to 6th

*Price per person $899 (double room) For Ecuadorians or Residents with cedula
*Price per person $1299 (private room for one person) For Ecuadorians or Residents

All options include:

– Airfare to/from Galapagos from Quito or Guayaquil
– Naturalist Guides certified by the Galapagos National Park
– Meals specified in the itinerary
– Accommodation in all rooms with air conditioning and balcony
– Excursions indicated in the itinerary
– Shared transfers airport – yacht – airport
– Personalized assistance in compliance with all biosecurity protocols
– Snorkeling in the authorized places according to the itinerary
– Coffee, tea and purified water

Not included:

– RT-PCR Covid19 test
– Entrance fee to the Galapagos National Park $6, $100 for Foreign Tourist
– $10 per person Transportation Airport – Canal / Canal – Airport ($5 per way per passenger)
– Ingala ( Immigration Galapagos Card) $20 p/person
– Services not mentioned
– Tips

**We provide information about laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health for PCR Covid 19 test for Ecuadorians.

For information WhatsApp: Angela 099 251 9679 or

Quito or Guayaquil Airport. According with Itinerary

The best fresh seafood

We are a business dedicated to market all kind of fresh products directly from the sea, shrimp, fish, crabs, octopus, locust, all our products are under request

Cuenca, Ecuador.

René: 098 746 8768

Elite Document Services

Elite Documents is an authentication service dedicated to helping our clients properly legalize their personal or business paperwork for international use in the fastest time possible. Based in the Washington DC metropolitan area, our company specializes in US Department of State authentication and apostille, Secretary of State certification, Embassy legalization, and visa processing. Our team has extensive experience handling all types of document legalization, which enables us to provide the most affordable, time-saving solutions to our clients.

Fabiola Mendoza:

Recommendation for Madeleine Gonzalez Mensch, health insurance

I highly recommend Madeleine as broker for health insurance. I had many questions, as I think we all do, and she was knowledgeable and happy to answer them all. My last insurance company was not good and the broker just did not do their job at all.

I recently needed several tests, including a Cover PCR. Modeleine made the appointment and translated everything for me, via WhatsApp the entire 2 hours. The next day, she again was available to translate the results and the Dr’s recommendations for me. She made sure I had all the paperwork needed to apply for reimbursement, had a courier pick it up and filed it for me. She took very good care of my case and I appreciate her attention to detail, as well as my health. Just one week later, and the reimbursement is being sent to my bank.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Alaine Megan:

Recommendation for Veronica Arpi, real estate

I wanted to again recommend Veronica Arpi if anyone is looking to buy or sell a property in Ecuador. This was my second closing while acting as a Power of Attorney for property owners in the USA. Veronica gave me step-by-step instructions to navigate the complex process. She did a mind boggling amount of work behind the scenes to complete the sale, transfer funds, pay taxes, pay fees, make referrals to attorneys, notaries, etc. She is fluent in English, and more importantly, understands the way Gringos like to do business. Let’s face it: anyone can show you a property (or place an ad here) but only a real professional knows how to buy/sell real estate here.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Mark E. Campbell:

Recommendation for Carla Encarnacion Gonzaga, real estate

Carla is a dynamo who has a great range of properties, as well as being able to access others. She works hard to make you happy – just tell her exactly what you’re looking for. Her Facebook page shows her properties, and you can message her directly from there – she’s very responsive. A pleasure to work with.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Nancy Galloway: 098 287 3170

Recommendation for Leonardo Duran, Tech Guy EC, computer support

Yesterday morning I saw an ad in GringoPost for new Epson printers. Since I have been needing to buy one, I sent an email asking for the details and price. He responded rapidly and answered all my questions. I asked him when he could deliver it and he told me yesterday at 10 AM. I was shocked I could get it so quickly. He appeared right on time, proceeded to open the new box and set it up for me. He connected both my computers to it and even helped me with a little problem I was having with saving a file. He patiently explained everything to me so it was clear to me.

He said he can work on computers, printers, internet just about everything we expats would expect. If you find yourself in need of help, he told me he will respond the same day you reach out to him. I was very happy with his courteous manner and his knowledge.

Address: Leonardo Duran Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Jodie Mansfield:

Mujeres Con Exito, Wednesday delivery

Orders are received until Monday at 5 PM for Wednesday delivery every week. Delivery occurs between 11 AM and 1 PM. Delivery is included in all meal pricing.

— 8 Barbecue wings and fries. Served with our house mayonnaise. $15.
— 8 Egg Rolls (shrimp, pork, vegetable) Order fried or ready to fry. Served with Vietnamese sauce and Sriracha sauce. $15.
–1 Quesadilla, served with chips, guacamole and Pico de Gallo. $12
— 4 mixed pieces Fried Chicken. Served with Mashed potatoes and salad. $12.
— 1 Liter Minestrone soup. Special recipe of Chef Bruce Wilkins, who has taught our Chef Arlin to make this delicious soup. $10 includes delivery
— Sriracha sauce. Sriracha is a type of hot sauce or chili sauce made from a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. $5.
— Vietnamese salad dressing. A tasty condiment used as a salad dressing or dipping sauce. consisting of sugar. rice vinegar. garlic, freshly chopped chilies, fish sauce, water and lime juice. $5.
— Fresh Red Fruit Jam, 250g jar. $3.50.

Distance: A Pandemic Cookbook. Spiral bound. $12.

Mujeres Con Exito is the job training branch of Casa Maria Amor, Cuenca’s battered women’s shelter. Food service is one of the areas training is available. The women have specific food items that they can deliver to you on Wednesdays.

Deadline for food order is March 1st, Delivery is March 3rd, Baltazara de Calderon 2-26 y Miguel Velez, Cuenca

Debby Larsen:

Delivery: real sourdough, freezer meals, Southern biscuits, and more

Hi, Sunday Brunch Cuenca family.

Here is our current delivery menu:
Ready to bake freezer meals:

Three cheese chicken and spinach lasagna $9
Chicken pot pie $7
Each container is two generous servings. Comes frozen, uncooked, and ready to bake when you are.

Breads and More:
Cornbread (6 squares for $6)
Cinnamon rolls (6 rolls for $8 with icing in separate container)
Large Southern-style biscuits (Pack of 6 for $6. They freeze well.)
White meat chicken sausage patties (Patties come uncooked and frozen in a pack of 6 for $8 or 12 for $15) These fit great on the biscuits.
Sourdough and yeast bagels (6 for $6)
Loaf sourdough bread $5.
Loaf brioche $4.50
Frozen waffles 8 for $8
We make the waffles fresh and then freeze them so you can pop them out to toast and enjoy a delicious breakfast or snack anytime.

Black bean veggie burgers and wheat buns:
Buns come fresh in a pack of 6 for $3.50
Veggie burgers come frozen in a pack of 6 for $6.
Take out of the freezer and cook on the grill or in a frying pan. Add the veggies and condiments of your choice for a quick, healthy, and delicious meal.

Our products are homemade with real butter.

You can visit our Facebook page and Instagram for pictures: @SundayBrunchCuenca

Order Instructions:

Please place your order via email at by Monday before noon for delivery Wednesday between 9:30 AM and noon or place your order before noon on Wednesday for delivery Friday between 9:30 AM and noon.

Please send your orders by email only to make sure they do not get lost and include your address and phone number for the delivery.

Made to Order, Online



Enjoy our Venezuelan snacks with the best flavor.

Our first option:

Arepitas de Reina pepiada.
Tequeños stuffed with cheese.
Pastelitos with Ham and cheese.
Sweet arepitas with cheese.
Meat and chicken patties.
Our second option:
Arepitas of shredded meat.
Tequeños stuffed with cheese.
Chicken pastelitos.
Sweet arepitas with cheese.
Ham and cheese empanaditas.
Includes garlic sauce to accompany.

50 snacks for $25
100 snacks for $50

Contact us at 096 277 1945 or by email:

Reserve your portions of snacks, Bella vista

Sabrina Johnson Pineda: 096 277 1945

Pei’s pot stickers (Chinese food)

Hi friends in Cuenca. I am Pei. This is the menu:

Noodles: Fry noodles with vegetable $5
Zhajiangmian $5
Scrambled eggs with tomatoes noodles $5

Dumplings: pork 12 pics / $5
Chicken 12 pics /$5
Shrimp pork 12 pics /$7
Vegetable. 12 pics / $5

Buns: pork and red beans pasta Each one for $1

Braised pork + rice. $6

Fry tofu + Fried green beans + rice. $5

Fried pork with celery + Fried cauliflower + rice $5

Kung pao chicken + Fried potatoes slices +rice. $5

Fried chicken wrings with coco cola + Fried cabbage + rice. $5

Sweet sour pineapple pork + cauliflower+rice. $5

Twice cooked pork + green beans +rice. $5

Single dishes:

Kung Pao chicken $8
Sweet sour pineapple pork $10
Crispy sweet &sour pork $10
Twice cooked pork $10
General Tso Tsung-tang $10
Chicken wrings with cola $8
Tofu $8
Vegetable dish $5
Crispy green beans $6
Red beans pasta $5 (around 300g)

Everything is handmade, fresh and wholesome, no preservatives, additives colorants.

February 27th, from 9 AM to 7 PM, Paseo Imbabura

Pei: 099 253 6116

Funk and Jazz at Common Grounds tonight

Like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, James Brown and Bill Withers? So do we! Come check out some of the best jazz musicians in Cuenca. $5 cover pays for the best Cuencano musicians. Come on out!

Saturday, Feb. 27 from 7:30 to 9:30, Common Grounds, Unidad Nacional y Gran Colombia

Andrew McLemore: 096 361 9018

Saturday special at Sunrise Café


American sausage comes with hash brown coffee or tea biscuit $4.
Lunch. Smoked BBQ chicken, ribs, brisket. Comes with coleslaw, potatoes, salad, cornbread, juice or iced tea $7.99.

February 27th from 7:30 AM to 3 PM, Calle Larga 9-40 y Benigno Malo

Orlando Ortiz

Nathaly Vivas chef, we cook your favorite food, weekly service

Hi Everyone, My name is Nathaly Vivas. I am a chef. I offer you my chef services at home.

~We cook your favorite food at home~

My services consist of:

I design your menu with American/Asian/Mediterranean/European/Latin American food or what you want to eat. I make your shopping list and, if you prefer, I can do the shopping for you. Guaranteeing your economy.

I can cook for you, all week meals once a week.

Cook in a special event and so your guests can enjoy a delicious meal.

I make all kinds of food, vegan, vegetarian, I have special knowledge is food for diabetics.

Normal or sugar free desserts.

Every day, I live in Downtown, Juan Jaramillo and Benigno Malo

Nathaly Vivas: 098 770 7372

Cuenca Soul Band at Republica Sur

Cuenca Soul, Cuenca’s newest band will be performing at Republica Sur for the first time on Saturday, February 27th with genres of southern soul and jazz.

Come dance the night away. Start time is 7:30 with a $5 cover charge. Come early, enjoy a meal and drink specials.

Republica Sur is located at Presidente Cordova 5-55 y Hermano Miguel, for reservations call 07-284-4634, mark your calendars, we hope to see you there. Like Cuenca Soul on Facebook. We hope to see you there.

Saturday, February 27th at 7:30 PM, 5-55 Presidente Cordova

Cuenca Soul: 099 251 5570

Lamb in Rosemary sauce at La Yunta

This weekend we have our famous lamb in Rosemary sauce, roasted potatoes and sautéed vegetables $9.50

Hope to see you at La Yunta

Bookings 098 945 6551

Saturday and Sunday, Ave 1 de Mayo, entre Américas y Fray Gaspar de Carvajal

Sole Riquetti:

Jazz Night at Historic Center

$15 per person, diner included. – Kolibri Restaurant, inside Hotel Carvallo at Gran Colombia 9-52 between Padre Aguirre and Benigno Malo. Train station 30m apart.

February 27th from 6 to 10 PM, Gran Colombia 9-52 between Padre Aguirre and Benigno Malo, inside Hotel Carvallo

Josue Meneses: 099 269 9659

Brunch in La Guarida

Did you know that in La Guarida we serve the best tenderloin in the city provided by us by our wonderful friends from Nunkui. We also love buying from Cuenca Salmon; wonderfully reliable and the best seafood around. Have you purchased PanArte’s sourdough? Do yourself a favor and give them a call. In short, we buy from and support local businesses. We love creating relationships with our providers and that helps us maintain quality. Quality, care and love goes into every single one of our dishes are simply waiting for you. Take the Tranvia and stay in La Cuadra’s station; simple and quick. Following we share with you our brunch menu. We serve brunch Tuesday to Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Omelets $6
(served with sourdough toast and home fries)
i. Caramelized onions and country cheese
ii. Bacon, mushrooms and smoked provolone
iii. Peppers, caramelized onions, kale and smoked provolone
iv. Garlic shrimp and parmesano $6.75
v. Smoked salmon, capers and country cheese $6.75

Sourdough Toast
i. Avocado and sundried tomatoes $3.75
ii. Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, sundried tomatoes and smoked provolone $4.75
iii. French toast with fresh fruits and homemade jams $6.25

– Beef tenderloin, two fried eggs, home fries, kale $8.50
– Beef tenderloin sandwich, mustard, pesto, caramelized onions and home fries $8.75

All of the above options are served with a wonderful hot cup of organic coffee by our friends from Hoppe Coffee. We love to meet you and remember we have two permanent exhibits going on – apart from our beautiful restored colonial house.

Come discover La Guarida for yourself.

January 27th, from 9 AM to 1 PM, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta

Andres: 099 806 8071


Sourdough bread (rye, classic, whole wheat and more).

We want to send you a warm greeting from Sourdough family, I hope you are well and safe. We are baking new products and always with security measures. It is important to remind you that our breads are sugar free, free of animal products, without chemical preservatives, lactose free and very low in gluten thanks to the fermentation process.
(Betsy / Luis)

We still have everyone’s favorites:

• Classic sourdough 900gr price: $4

• Whole wheat 900gr (oatmeal, wheat germ, linseed.) price: $4

• Rye bread with caraway seeds 900gr. Price: $4

•Barley 900gr. Price: $4

• Multi grain 900gr (contains: walnuts, chia, amaranth, linseed, oats, wheat germ.) Price: $6

• Chocolate 700gr. $6 (made with our vegan chocolate 70%. $8)

• New flavor 800gr with (fresh blueberries, organic vegan chocolate70% and almond. $8)

• Sourdough bagels 120gr. $0,75

Promotions: 3 breads x $10 only classic, rye, wholewheat or barley

Contact us:
098 773 8532

February 27. from 1 to 2 PM, Cuenca


Are you looking for sirloin, steaks or other beef cuts?

We offer:
– Sirloin
– Tenderloin
– Flank Steak
– Tomahawk
– Bone-in Steaks
– Short Ribs
– Raw Burgers Ready4Grill

– Chicken
– Baked Pork
– Turkey

La Karlota Delicatessen – high quality products:

– Beef cuts
– Chicken (whole or cuts)
– Pork (ribs, chops, loin, fritada)
– Lamb (rack, chops, T-bone, whole leg, ground meat)
– Turkey (Breast raw or baked, Turkey rolls ready2eat, bacon, ham)
– Organic eggs from a happy hen’s farm (free range hens)
– Aged Cheese (smoked provolone, gouda, gruyere, tilsit)
– Sausages
– Thick Smoked bacon (pork)
– Organic Chocolate
– Organic Jam
– and more

Visit us at Remigio Crespo 13-33 and Latinoamericana (Right across to Batan Shopping) or call us 099 299 0224. We do deliveries too.

Please check out our:
– Facebook fanpage:

Our catalogue:

We speak English

Monday to Friday 10 AM to 6 PM – Saturday 10 AM to 3 PM (out for lunch 1 to 2 PM), Remigio Crespo 13-33 and Latinoamericana (Right across to Batan Shopping)

Erik Feican: 099 299 0224

2X1 on bloody Marys all Saturday and Sunday at Sofy Glocal Cuisine

Our bloody Mary cocktail is one of the best you will ever try. It has the perfect combination of the tomato juice, all the condiments and the real Worcestershire sauce.

So, thinking about you, we are offering 2×1 this whole weekend (Saturday 27 and Sunday 28).

And remember you always can have your favorite food and the best bloody Mary in town at the same time and place. Sofy Glocal Cuisine is the perfect combination between national and international food.

** And don’t miss our special fish and chips this Sunday!!**

Reservations: 099 510 3974

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 from 10 AM to 9.30 PM, Luis Cordero 779 y Bolivar

Saira: 099 510 3974

“El Mundo Organico” now has more prepared horseradish

Don’t forget to add horseradish to your next “Build-Your-Own Basket” from El Mundo Orgánico!

This week, for in-store purchase and for home delivery, we are featuring prepared horseradish (bottle of 230g) for only $6.50 per bottle (limited supply).

Listed on our Home Page (, you will find we offer many, many more fresh, organic, natural, vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and biodegradable products than just our fruits and freshly picked organic veggies.

Beef, chicken and fish are also available for home delivery. We have products from King’s Smokehouse (GringoPost’s 2021 “Best Smoked Products” award winner), beef and Paiche (fish) products from Nunkui (GringoPost’s 2021 “Best Butchered Beef” award winner), and organic chicken (fresh or frozen, whole or parts, and special orders).

If you love your dog, order your companion a fresh large, medium and small bone (not chicken bones). Bones are available for delivery at $1.50 per pound (minimum order of 2 pounds).

“Product List” and “Ordering Instructions” can be found on the Home Page of our website,

Orders are currently accepted only via emails sent to and via “What’s App” texts to 093 906 2640.

Find our store location on Google Maps by searching for “El Mundo Orgánico” (not “Mundo Orgánico” or you will end up in the wrong place).

Remember, if you have a special request for a fruit or vegetable (or, for that matter, any other edible product for yourself or your pets) that is not on our list, please let us know, and we will do our best to find it for you.

Have a great day.

Armando Espinoza, 093 906 2640 (text only, please)

February 27, 2021, Francisco Cisneros y Autopista Via Cuenca-Molleturo-Naranjal (also known as “Enrique Arízaga Toral”)

Fish and Chips at Sofy Glocal Cuisine this Sunday 28

Yes, we do…

Hi friends and great clients

Come this Sunday, 28 and enjoy our special plate of the day: yes, fish and chips… and then when you finish your spectacular meal you can keep enjoying with our fool fruits.

It’s very, very important to let you know that to get this delicious plate you have to make a reservation, or you can order to pick up or we can send it to you with a delivery.

Where? At Sofy glocal cuisine, Luis Cordero 7=79 y Bolivar
WhatsApp 099 510 3974

Sunday 28, from 11 AM to 9.30 PM, Luis Cordero 7-79 y Bolivar, Casa del Parque (Park house)