Jorge Tosi sends thanks, apology and great news!

Jorge Tosi – Grand Master of Gizmos and Rajah of Repairs – wishes to thank so many loyal customers who have this year become dear friends. He apologizes for any inconvenience or delays caused by the sudden and unanticipated move to a new (and improved!) location.

Jorge looks forward to serving all your repair needs with more enthusiasm and efficiency than ever before at his new locale – corner of El Tejar and Los Cerezos. Just a few doors up from Arnadano Super Despensa (Heading out of town on Ordonez Lasso, turn right at the light just past Hotel Oro Verde and head up the hill.) Whatever the problem, Jorge and his family look forward to making it all better… and quickly.

El Tejar and Los Cerezos.

Jeff Salz: 098 410 8678

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