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In search of work

Greetings to all the people who have time to read this post, I hope you are doing very well. My name is Lourdes Méndez, I write with the purpose of offering my services of sewing, clothing repair and restoration of wood crafts, etc.

The pandemic has been a bit hard for everyone, but I think we can help each other to get ahead. If you are interested in any service that I can offer you, do not hesitate to write to the media that I will leave aside.

I don’t really speak English very well, but my children can help me a bit if you want to communicate with me.

In advance, many thanks for your time and consideration.

Lourdes Mendez: 098 791 0382. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca
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Cooperativa Policia Nacional

Am interested in anybody’s experience working with this cooperative and opening up a Plaza Fijo or CD.

Storage shelves

Looking for plastic or metal storage shelving racks. Found some at Kywi, but is there a better/cheaper

Induction adapter

Induction adapter. Does anyone know where in Cuenca I can find an adapter (stainless steel base) for