Dinner from Joes’ Secret Garden – Sat., Feb 27th

For delivery to the comfort of your home or pick up from our front garden .. stop by to say ‘hello’.

What’s cooking this week? break out of the isolation routine and try something different …

Modern Asian Dinner.

Chose from two beautiful main courses:

A tamed down version of
Kung Pao Chicken
with some wonderful Asian flavors, not just China. Pleasantly spicy but reduced heat so you can enjoy your dinner.


Honey-Mandarin Orange
Chinese Roasted Chicken Dinner
gold and crispy with the fusion flavors of the far east.

Dinner includes:

Tokyo Veggie Garden Salad
a popular Japanese vinaigrette with a hint of wasabi

Garlic Broad Rice Noodles

Joes’ Chinese Scallion Pancake
golden and crispy from the stove top and cast iron pan, made from a bread dough rather than a batter, crispy crunchiness is delightful with a somewhat flaky
and pastry-like crunch to the bite. a simple sauce accompanies.

and finished with a Chinese/French Dessert: bites of banana wrapped in a tender Asian crepe,
drizzled with caramel and chocolate, and a slather of coconut-pineapple cream.

Truly a dinner to enjoy and a wonderful change. Turn on some great travel log and imagine a trip to Hong Kong, Singapore, a Japanese Tea House, the Great Wall, or KP’s beautiful home island, Sri Lanka … and don’t forget chop sticks.

Dinner is $14.50 pp + delivery starting at $2.50 and varies with area of Cuenca …

For ordering and more details; http://www.joessecretgarden.com
or call KP or Ken 096 950 6605
You must book your order by noon, Friday, Feb. 26.

And, mark your calendar: St. Pat’s Corned Beef Dinner coming soon.

Saturday, Feb. 27th. Available from 11:30 AM to 5 PM. For delivery or pick up. Address at time of order.

KP: eat@joessecretgarden.com
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