Check my studio and think about coming to the open visit

Open studio visit:

For your interest and desire of having the ceramic sculpture workshop, I have opened the doors of my studio this Thursday and Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM and from 3 to 6 PM. You are all invited to come and visit me and to know the place where the classes will be held.

La Montaña en el Mar Studio is located at Isabela St 2-39 A, between Floreana St. and Española St. near Colliseum Jefferson Perez. It is located in a private condo with brick walls and a green dark door. You can ring my bell which is labeled as *La Montaña en el Mar Art Collective*. If you find it hard to get to my address please don’t hesitate to contact me on WhatsApp, I can guide you or send you my location on WhatsApp.

To anyone interested in coming, please announce yourself by sending me an email or WhatsApp in order to know when are you coming.

We had so much fun with the first visitors and new students. See you soon.

Ceramic Sculpture Workshop + Closure Exhibit.
Workshop with Dogmos (a.k.a Juan José Cobos)

General Goal: (No experience needed)

Learn how to design or sketch an artifact or work of art, learn the basic building techniques for ceramic sculpting, to create whatever artifact or work of art that you plan on doing. Learn how to paint them with soil slips in raw ceramic and exhibit your pieces at a closure exhibition.

Specific Goals:

• Learn how to design your mask character witch its personality and physical characteristics.
• Learn how to build a mask with a paper mold.
• Learn how to build a mask with pinching technique.
• Learn how to build an abstract plant pot with worms technique.
• Learn how to make a small animal pipe or flute sculpture with empanada or pinching technique.
• Learn how to make a face incense burner with worms technique.
• Learn basic knowledge of face anatomy.
• Learn how to make an animal or plant sculpture with worms technique.
• Learn and practice how to paint with slip.

Works of art to create:

Session 1: Animal mask.
Ecuadorian Culture mask.
Session 2: Small animal sculpture, pipe or ocarina.
Abstract plant pot.
Face incense holder.
Session 3: Figurative or abstract medium size sculpture.
You can take just one or two of the sessions (one month per session) or the whole workshop of 3 sessions (3 months).
If you take the whole workshop you will get 6 final works of art made by you showing the development of your creation. We will exhibit every creation of the workshop in a gallery to display your works of art.

What does the price of the course cover?

•Materials: Black, red and white clay, slips and glazes.
•Basic tools (Part of the workshop goods).
•Apron with the logo of La Montaña en el Mar (for you)
•Place to work with all health measures.
•Clean and cozy workshops with plants and good music, with a funny little dog. Bathroom in the workshop
•Firing in a private kiln


All the classes are between Wednesday and Friday at Taller La Montaña en el Mar (located near Coliseo Jefferson Perez). The workshop has two main spaces to work in one indoors which has space for two persons to work and one outdoor garage with roof for the other two persons.
There will be space just for 12 persons, 4 persons each schedule.
Group 1: 8 to 10 AM
Group 2: 11 AM to 1 PM
Group 4: 6 to 8 PM

The course is done in 12 days each month, 3 days a week with 2-hour class per day. Every class has a price of $13 for the instruction, for materials and firing in kiln. So, it would be $156 for a month, and the final price for the three months will be $468.

In order to separate your space on your favorite schedule you have to pay for the number of sessions you are willing to take as soon as you can as a deposit to the artist account. If you sign up with your best friend or partner by the 28 of February you will get a Valentine’s day 10% discount and it will cost you one session $140 or for the whole workshop $420 for each person. After it you can pay until Monday, 1st of March without the discount.

This is the closing date to enroll in this marvelous course, in order to have it we should reach the number of persons needed for it, 8 persons, so if you can help me by sharing this information, it would be wonderful.

The course will begin on the 3rd of March. The closing class is the 21st of May. At the end there will be an exhibition. Its estimated date will be Thursday, 3rd of June in a gallery of the city (place to be defined).

February 25th and 26th, from 10 AM to 6 PM, Free,
Isabela 2-39A, between Floreana and Española Near Colliseum Jefferson Perez, Cuenca.
Juan Jose: 099 866 1486. Call after: 9 AM
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