**Best cooking class**

Hi there! A quick post to share an amazing experience. I just completed 4 cooking classes with Chef Caty and Cami from Warmikuna Cocina Taller and I can only recommend it to you. The price is very correct, $30 for 2h and they never look at the time. I often left way after the supposed time.

Caty is an incredible chef, and made me discover many recipes from Ecuador and excellent technics that I will use in my everyday cooking. I always complete a cooking class in the countries where I travel, and this one is by far the best I’ve had in my life. I couldn’t stop coming back for more of her classes… It’s also a restaurant, so you can first try the quality of their dishes by eating there. You won’t be disappointed.

09/02/2021, Hermano Miguel 5-42, Cuenca 010101

Alexandra: (07) 282 3106
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