Recommendation for Eleonora Faría, Spanish / English teacher

Recommendation for Eleonora Faría.

I came to Cuenca with the intent of learning more about the Spanish language. I had a basic knowledge of Spanish before arriving and began studying online on an intermediate level course. After completion of the course I realized that I needed a teacher to help me advance to the next level. Elenora is the best teacher in the language that I have had. She is perfect for advancing my skills to the next level. We speak mostly all in Spanish and she taught me an important lesson…listening.

Though my skills were very good in writing and speaking I found it difficult at times to comprehend. This is normal. She taught me important techniques in improving aural comprehension and my abilities changed rapidly in a very short time. She and I meet 3 times a week on WhatsApp or Skype for an hour. Her rates are very reasonable. She also speaks fluent English. Check her out!
I was a video editor and photographer in New York and worked for ABC News, now retired.
Eleonora’s number is: +593 98 404 5949. She lives in Cuenca.

Address: Rafael Torres Beltrán 3-41, Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 404 5949

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