El Bocata Español Spanish tapas and paellas delivered to your home.

We are glad to introduce you our Spanish food delivery service El Bocata Español. We prepare paellas and tapas and deliver to your house or place of work. Take a look at our menu on Facebook as El Bocata Español and choose from our food selection: seafood paella, chicken, squid and shrimp paella or pork and chicken paella. 8 dollars per portion. Minimum order for any of our paellas, 4 portions.

Not in a mood for paella? Ask for our potato Spanish omelet, croquetas, albóndigas, sangría and more.

Orders are received at least one day in advance. We’ll be glad to be part of your food choices.
Our contact numbers: 098 011 2161 or 098 687 5270.
Free delivery on Ordoñez Lasso avenue.

Every day, home delivery.

Paola: 098 011 2161
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