Fax machine?

Greetings all,

Does anyone happen to know where I might find a fax machine to send documents to the US? Thank you in advance.

Robert Neil White. Jr.

Pepper spray

Hi all,

Where are they currently selling pepper spray in Cuenca?

Thank you,


Ecuadorian income tax withholding on interest income

Just learned something new today. Ecuador has a 2% withholding tax on interest earned on CDs that are under one year in duration. This tax does not apply to ordinary passbook savings accounts or to CDs of one year or more. 

If you pay US federal income tax, you can claim a foreign tax credit on your Form 1040 for this income tax withheld at source.  

If you have an account at JEP, on the certificate of deposit itself it will appear as “Valor del Impuesto”, and if they print out for you a report of interest earned, it will be listed under “Impuesto Retenido.”

Ann Fourt: . 

City: Cuenca

ACT farewell to Deana!

Thank you very much and have a good trip, Deana Culp. The members of Azuay Community Theater (ACT) and friends and patrons of theater in Cuenca want to recognize and say farewell to our dear friend and President, Deana Culp. Deana will soon be sharing her creative talents in her new home city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we will miss her dearly! For more than 6 years Deana has dedicated her creative ideas, enthusiasm, love, hard work and lots and lots of time to creating theater in Cuenca. 

If you are a friend of Deana’s or have attended plays, you will have seen her talents and abilities in action. Before ACT was fully formed, Deana produced, directed, and performed in the powerful play, Seven, with both English and Spanish casts. She directed Greater Tuna (2015), Talking With (2016), Menopause the Musical (2017), Clever Little Lies (2018), Over the River and Through the Woods (2019) and acted in Menopause and Clever Little Lies. She served as President of the ACT Board since August 2016 and if you didn’t see her on stage it was because she was working as producer, assisting with costumes and props, doing makeup, writing programs, securing performance rights, and helping with all the other details that are behind the scenes. 

Thank You, Deana! We wish we could have a big celebration for you at the theater for a proper sendoff. Break a leg in the theater and artistic community of Santa Fe.

Ray Lewis: ray_lewis@me.com . 

City: Cuenca

Akira is looking for a home

Hi… I´ll tell you about Akira. It´s a female black medium dog. It has been all its life on the streets so, the idea is to find a home for it with a big space. Akira is very lovely, sweet and loyal, also very good protector. It´s nice and funny to hear it snore when it sleeps!

Very important is the fact that it´s sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed and there is the vet control to prove it.

If there´s something missing in your life… it is Akira.
You can call or send a message to a+593 97 966 9643 (WhatsApp)

Karla Rachadell: .

City: Cuenca

Volleyball – International 6 on 6: Sunday, Noon

All experienced intermediate or advanced 6 on 6 regulation volleyball players are invited to join us for fun, friendship, and exercise. We have players who represent countries from around the world and we had a good crowd last week.

We play Sunday, February 7, from Noon to 2 PM (weather permitting).
We will set up this Sunday at Parque del Vergel which is just behind the Iglesia Catholica Santa Maria de El Vergel.

We ask all who attend to wear a mask to protect themselves and others.

Come join us! You can also join us on our Facebook page (Cuenca “Bump-Set-Spike” volleyball)

Sunday, February 7, Noon to 2 PM, Free, Parque del Vergel which is just behind the Iglesia Catholica Santa Maria de El Vergel., Cuenca.

Garry: gl.e.volleyball@gmail.com

St. Christopher Episcopal YouTube – Evening Prayer online

St. Christopher Episcopal Mission is a Cuenca-based faith community formed in 2019, as the first English-language Episcopal congregation in South America.

We gather online via Facebook and St. Christopher’s YouTube Channel, where you will discover new Evening Prayer services posted each Sunday. Our lectors, music and homilies are global. We invite you to participate.



Sunday’s after 5 PM or anytime, Free, YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOh2a0oDL3RwEEmrxHCcPVw/videos?view=57&flow=grid, Cuenca.

Calvin E Hefner TSSF: calvinhefner38@gmail.com 096 795 9674. Call after: 10 AM.

The Cuenca Symphony

Bach and Tchaikovski to the digital room of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra

The concert directed by Michael Meissner, Principal Director, with the participation of the prominent flutist from the ranks of the OSC, Paola Zambrano Loayza, which took place on Friday, January 29, at the Casa de la Cultura theater, went up to our Digital Room of Concerts on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/sinfonicacuenca this Saturday, February 6 from 8 PM.

The repertoire includes: Suite N° 2 BWV 1067 by Johann Sebastian Bach and Serenade for Strings in C Major, Op.48 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovski.

Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor, BWV 1067 by Johann Sebastian Bach. The Suite in B minor opens with an Ouverture, a French label indicating the underlying inspiration for the movement. The combination of a slow, low opening and the consequent Allegro fugato ultimately originated in the French overtures of Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-87), who used them for the preface to his operas and ballets. Six shorter movements follow, all of them dances, each with a different character. Like the Ouverture, several of them have French origin, such as the Rondeau, or the Bourée and the Menuet, fashionable dances at the court of Louis XIV. The Sarabanda, a slow, ceremonial dance, is of Spanish origin. The Polonaise, derived from a Polish folk dance, was the preserve of German composers – it was also Telemann’s favorite in his orchestral suites. The suite closes with the Badinerie — along with the Aire from Suite No. 3 of his, one of Bach’s greatest orchestral hits — a short, high-spirited movement and a true virtuoso requirement for the flute.

Serenade for Strings in C Major, Op. 48. Tchaikovsky considered the Serenade as one of his best works, the author said about it: “I wrote it from inner compulsion. This is a composition from the heart, and for that reason, I dare to hope that this work does not lack artistic qualities. “The first movement, Pezzo in forma di sonatina, is topped by a choir marked Andante non troppo. The sonatina suggested in the title begins on the Allegro moderato, taking the form of a concise sonata structure. “The first movement is my homage to Mozart,” wrote Tchaikovsky. “It is intended to be an imitation of his style, and I would love it if you thought me I have approached his model. “The following Waltz goes back to Mozart’s minuets. It seems sensible that Tchaikovsky integrated the waltz, the most typical dance of the 19th century, in his symphonies and in the String Serenade. It is not surprising that this Waltz is more reminiscent of Tchaikovsky’s balletic and symphonic waltzes than those of Johann Strauss. The third movement, Elegia, opens with another choral passage, here, which incessantly aspires to rise above its mezza-voce tessitura. A second theme s e rises above arpeggiated pizzicato figures on the low strings. The dark and desperate atmosphere that characterizes the last three symphonies of the composer dominates much of the mood of this movement. The fourth movement, Finale on a Russian theme, opens with an Andante introduction based on a Russian folk song, a “drag song” from the Volga. Both the main theme of the following Allegro con spirito, based on the shape of the Serenade’s opening chorale, and the chorale itself, which is the final gesture of the movement, provide a sense of unity that encompasses the entire work.

Paola Zambrano Loayza -Flautist
He began studies at the “Antonio de Jesús Hidalgo” School of Music in the city of Piñas, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Music. She receives classes with teachers Flavio Nieves, Alejandro Fuertes, Fabricio Toro, Guido Paccha. Member of the Children-Youth Band “Edgar Palacios” of the Municipality of Piñas, current Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Piñas, with which he attends training in the city of Quito where he receives classes with prominent members of the Band of the Provincial Council of Pichincha. From 2003 to date, she is a member of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra, having received academic support from the maestro Miguel Jiménez Cueva, Hëyke Spaethe (Germany) at the From-A Music Academy. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree as a teacher-instrumentalist, specializing in the flute flute at the Technical University of Manabí. She has received classes with teachers Leonardo León, Jamil Erazo, teachers Sandra Fernández (Ecuador), María Gabriela Rodríguez (Venezuela). She attended the flute festivals “Mitad del Mundo” and “Perla del Pacífico” in 2015, and in the virtual edition 2020.

We invite the public to visit the Digital Concert Hall on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/sinfonicacuenca in which so far we have 42 concerts for all tastes and they can enjoy and share them from anywhere on the planet to the time and the times you want.

Find us at http://www.sinfonicacuenca.gob.ec Facebook, Twitter, Insta

Archaeologist for a day / 20th Feb, 2021

Have you ever dreamed of being an archaeologist? “Polylepis Tours Ecuador” invites you to be part of this new type of excursion that we will have during 2021. For this first adventure we will visit “Los Petroglifos de Chiviaza”, a site located 3 hours from Cuenca in the Morona Santiago province.
Here the participants will help to find and clean new rocks with petroglyphs that are found in the middle of the vegetation, this will help to turn this place into one of the most important archaeological complexes in the country in the future.

Would you like to be part of the team of archaeologists for a day?

Date: February 20th, 2021
Price: $99 pp (part of this money will be used to improve trails and signs) Minimum of 10 people required until February 12, to confirm the excursion.

It includes:
* Bilingual Guide + Local Guide
* Private transport
* Typical lunch (maito) also vegetarian options
* Guarapo (cane juice)
* Tickets
* Safari hat
* Instruments for cleaning rocks

To get the full itinerary and photos, contact US:

email: polylepistours@outlook.com
cell: 099 355 7648

February 20th, from 7 AM to 7 PM, $99, Calle Larga 6-28, Cuenca.

Edison: polylepistours@outlook.com 099 355 7648. Call after: 3 PM.

You are invited – All are welcome

Join us this Sunday at Trinity Vineyard Church Cuenca. Come as you are. Check us out and see what we are all about.

At Trinity Cuenca, we are different. We serve those in our community, our city, and our world. We take seriously Jesus’ command to love God and love people.

We come together to explore what God’s word really means and how to apply it to our lives; build strong relationships; serve each other and serve our community. We desire to be a true expression of love.

At Trinity Vineyard Cuenca, God is building a family friendly church that consists of people of all ages, countries, cultures, and backgrounds. A place where the people of Cuenca can find God, love, unity, hope and grace.

Service starts at 10 AM. Come early and have a free cup of coffee, a snack, and meet some new friends.

We are located on Ordonez Lasso in the River Side building (same building as Bank Pichincha next door to Home Vega)

We are on the first floor (no stairs!) with ample parking and bus stops close by.

February 7th, 10 to 11:30 AM, Free, Ordonez Lasso, Cuenca.

Weldon Edwards: weldonredwards@gmail.com

Country cabin getaway

Carnival has arrived! Enjoy a family getaway to the incredible Country Cabin of Constructora Andrómeda, enjoy carnival delicacies completely free, bundle up at the fireplace, take photos, enjoy a coffee with us and learn everything about the construction of our rustic cabins, a day to enjoy with your family and pets.

Date: Thursday, February 11 to Sunday, February 14
Location: Canton El Pan

– We are pet friendly
– Hike to the forest path
– Open and ventilated spaces
– Delicious carnival gastronomy
– Incredible views to take photos.
– Learn how wood is transformed into rustic furniture.
– Rustic furniture gallery
– Gallery of pine wood finishes and various wall finishes.

– Free event
We have all the biosecurity measures.

Contact us at:
Phone: 098 736 4571
Instagram: @_andromeda_home
Facebook: @ Andrómeda Home
email: info@construandromeda.com

February 11, from 8 AM to 5 PM, Free, El Pan, Cuenca.

Guadalupe: info@construandromeda.com 098 736 4571. Call after: 9 AM.

Ecogalaxy luxury catamaran with reduced 40% off rates

Galapagos Ecogalaxy Luxury Catamaran: 2021 Departures

Visit: http://www.ecogalaxyonboard.com

6 Days/ 5 nights Program: Itinerary B

Tuesday PM: San Cristobal: Lobos Island
Wednesday AM: Santa Fe: Santa Fe
PM: South Plazas: South Plaza
Thursday AM: Seymour: North Seymour
PM: Mosquera: Mosquera
Friday AM: Genovesa: Darwin Bay
PM: Genovesa: Barranco
Saturday AM: Santa Cruz: Highlands
Tuesday PM: San Cristobal: Lobos Island
Wednesday AM: Santa Fe: Santa Fe
PM: South Plazas: South Plaza
Thursday AM: Seymour: North Seymour
PM: Mosquera: Mosquera

Looking for living room set and dining set

I am looking for an affordable living room and dining room set. Please send me pictures at,

Ma Eulalia: 098 427 5372. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for 2 bedroom apartment for rent

Looking for 2 bedroom furnished apartment for rent in Cuenca, $500-$700, I don’t have pets.

I am looking for a well-furnished place with newer furniture, good water pressure, prefer a newer building. Only around trece Puente, solano ave and surrounding areas. No las Americas area, Primero de Mayo, Parque Paraisso, el Vergel. 3 bedroom is OK. Riverfront will be great. Must be very quiet street // WhatsApp +593 99 511 8335.

Dodd Sheikh: doddsheikh@aol.com 099 511 8335.

Recommendation for Fabian Brito, handyman

Fabian initially came to install roller shades and did an excellent job. I asked if he could help me with various small tasks in my new apartment like hanging pictures. He did a thorough, accurate job on every quickly and for a fair price. He does not speak English, but has a friend who will translate for him.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 99 410 0747 WhatsApp

Recommended by Cynthia Mills: cynthmills75@gmail.com

Cuencas #1 Southern Fried Chicken this Sunday – Joes’ Secret Garden

Joes’ Secret Garden ,,, for pick up or delivery

Crisp fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, … that’s down home …
Crisp, crunchy, craggly and subtly spicy, golden chicken served with creamy coleslaw, buttery garlic mashed potatoes, milk gravy, light country biscuits makes for real good eating. Mixed with the comfort and friendly atmosphere of your home. It’s a real treat.

And this year you have the added attraction of the Super Bowl if you enjoy football.


Herb garlic roast chicken is always a healthy option. Please order at booking. We cook it just for you.

More details, pricing and reservations at http://www.joessecretgarden. And, subscribe to our weekly colorful menu email while you are there.

Questions: call us, KP or Ken, 096 950 6605

Sunday, Feb. 7th from 11:30 AM to 5 PM …, address at time of order

KP: eat@joessecretgarden.com

GringoGrub Superbowl Chili delivery specials

All containers are 1 liter
Texas chili, no beans. $7
Chili / beans. $6
Chili/ beans and pasta $5
Bean soup / bacon. $4
Pea soup/ bacon. $4
Cheezy potato soup $4
Sloppy joe/ BBQ. $4
Shredded chicken BBQ $6
Shredded beef BBQ. $6
BBQ beans. $4
Delivery within Cuenca $2
***Buy 4 of the same product and get the 5th one free.***

February 6 and 7, 11 AM to 7 PM, 14-91 Mariscal Sucre y Coronel Talbot

Ed Bradford: gringogrubcuenca@yahoo.com 093 908 1564

Obrador San Miguel

Good morning, Obrador San Miguel will be delivering your orders from tomorrow from 7 AM. If you still want to place an order for Sunday morning, we will bring the bread to your home. We have: ciabatta, Batard, wholemeal, Centeno, cereals, bagels, oregano, basil, loaf.

You can make an order for this Sunday.
Phone: 098 596 2814
Email: marksps909@gmail.com

February, Cuenca

Obrador San Miguel: 098 596 2814

Superbowl pizza & wings special

1 large pizza with 2 toppings of choice
12 chicken wings your choice of flavor
Buffalo, BBQ, Teriyaki, Salt and Pepper
1 liter Coke or Fanta
Free delivery

For $25

Large bag of Doritos (Red) $3
Republica de Cacao Brownies $2
Pre-order now WhatsApp 098 398 2821

February 7, noon to 6 PM, 14-91 Mariscal Sucre y Coronel Talbot

Juan Pablo: 098 398 2821

Ready-made-to-go food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

Matthew’s Bagel and Bakery Store – bagels and so much more.

Come in and visit us at our new location with the front entrance on Avenida Las Americas and the back door on Calle Los Alamos 2 blocks from Ordonez Lasso on the Rio Tomebamba side.
Two blocks south of Super Maxi Las Americas. The new Tranvia has a stop about one block from us on Las Americas.

Next door are our great neighbors El Calvo Restaurant with Spanish Cuisine and El Jeque with Middle Eastern Cuisine. And also La Tapita Espanola Restaurant entrance on Av Las Americas.

There is also a new Pizza and Beer business called 11 Cerveza and Pizza. Great places to hang out with outdoor seating too.

All of our bakery goods are made fresh daily in our store and we offer:

Whole grain Breads. Cakes: Carrot, Chocolate. Blueberry Muffins, Pies: Blueberry & Apple and Bagels. Cornbread, Scones, Brownies, Cheesecake and Pretzels. And now we have Cookies. Big yummy ones.

Zucchini, Banana, Chocolate Banana, Blueberry, Pineapple Coconut, Coconut, Orange Zucchini Breads and more.
Potato chips and other snacks.
We also offer Gluten-Free Bakery Goods.

Select Coffees
Beers and Wines
Soft Drinks and Yogurt Drinks
Kefir and Kombucha
Specialty Teas

Our Newly-Expanded Deli Selection includes:
Potato, Tuna, Chicken, Macaroni salads and Cole Slaw and much more.
Also try our New Chopped Salad Bar.

Cheeses, Yogurt and various flavors of Cream Cheese Spreads to eat with our delicious Bagels.
Chicken Noodle Soup and Chicken Tortilla Soup
Jams and Spaghetti sauces

We also have Meatloaf and Meatballs. Ricotta Cheese Penne, Chicken Parmesan and Mac & Cheese.
Try our new Chicken Pot Pie. Each pie is a very generous individual portion.

Come in to our New Store to eat and relax or to take with you.
We have indoor and outdoor tables with proper social distancing.
We also offer a restroom for our customers’ comfort and convenience.

It’s like having a little slice of New York City here in Cuenca.
We also speak English.

You can also have our goodies delivered to your home.
Local delivery charge is $2.
For outside area delivery text us for delivery charge.

Please use WhatsApp to text us a question or to place an order to go.
You can also send us an email for questions or orders at the email address listed below.

We are sorry that we are unable to take calls at this time.
Also starting this New Year we will no longer be using plastic bags for purchases only paper. Please bring your own reusable bags.

Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate our customers and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Hours are Mon thru Sat: 10 AM to 8 PM Sun 10 AM to 5 PM., Comercial Eloy Alfaro. Avenida Las Americas

Jeniffer Rodriguez: matthewbagelstore@gmail.com 099 860 4290 FaceBook: matthewbagelstore

Sourdough bread (rye, classic, whole wheat and more)

Sourdough bread (rye, classic, whole wheat and more). We want to send you a warm greeting from Sourdough family, I hope you are well and safe. We are baking new products and always with security measures. It is important to remind you that our breads are sugar free, free of animal products, without chemical preservatives, lactose free and very low in gluten thanks to the fermentation process.
(Betsy / Luis)

We still have everyone’s favorites:

• Classic sourdough 900gr price: $4
• Whole wheat 900gr (oatmeal, wheat germ, linseed.) price: $4
• Rye bread with caraway seeds 900gr. Price: $4
• Barley 900gr. Price: $4
• Multi grain 900gr (contains: walnuts, chia, amaranth, linseed, oats, wheat germ.) Price: $6
• Chocolate 700gr. $6 (made with our vegan chocolate 70%. $8)
• New flavor 800gr with (fresh blueberries, organic vegan chocolate70% and almond. $8)
• Sourdough bagels 120gr. $0,75

Promotions: 3 breads x $10 only classic, rye, wholewheat or barley

Delivery day will be Monday, 8th.

Contact us:
098 773 8532

February 6, from noon to midnight, Cuenca, Cuenca

Luis: sourdough.ecu@gmail.com 098 773 8532

Delivery: real sourdough, bagels, Southern biscuits, freezer meals

Hi, Sunday Brunch Cuenca family.

Here is our current delivery menu:
Ready to bake freezer meals:
Three cheese chicken and spinach lasagna $9
Chicken pot pie $7
Each container is two generous servings. Comes frozen, uncooked, and ready to bake when you are.

Breads and More:
Cornbread (6 squares for $6)
Cinnamon rolls (6 rolls for $8 with icing in separate container)
Large Southern-style biscuits (Pack of 6 for $6. They freeze well.)
White meat chicken sausage patties (Patties come uncooked and frozen in a pack of 6 for $8 or 12 for $15) These fit great on the biscuits.
Sourdough and yeast bagels (6 for $6)
Loaf sourdough bread $5.
Loaf brioche $4.50
Frozen waffles 8 for $8
We make the waffles fresh and then freeze them so you can pop them out to toast and enjoy a delicious breakfast or snack anytime.

Black bean veggie burgers and wheat buns:
Buns come fresh in a pack of 6 for $3.50
Veggie burgers come frozen in a pack of 6 for $6.
Take out of the freezer and cook on the grill or in a frying pan. Add the veggies and condiments of your choice for a quick, healthy, and delicious meal.

Our products are homemade with real butter.

You can visit our Facebook page and Instagram for pictures: @SundayBrunchCuenca

Order Instructions:

Please place your order via email at SundayBrunchCuenca@gmail.com by Monday before noon for delivery Wednesday between 9:30 AM and noon or place your order before noon on Wednesday for delivery Friday between 9:30 AM and noon.

Please send your orders by email only to make sure they do not get lost and include your address and phone number for the delivery.

Made to order, Online

Hilary: SundayBrunchCuenca@gmail.com

Mujeres con Exito Wednesday delivery

Orders are received until Monday at 5 PM for Wednesday delivery. Delivery occurs between 11 AM and 1 PM. Delivery is included in all meal pricing.
Barbecue wings (8) and fries. Served with our house mayonnaise. $15 includes home delivery within the city.
8 Egg Rolls (shrimp, pork, vegetable) – can be fried or ready to fry. Served with Vietnamese sauce and Sriracha sauce. $15 includes home delivery within the city.
1 Quesadilla, served with chips, guacamole and Pico de Gallo. $12
4 mixed pieces Fried Chicken lunch. Served with Mashed potatoes and salad. $12
Sriracha sauce. Sriracha is a type of hot sauce or chili sauce made from a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. $5
Vietnamese salad dressing. A tasty condiment used as a salad dressing or dipping sauce. consisting of sugar. rice vinegar. garlic, freshly chopped chilies, fish sauce, water and lime juice. $5
Fresh Red Fruit Jam, 250g jar. $3.50.
Distance: A Pandemic Cookbook. Spiral bound. $12.
Mujeres Con Exito is the job training branch of Casa Maria Amor, Cuenca’s battered women’s shelter. Food service is one of the areas training is available. The women have specific food items that they can deliver to you on Wednesdays.

Deadline for food order is February 8th, Delivery is February 10th. Baltazara de Calderon 2-26 y Miguel Velez, Cuenca

Debby Larsen: mcereservations2019@gmail.com

Organic chickens now available for orders from El Mundo Orgánico

You’ve asked for it, and now we have it. Organic chicken is now available for you to order with your “Build-Your-Own Basket”

Organic chicken may be ordered fresh, frozen, or smoked. Soon we will add an option to order your chicken roasted (delivered cold, not hot).

We also want you to know that if you have a special request for a fruit or vegetable or any other edible product, please let us know, and we will do our best to find it for you.

For ordering instructions for the organic chicken as well as a full list of the fruits and vegetables and other items we offer both for home delivery and in our store, and the address and directions to our store location, please visit the “Home Page” of our website, http://www.elmundoorganico.com.

Have a great day and thanks again.

El Mundo Orgánico, Armando Espinoza, 093 906 2640 (text only, please!)

Francisco Cisneros y Autopista #582, Via Cuenca-Molleturo-Naranjal (also known as “Enrique Arízaga Toral)

February 6, 2021, Francisco Cisneros y Autopista Via Cuenca-Molleturo-Naranjal (also known as “Enrique Arízaga Toral”)

Armando Espinoza: 093 906 2640

El Bocata Español Spanish tapas and paellas delivered to your home.

We are glad to introduce you our Spanish food delivery service El Bocata Español. We prepare paellas and tapas and deliver to your house or place of work. Take a look at our menu on Facebook as El Bocata Español and choose from our food selection: seafood paella, chicken, squid and shrimp paella or pork and chicken paella. 8 dollars per portion. Minimum order for any of our paellas, 4 portions.

Not in a mood for paella? Ask for our potato Spanish omelet, croquetas, albóndigas, sangría and more.

Orders are received at least one day in advance. We’ll be glad to be part of your food choices.
Our contact numbers: 098 011 2161 or 098 687 5270.
Free delivery on Ordoñez Lasso avenue.

Every day, home delivery.

Paola: 098 011 2161

Saturday Japanese Dinner at the new Jazz Society Café Restaurant

Outdoor seating now available.

Breakfast menu

Greek yogurt and granola bowl $4.50
with mixed berry compote

Sourdough Pancakes
(2pcs) $3
(3pcs) $4

Jazz Omelet $5.50
(2 egg omelet with kale, bacon bits, black olives, cherry tomatoes)
served with multi grain toast and seasonal fruits.

Jazz Scrambled Eggs $5.50
(2 egg omelet with kale, bacon bits, black olives, cherry tomatoes)
served with multi grain toast and seasonal fruits.

Our famous house salad $5
in creamy garlic dressing or balsamic vinaigrette
Mixed organic greens, black olives, shredded red cabbage, walnuts, cherry tomatoes and red onions plus garlic toast.
With 2 pcs Southern fried chicken breast $7

Black bean, corn and avocado salad $4.50
in orange chipotle cilantro dressing

Kale, quinoa, chickpea salad $4.50
in orange chipotle cilantro dressing

Japanese Comfort Food

1/2 rack of Japanese Style baby back ribs $12
served with Japanese rice, sesame spinach and side of Japanese salad with ginger carrot dressing.

Sides and Salads

Japanese Salad with carrot ginger dressing $4.50
Edamame $4
Gomae Japanese spinach with sesame dressing $3

Appetizers and Sushi

Nigiri sampler (salmon, tuna, shrimp, tamago)
Simple $5
Double $9
Salmon Sushi Roll $9
Tempura Sushi Roll (Langostino/Prawn) $9
Vegetarian Sushi Roll $7
Gyoza $8 (8 pcs)
Shrimp Tempura $8
Mixed Shrimp & Veggie Tempura $8
Veggie Tempura $7

Ramen and soup

Ramen $7 (signature broth or miso)
fresh alkaline noodles served with:
with pork
tofu or portobello
Miso Soup with spinach and tofu $6.50

Donburi (Rice Bowls) $6.50
Yoshinoya (Beef Bowl)
Ten Don (Mixed Shrimp and Veggie Tempura Bowl)
Soboro Don (Ground Chicken Bowl)

Dishes Served with Rice over bed of Napa Cabbage Salad

Ebi Furai (Panko Prawns/Langostino) $9
Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) $8
Yasai Itame (Veggie Stir Fry) $7 add Chicken Pork or Shrimp $8
Torikatsu (Panko Chicken) or Tonkatsu (Panko Pork) $8
Karē Katsu (Japanese Curry Rice) Pork or Chicken $8
Chicken Teriyaki $8
Grilled Portobello (Vegetarian) in Teriyaki Sauce $8

Business hours

Wednesday 9:30 AM – 3 PM

Thursday 9:30 AM – 3 PM

Friday 9:30 AM – 3 PM, 4 – 8 PM

Saturday 9:30 AM – 3 PM, 4 – 8 PM

Sunday 10:30 AM – 3 PM

Saturday 9:30 AM ‘til 8 PM, Los Cedros y Los Claveles a block north from Ordonez Lasso

Deborah Degamo: motherandsonfamilykitchen@gmail.com 096 322 3377 or 098 945 6051 https://mailchi.mp/5f14fe8c484a/mother-and-son-family-kitchen-3607478

Santa Canela’s annual Super Bowl BBQ party

It’s time again for another Santa Canela’s Super Bowl party. Sunday Feb. 7th. Door opens at 1 PM.

We would be serving BBQ ribs/chicken/wings/burger or Shish Kebobs with coleslaw, BBQ beans & roll. $10 a plate of your choice.

Due to voting Sunday, it’s going to be a private party. Please make your reservations with food preference.

Come early to pick your squares.

Feb.7th. from 1 PM, Calle Larga 3-82 y Vargas Machuca

Freddy: santacanela2016@outlook.com 099 726 9237

Specials at Sunrise Café, Saturday BBQ day

Breakfast special:

Eggs benedict comes with hash browns, English muffin, Hollandaise sauce, coffee or tea.
BBQ ribs, BBQ brisket, BBQ chicken
Comes with French fries or potato salad, ice tea, coleslaw, cornbread.

February 6th from 7:30 AM to 3 PM, Calle Larga 9-40 y Benigno Malo

Orlando Ortiz

Valentine’s day at La Yunta with Lynne Nadeau

Come to join us in a romantic evening with the fabulous music of Lynne Nadeau and enjoy a delicious meal at La Yunta.

Complementary glass of champagne to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Friday. Feb. 12, from 7 PM

Reservations 098 945 6551 or by email. layuntatiendaycocina@gmail.com

It is always great to see you.


Friday, Feb 12 from 7 PM, Ave 1 de Mayo entre Ave Las Americas y Fray Gaspar de Carvajal

Thomas Gould

La Parrilla de Héctor´s restaurant

La Parrilla de Héctor´s restaurant has an excellent menu to offer you the best experiences in barbecue, also, it is the best place to celebrate events like birthdays, baby showers, also St. Valentíne’s and anything you need for your meeting.

There´s a wonderful view where you can see Cuenca like you never saw it before. Please, come on and enjoy us.

From Monday to Saturday, noon to 10:30 PM and Sunday from noon to 4 PM, Av. Circunvalación Sur, 300 Mts. from Mall del Rio.

Adriana Moscoso: 098 489 5109

Are you looking for sirloin or other beef cuts?

We offer:

– Sirloin
– Tenderloin
– Skirt Steak
– Tomahawk
– Pot roast
– Ribs

La Karlota Delicatessen – high quality products:

– Beef cuts
– Chicken (whole or cuts)
– Pork (ribs, chops, loin, fritada)
– Lamb (rack, chops, T-bone, whole leg, ground meat)
– Turkey (drumsticks, sliced breast, ground turkey, bacon, ham)
– Organic eggs from a happy hen’s farm (free running hens)
– Aged Cheese
– Sausages
– Thick Smoked bacon (pork)
– Organic Chocolate
– Organic Jam
– and more

Visit us at Remigio Crespo 13-33 and Latinoamericana (Right across from Batan Shopping) or call us 099 299 0224.
Please check out our:
– Facebook fanpage:
– Our catalogue:

We speak English

Monday to Friday 10 AM to 7 PM – Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM (out for lunch 1 to 2 PM), Remigio Crespo 13-33 and Latinoamericana (Right across to Batan Shopping)

Erik Feican: lakarlotadeli@gmail.com 099 299 0224

Last minute package Izhcayluma ecolodge / Vilcabamba

5 nights accommodation in private standard room with ensuite bath, including pick up service from your front door in Cuenca, both ways.

Single occupancy: $185
Double occupancy: $135 p. person

Included in the package price:

– 5 nights of accommodation
– free use of our amenities and hiking trails
– free fibre optic wifi
– free mineral water and hot teas 24 hours
– free Yoga
– shuttle service door to door from your home in Cuenca directly to our ecolodge
– all taxes and fees

Free 45 minutes SPA treatment

Please contact us directly through web-page, e-mail or WhatsApp.
099 915 3419

We hope to see you soon.
Greetings from a sunny Vilcabamba
Peter, Dieter and Raik

Monday, 8th of February, until Saturday, 13th of February, Izhcayluma ecolodge in Vilcabamba

Peter Schramm: izhcayluma@yahoo.de 099 915 3419 http://www.izhcayluma.com

Double D’s Menu for the week of February 8

With Mardi Gras / Carnaval approaching, this menu is dedicated to celebrating all that is fat and happy. Our soup is still on the more healthful side so there’s something for everyone. As a reminder, the casserole is fully cooked then chilled for your to reheat and enjoy right away or to freeze and eat at a later time.

Crispy Louisiana Chicken Pasta: $25 (6-8 servings); $19 (4-5 servings)
Summer Gazpacho: $8/lb (2-3 servings)
Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce: $3/piece
Mardi Gras Cheesecake Squares: $3/piece

You’ll notice the small size has increased in price and portion quantity. Pans have been an issue so we had to make adjustments. There’s a photo on our Facebook page showing the old small sitting inside the new small sitting inside the large.

If you’d like a more detailed description of the menu items, please contact us. Orders are due by 3 PM on Tuesday, February 9. When placing your order, please include the following information.

Preference of pick-up or $2 (estimated) delivery
Preferred pick-up/delivery day (Thursday or Friday)
Delivery address, if applicable
Phone number

Pick-up or $2 (estimated) delivery is available Thursday or Friday, February 11 or 12 between 9 AM and 2 PM. Once all of the orders are received, we’ll be able to confirm a more specific time frame. Delivery is free for orders of at least $25.

Thanks to those of you who have ordered—some every week—since we started our casseroles and soups in mid-March. We’re the same people with the same name making the same excellent food since August 2017. Continue taking good care of yourselves.

Deb and Dawn

Order by 3 PM Tuesdays, Pick-up or Delivery on Thursdays or Fridays 9 AM – 2 PM, Agustín Cueva 3-56 y Honorato Loyola, #201 (1.5 blocks from Clínica Santa Inés Emergency entrance)

Double Ds Delights: doubledsdelightscuenca@gmail.com 096 802 2874 (after 8 AM, English only); 096 802 2545 (after 8 AM, Spanish and English) Facebook: Double D’s Delights Cuenca