What is the ideal mask to avoid the spread of covid-19?

With the British variant circulating, what is the ideal mask to avoid the spread of covid-19?

The arrival of the British variation of covid-19 in Ecuador has concerned both medical personnel in the country and the general public.

For this reason, it is necessary – now more than ever – to maintain the practices that during 2020 prevented thousands of infections: the use of a mask, constant hand washing and the respective biosecurity and social distancing protocols.

In August 2020, Duke University researchers developed a simple and inexpensive optical device that allows measuring the ability of a mask to block respiratory droplets that infect COVID-19, by making them visible using laser light and counting them using a computer algorithm. .

During the trials of this new device, it was confirmed that when people speak, they expel droplets, so that the coronavirus disease can be transmitted by talking, without coughing or sneezing, according to physician Eric Westman and physicist and chemist Martin Fischer, co-authors of this research.

Using this method, the experts found that the best face covers are the hospital-grade, valved KN95 masks used by healthcare workers. (Source: BBC.com)

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