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We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare; the hare got overconfident about beating the tortoise in a race and he lost.

Well, times change and stories evolve.

This time, the tortoise and the hare were roommates in an apartment in Cuenca where the tortoise ribs the hare every day to remind him of his defeat. One day, the tortoise, overconfident, challenged the hare to see whose computer will boot and perform faster and better. The tortoise had a fairly new computer and the hare a fairly old one. Both computers were using traditional spinning hard drives. They agreed that the loser would have to clean the apartment for a year without the help of the winner.

Anything was allowed to be done to improve the performance of the computers.

The tortoise went to YouTube to watch all kinds of videos of so-called performance gurus to modify the computer software for better performance.

The hare knew he had the disadvantage, but he was not afraid because he had the phone number of Alex Mejia, Cuenca’s Tech Guy. So, he called Alex, explained the bet and Cuenca’s Tech Guy told him “Don’t worry. I got your back, Jack”.

Cuenca’s Tech Guy installed a new Solid State Drive that performs way faster than the traditional spinning drive, tweaked the operating system settings for Formula 1 performance and even converted the old spinning hard drive into an external unit for storage and backups.

Finally, the day came. It was an unusually warm morning and the contestants fired up their computers at precisely the same time. The hare’s computer booted up in seconds; the hare even had time to go to the tienda for milk and eggs while the tortoise’s computer was stuck in slow motion. Needless to say, the hare won the bet and was pleased to see the tortoise mopping floors for a year.

The lesson of the story is simple and clear: Be like the hare. Upgrade your computer for as low as $110, Enjoy increased speed and efficiency while giving new life to your computer for years to come.

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