Recommendation for Carnales Mexican Grill

A few people recommended this little taco and burrito spot over on the east side of town, by the municipal cemetery. Last week we all finally decided to make the trip there, which can be a little out of the way since we live by Feria Libre. It was an 8 -10 minute cab ride, but well worth it. The variety of meats to choose from was refreshing, as they try to cater to as many palettes as they can. They have spicy and non-spicy options, and the service is exceptional. We had the sampler platter of 6 tacos each, which was amazing. One of the waiters there spoke English, a huge relief as our Spanish is still quite limited. A must try for any lover of authentic Mexican food.

Address: Gonzalez Suarez Avenue 858

Contact information: 098 434 8665

Recommended by Lorraine Ferguson:
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