Paws with Hope

Hello Friends of Paws with Hope. We are very grateful for the support we receive. We have been able to place 5 dogs into their forever homes in the past couple of months bringing us down to 8 dogs and 3 cats who are still under our care full time. 3 of these dogs are not very happy living in the pack and are looking for their forever families. To inquire about an adoptable dog please send me a message.

As for the 3 cats, Jake tested postive for feline leukemia so at this moment in time our doors are closed to taking in and placing more cats. Jake’s treatment is not cheap and the other 2 cats that are residing here need to be tested and if they are negative they need to be vaccinated against feline Leukemia. The vaccine came to Cuenca only a few months ago so it was not available here when they were young kittens. We are low on funding and the cost for the needed vet care for these 2 cats is about $90 plus the cost of transportation.

Another one of our dogs needs vet care for his teeth. This may cost about $60 depending on if he needs teeth removed. There is a mini pack of about 8 street dogs who have adopted us as their resource for food. Pictured in the first picture below is Oscar who is one of these dogs. He comes here to sleep from time to time. He is a low maintenance dog and does not seem to bother our pack at all. I do not think he is ready to stay here full time as he enjoys coming and going. The rest of the street dogs we care for are either too scared to let us touch them or come and go just like Oscar. We would like to continue to feed these dogs for as long as we can. Any contribution would help greatly.

We are always in need of dog food, cat food, cat litter, leashes and collars, used pillows, blankets, towels, and cleaning supplies. To meet our tribe please send me a message.


City: Cuenca


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