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Cameron Kayce, M.Ed, LMT, massage therapist taking new clients!
099 987 4417

Need a letter mailed in the USA for free?

I will be leaving for the USA and if you have an envelope – no packages due to space – you would like for me to mail from in/around Orlando, I am happy to do so free of charge. It would be mailed about Feb 9th. Appropriate US postage should be on the envelope or I do have some stamps I can sell you.

It would be necessary for you to get the envelope to me no later than Sunday, Feb 7th. It should arrive before 6:30 – I am not leaving the TV during the Super Bowl game.

I live in the Puertas del Sol area, across the river from Gringolandia

Jerry: 098 504 6465. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca
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Furniture and appliances

Hey there, I recently moved to Cuenca and rented an empty apartment. So, now I am looking

Kefir grains

Looking for Kefir grains in Cuenca. Mary: . City: Cuenca

Looking for a queen-size bed

Looking for a queen-size bed. Please send pictures over WhatsApp. Also for a duvet, sheets. Roxi: 096

Looking for free English classes

Good day, Please, if someone could teach English for free contact, Laly Jarrín: 099 545 7490.

Massage therapist

Hello, I’m looking for a massage therapist, familiar with European massage technique.I will appreciate recommendations by email:

I’m a pet walker

Hey there, I want to offer my services as a dog walker. We pick up and drop

Looking for armoire

Hi folks, if you have an armoire from Cheryl in the Calle Larga and soon you will