Hearts of Gold month activities

Dear Community, In 2021, the best wishes for you, that your personal and professional projects will be a success.

At Hearts of Gold, we started this year with confidence and hope. Your support and trust allow us to keep working to benefit the vulnerable families of our community. All January, we have been planning our actions for this year in the areas of social programs, community alliances, finances, communication, education, and emergency solutions.

Big news! We are excited to announce that we are going to receive a new partner organization in our Community Assistance Program.

Thanks to the support of generous donors and friends; the All Children Deserve to Dream Program has been relaunched with total success. We fulfilled the dreams of four lucky children.

1- A brave explorer; who wanted to climb a mountain.
2- Two happy and smart girls; who wanted to be princesses for a day.
3- A movie lover, who wanted to go to the movies with her parents.
All children enjoyed the experiences, gained confidence in the future, and boosted the self-esteem.
Check the link below to watch a lovely video of our little friend and his dream.

Emergency Food Program: The joint program with our friends of Cuenca Soup Kitchen continues providing food kits to struggling families of our community. This month, we have restructured the program. New families have come; our priority is that the help reaches those who need it the most.

Thank you for taking the time to know more about our monthly activities. If you want to know more about our activities please follow our social media channels: Hearts of Gold EC


Tsunki Escandon: info@heartsofgoldfoundation.org 405 6197. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca
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