Azuay Community Theater refunds

Hello Azuay Community Theater supporters, and thank you for all your support.

Well, once again COVID thwarted our plan to film “Dearly Departed”, so we feel it’s only fair, after almost a year of your patience, that we offer refunds to those of you who purchased tickets. Marilyn Appel has the list of those who bought tickets for one of the performances, and she will take your requests at her email of

We offer the refunds until February 28, 2021, so if Marilyn does not hear from you by then, we will consider your tickets as your donation to the workings of ACT.

Thank you again for your support as we continue to strive to find a way to bring quality theater to you in some form in the future.

Continue to check our ACT Facebook page, GringoPost, and subscribe to our mailing list if you have not already at

Ray Lewis: .

City: Cuenca
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