Recommendation for Carla Encarnacion, real estate agent

I had been thinking about moving to a bigger apartment with more outdoor space, but figured I wold never get everything I wanted in the locale I wanted. I saw an ad on Gringo Post for a place that seemed to have everything I dreamed about. Carla was the agent. I knew Carla from when I first moved to Cuenca and she found me the perfect place.

She responded instantly and within an hour, I was viewing the place. It turned out there was already someone ahead of me with an offer. Carla was undeterred. She found two other places for me to look at in almost the same locale; one of them in a beautiful building on Tres de Noviembre, still under construction, which I never even knew existed. She also listened carefully to what I was saying, and read between the lines. She showed me places in areas I didn’t think of considering. In the end, she took me to a spectacular apartment (half of a house) which even has a yard and a fireplace, five minutes’ walk from the Tranvia. I didn’t know that was where I wanted to be until Carla showed me this apartment. I’m moving in a couple of weeks.

Twice now Carla has found exactly the home I needed, exactly when I needed it. She consistently gets raves from her clients for a reason. She is tireless, determined and overflowing with enthusiasm. I have two cats, so my choices are limited and my requirements were high. I got discouraged – Carla never did. She didn’t even balk when I saw yet another ad on Gringo Post and wanted to see another place at the last minute, after I had said I would take the apartment I ultimately rented.
She is, quite simply, the best.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: +593 93 905 5399

Recommended by Heather Griffiths: