Transferring money from Ecuadorian bank account to a bank in the UK

Dear All,

Does the 5% charge for money transferred or taken out of the country in cash still apply? I understand that the equivalent of 3 times basic wage (= $1200) can be taken out in cash, tax free; any amount over that is liable to the 5% tax. Same applies to bank transfers, unless something has changed in the past 2 months. Any advice would be helpful (not that we are hoping to travel any time soon).

Elizabeth Bekes

Take over $25,000 CD at JEP

I have a $25,000 CD that comes due in mid Jan. ’21 (2 years) the total interest is $4,300 payable at maturity. I need to try and cash in the CD because of an urgent need but JEP won’t cancel but they will transfer to someone else. There is only 8 months remaining on the CD.


Ninos con Futuro / Children with a Future

Our foundation “Niños con Futuro”(Children with a Future), is a non-profit organization in Guayaquil, Ecuador (

Founded under the vision and leadership of Lillianne Enz de Wright, it runs the “Felipe Costa von Buchwald” school, which provides education and subsistence needs for over 480 Ecuadorian children and teenagers living in the marginal areas of the city.

In 2020, we have global pandemic and education systems around the world must protect the health of students and loved ones. So our school must now educate and attend to the needs of our students online. But since our students come from homes living in extreme poverty, they cannot access proper e learning education. Most of them will struggle to meet their basic needs without the opportunity and wellbeing offered by our school.

Our students need us. They need access to food, medical supplies and virtual learning networks. This donation campaign is a call for a helping hand for us to carry on strong in our mission, regaining the ability to educate and care for our students, so they can fulfill their goals and dreams locally, freeing themselves from the shackles of poverty. Together we can make this happen for them!

With your help we will achieve the following objectives:

– Buy laptops.
– Guarantee internet access.
– Virtual platform for distance education.
– The purchase of monthly food “kits” from the 360 ​​families in charge of the Foundation.

With your contribution, this campaign will not only cover the cost of the distance education of 480 students, but it will also guarantee the feeding of 360 families for 10 months.

Ninos con Futuro: (04) 239 3813. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Guayaquil

Being elderly in the time of COVID-19

She walked for several hours this morning, from San Joaquin to Cuenca, and roamed around the city searching for food – but to no avail. Someone told her that we could help, so she slowly made her way to our door and knocked timidly, tiredly. I listened to her story, feeling sad. She was close to eighty years old, and all alone. Her husband had died long ago, with her only son, Pedro, soon following. She has no other family. She washes clothes for neighbors to make a small living, but now that work has dried up during this crisis.

I couldn’t help thinking that she reminded me so much of my own mother. She walked like her, talked like her. I could only imagine how I would feel if my mother was in that situation and I could not help her. But for Pedro, the gods rest his soul, Hogar de Esperanza (Home of Hope) was able to provide his mother with food, some special treats and put her in a taxi to get her safely back home. For a little while today, we became her family, showing her that someone cared. I think I will be surprising my own mother with a phone call later today.

Thank you for your support which helps us to help those in need, like this sweet older woman who needed some extra support, and some kindness. We could not do it without you. To make a contribution in support of our work helping those most in need, you can donate online at: If you prefer to make a donation through bank transfer, or would like to make a cash donation or in-kind donation of items, please contact us.

Garry Vatcher: 099 094 7611. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Donations for Cuenca families

My name is Javier Muñoz, and I’m the pastor of Iglesia Impacto Internacional. We are looking for donations of food and supplies (toilet paper, soap, diapers, etc.) for our community. We know many families who are in need, and we are doing our best to help them, but unfortunately, because of the pandemic, we have run out of money, food and supplies to keep doing this good work.

If you would like to be a part of our work, please contact me on WhatsApp; phone call or email. We will appreciate everything you can donate. And most important, all the families in need will be more than grateful.

Thanks for your help.

Javier Munoz: 099 582 0754. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Donations for Cuenca families

My name is Javier Muñoz, and I’m the pastor of Iglesia Impacto Internacional. We are looking for donations of food and supplies (toilet paper, soap, diapers, etc.) for our community. We know many families who are in need, and we are doing our best to help them, but unfortunately, because of the pandemic, we have run out of money, food and supplies to keep doing this good work.

If you would like to be a part of our work, please contact me on WhatsApp; phone call or email. We will appreciate everything you can donate. And most important, all the families in need will be more than grateful.

Thanks for your help.

Javier Munoz

City: Cuenca

Spanish class or to improve your Spanish

My name is Estefania and I can help you with Spanish classes or to improve your Spanish. My service is online, it could be by zoom or another web site.

From the comfort of your home and at the time that you feel comfortable to learn.

I am guide of tourism and was English teacher in CEDEI school , I have lots of patience and I enjoy sharing my knowledge of Ecuadorian culture and the Spanish language.

Please feel free to contact me for more information. I would like helping you achieve your goals.

I have the best price, if anyone gives you a better price you can tell me and I will give you one even better.

The more important for me, is that you learn without pressure and at your own pace for a better understanding.

Estefania: 099 412 4589. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for Vitamins

I’m looking for these vitamins or any type similar to these. They are Calcium with Vitamin D. I’m looking for offers that are available for delivery.

Shauni: +1 340 244 9102. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca


Please, I need a very good pedicure, this is not a matter of beauty.

Silvia Lanza: .

City: Cuenca

Looking for help

I’m looking for help, I have a 6-year old girl, my wife and a 50-year old mom.
My mom has diabetes and has thyroids, due to the health crisis I lost my job. My wife also was fired. We’ve had hard times at home. Also I will also help my mom. I work as a technician. I offer my services fixing car elevators, door locks, electric and manual car windows, car alarms, electric systems as well.
My family and I will appreciate the help.

Arturo Sanchez: 099 854 4752. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for furnished room or small apartment

I am looking for a furnished room or small furnished apartment in Cuenca. Not too far out of the city; maybe 30 minutes’ walk. No ets. 6 to 12 months.


Looking for bulk papaya seeds

Has anyone seen or purchased bulk papaya seeds in Cuenca?

I have been searching markets and natural food stores for a couple weeks and been unable to find them.

Any and all leads are much appreciated.

Morgan: .

City: Cuenca

I am looking for a Firestick remote control

My remote quit working. If you have one you do not need, please contact me.

Thank you .

Steve: WhatsApp +593 95 899 7638. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Coats, bags and shoes stay at the door

Atelier is manufacturing very useful coat racks and shoe benches – leave your stuff outside in an attractive way. Contact Monica – 099 511 7846.

Gonzalo Cordero 2-46.

Monica:  099 511 7846

Attorney – translator

I am a fluent English-speaking attorney, and I can help you with legal issues such as: legal documents, notary procedures, real estate contracts, labor contracts, legal advice, and much more. I have experience working with Americans in Cuenca, and I really enjoy it.

I am also a translator and can help you translating any kind of document (legal, medical, documents for visa process, etc.). I can help you as your personal interpreter for your appointments, errands, video conferences, and more.

Presidente Cordova 12-37 and Tarqui. All day from Monday through Saturday

Javier Muñoz: 099 582 0754

Hoover upright vacuum bags

I am looking to buy bags (Style E or F) for my Hoover upright vacuum cleaner. Any idea where to buy those in Cuenca?

Ned Meisner: 093 998 4769. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Transportation (transfers to all cities and airports)

We offer you an excellent service. With many years of experience in tourism and transporting visitors to all over the country. Nowadays, with the pandemic problems if you need to get back home with your beloved ones, we transport you safe and sound with professional drivers and all the certificate permissions to circulate to the main airports.
Please if you have any questions contact us.

Los Pinos 1-100.

Franco Pesantez: 099 866 0594

Need to buy a bicycle

I need to buy a bicycle. Please send photos to
– WhatsApp 099 296 3318. Thanks

Paseo de los Cañaris – Cuenca.

Juan Vidal:  099 296 3318

Which one should I prefer, a will or an end of life document?

Our dear friends and GringoPost readers, here is a little piece of information that will help solve some of your doubts:

Whether you are planning to, or have already make Ecuador your home, it is necessary for you to have an End of Life Document. This is a resource through which you can provide your decisions and preferences in the event that you need medical treatment and you are not able to make them yourself; or if you have passed away, your instructions on how to manage your remains will be also included in this document. That way, you can be sure that you will be taken care of.

A Will on the other hand, includes your decisions regarding the assets you have in Ecuador or any other country in the world.

Both of these documents are important and give you and you loved ones the security you need, so let’s get to work, contact us for further information.

Lina Ulloa
UZ Asesores Ecuador
Ecuador Cía. Ltda.
José Peralta 1-19 y 12 de Abril – Edificio Acrópolis – Oficina 312
4103588 – 098 420 5336 / 099 867 2687 – UZ Asesores Ecuador CIA. LTDA.

Cuenca, Ecuador José Peralta 1-19 y 12 de Abril – Edificio Acrópolis – Oficina 312.

UZ Asesores Ecuador

Cab driver/assistant

Hi, My name is Adrian Puli and I am a cab driver on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I am very knowledgeable when it comes to getting things done be it taking you grocery shopping, translating Spanish or Doctor’s appointments. I can do all your shopping also if you cannot. I am very reliable and very respected by Gringos and Ecuadorians as well. I lived in the States for a long period of time amd moved back to live in my beautiful country just as you have.

So, if you want someone safe and reliable call me at 098 317 4172. Have a great and safe day. If you want references, I have a lot that I can share.

Cuenca. Monday, Tuesday and Friday 6 AM to 1:30 PM

Adrian Puli

ProDentist to resume dental care

Dear Patients, We hope you and your family are well. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to stop dental care during this time, but from Monday May 4th, we will be attending with the proper safety protocols. Two patients a day, every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Being dental emergencies the priority, little by little. We will try to resume our regular dental care with all bio protocols to be adhered to.

Dentistry has taken an abysmal turn and as patients and dentists, we have to adapt to the changes for our safety.

When you schedule your appointment, we will send you all the security protocols.

My best wishes to you,

Dr Juan, Periodotist and
Dra. Gabriela, Endodontist

12 de Abril y Jose Peralta, Edificio Paseo del Puente. May 4th and on

Dr. Juan: 099 871 1578

Charter Flights from Quito to Miami and New York

CATSA Travel in Cuenca is offering 2 charter flights with Latam Airlines to fly from Quito to Miami on May 9th for $425, and from Quito to New York on May 10th for $839. These flights are only for American citizens and legal residents of the United States. Interested people can contact us at or or call us 099 492 3033 from  AM to 5 PM

Ave. 12 de Abril y Jose Peralta.

Bryan Vidal:

Olla de Barro Restaurant: almuerzos delivered

Ollas de barro are large clay pots the antiguos nestled down into hot coals for cooking the family meals.

Earthenware adds a subtle flavor that Ecuadorians cherish across the country.

You can enjoy the traditional taste of the Andes resting assured we don’t use aluminum, and that we always use butter, EVOO, or high-quality fry oil.

We never use industrial margarine: under a buck a kilo and appealing for reducing costs, IMO, it’ll destroy your body over time.

Mojitos and craft shrub cocktails are also on the menu: Full-strength and delivered by the liter complete with Güitig and limes.

Quick, easy, and well, brilliant: an inexpensive idea for shaking up the locked-down blues.

Again, as you sink back into your Quixote fantasies do so worry free: Bonobo Bob’s will never serve illegal hooch. My word.

Weekly Menu:

Tues: Meatball soup; Pollo de horno; Ensalada; Jugo: Tree tomato/Basil shrub

Wed: Lenteja curry soup; Pork loin/vegetables; Ensalada; Jugo: Papaya/Piña shrub

Thurs.: Beef soup; Spaghetti with chicken; Ensalada; Jugo: Piña/Piña shrub

Fri: Asparagus soup; Grilled pork chop; Ensalada; Jugo: Melon/Mint shrub

Sat: Minestrone; Fish a la Milanese; Ensalada; Jugo: Mora/Mora shrub


Free delivery on advance orders over $25.
Deliveries between 11:30 AM and 2 PM.
Same day orders depending on availability.
Special orders on request.

WhatsApp text: English or Spanish: +099 447 0229
Or Spanish: +099 574 7268

Bob Kezer
Bonobo Bob’s Shrub Research Center
Octavio Cordero y Gran Colombia
099 447 0229

Bonobo Bob’s Shrub Research Center Octavio Cordero y Gran Colombia.

Animals in Need

Friends!! The animals in the streets and in shelters need us. Please your help is important.

Thanks to the Give a Hand Ecuador initiative, now you can also make your donations to help the animals that are in our shelters, with food kits from $5.
Make your donation here:

If you can’t donate, buy it.



Sunrise Cafe – open for takeout

Sunrise Cafe delivery menu

Sunrise Cafe will be offering deliveries and take out starting Monday at 7:30 am. As always we will be offering specials.


-Breakfast special
Huevos rancheros $4.99 comes with sausage, guacamole, sour cream, rice , beans, tortilla, two eggs, cheddar cheese, iced tea
-Lunch special
comes with chicken tortilla soup, fried chicken sandwich, pickle mayonnaise, potato salad, drink and dessert $5.99
-Breakfast special
Lemon ricotta pancake comes with strawberry, lemon sauce and two eggs, ice tea, $4.99
-Lunch special
Veggie soup
Meat loaf come with mashed potatoes, gravy, juice and dessert $4.99
-Breakfast special
Biscuit and gravy
Comes with hash brown, ice tea and one egg $4.99
– Lunch special
Tomatoe soup
Cheese burger comes with lettuce, tomato, onion rings, drink and dessert $5.99

We also want to let you know, you can order anything from the menu and Thursday we will post the special for the rest of the week. Thank you very much!!

Calle Larga. Monday May 4


Daily encouragement from Trinity Vineyard Church

Greatest Sacrifice

“And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death— even death on a cross!” Philippians 2:8

What comes to mind when you think of the concept of sacrifice? I immediately think of the soldier fighting on foreign soil to preserve our freedom. I think of the single mom delaying personal gratification in order to purchase school supplies for her children. The middle-aged married couple serving as the primary caregiver to a parent is another portrait of sacrifice. I think of the newlyweds embracing a frugal lifestyle in order to focus on completing the requirements for advanced degrees.

The greatest sacrifice is God providing for our redemption through sacrificing His Son on the cross. Jesus left the glory of heaven to come to earth to provide for the removal of our sins and to purchase our salvation. His sacrifice changed our forever. God gave us His best so that we could have an abiding relationship with Jesus that is personal and eternal.

Because of the greatest sacrifice, you can know true meaning and purpose, fulfillment and life-giving relationships. Because of the greatest sacrifice, you can have immediate peace and eternal security. God gave His Son so that you could know Him personally and invest the rest of your life making Him known.

Are you willing to place the needs of others before your own? God wants to use you to point others to Christ.

Ordonez Lasso.

Weldon Edwards:

Speedy Gonzales is back in Cuenca, Ecuador

With his New “Speedy Gonzales Delivery Service”

Speedy Gonzales, the rocket-heeled Mexican mouse whose battles with Sylvester the Cat (gringo pussygato) lit up the golden age of American animation back in 1955, looks set to return to the big screen in a new adventure in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Starting May 4th, 2020, Speedy Gonzales and his team will be able to assist you in your grocery shopping, running errands, getting your medications so you can stay healthy plus anything we can assist you with.

Speedy debuted in a self-titled, Oscar-winning 1955 short film and is believed to have starred in another 45 episodes up until the present day. He is known for his catchphrase “arriba, arriba … andale, andale”, meaning “up, up … go on, go on!”(Hurry up)

Nicknamed “The Fastest Mouse In All Of Mexico,” his major characteristics are the ability to run extremely fast and speaking with an exaggerated Mexican accent.

Today he is known as the “Fastest Mouse in all of Cuenca, Ecuador” and speaks fluent English, very friendly, professional and most of all speedy & reliable….

Give us a try and you will always “andale..andale – arriba..arriba” with the team…. Milton Ortiz & Martin Avila

Our schedule is Monday thru Friday…….Saturday & Sunday for emergencies…

Monday thru Friday: 9 AM Supermaxi “andale-andale” Run.

11 AM Coral Centro “arriba-arriba” Run

You can contact us to place your order so we can fit you in our “Run” schedules. Plus if there is anything apart from these “Runs” we can provide you with our services for whatever you need…as long it is not a cheese run(jajaja) ….just joking you can count on us for your cheese runs also..jajajaj.

Hope you have a great month of May. Stay safe and stay at home.

Speedy Gonzales and his team will be here for you…

To place your orders contact:
Martin Avila WhatsApp: 098 848 5695
Milton Ortiz WhatsApp: 099 840 0387

Also email :

Cuenca, Ecuador. May, 2020

Nathaly Vivas personal chef (enchiladas, burritos and more)

Hi, I am Nathaly Vivas, personal chef.

I offer a regular chef service in your home, but due to the situation we are going through, I offer you a selected menu with some of my star dishes.

Big Beef, chicken or veggie burritos (400gr each)

Small beef, chicken or veggie burrito (200gr each)

Black bean and beef enchilada (4 servings)

Chicken or beef chili (including 1 pack of nachos)
1/2 pound $7
1pound $15

Lasagna (4 or 6 servings)

Ham and cheese Quiche (4 servings)

Bacon, spinach and cheese Quiche (4 servings)

All ready to eat. You can freeze for 15 days.
Plus delivery.

I live in downtown Juan Jaramillo and benigno malo. Delivery Wednesday and Friday

Nathaly Vivas: 098 770 7372 instagram

Cuenca – Quito/ Cuenca- Guayaquil (driver service)

Hello Everyone,

Making available for you transportation among Cuenca and other cities to the airports in Guayaquil or Quito respectively to take the humanitarian flights with the required papers in a private van. Also, rides inside/outside the city for delivery or shopping, groceries considering the established safe measures.

Call us for more info:
Roman Uyaguari
099 945 5301 / 099 186 7060


Ruth Morocho

Home delivery

In this time of quarantine, I am available to carry out your market and buy where you need, in the Coral, Supermaxi or Tia. I make the purchase, I take it home quickly and safely. Food, medicine or others. A pleasure to answer your request. I am located in the center of Cuenca to serve you. Excellent day.

Dirección: Cuenca, President Cordova Center with Brother Miguel

Centro de Cuenca, Hermano Miguel y Presidente Cordova. In hours from 6 AM – until 1 PM

Jesus: 096 273 9781

Cuenca dog walker

Hello! Pleasure. My name is Jesus, I am 24-years old. animal lover. Dedicated to the walk, care, and well-being of pets, puppies or kittens.

I offer my service of: care and walking in the city of Cuenca with a lot of experience in the field.

Cleaning dog or pet waste at home, disinfecting the area and leaving it looking like new.

Available hours: from 6 AM to 1 PM from Monday to Sunday.

Contact by WhatsApp or gmail. Thanks, excellent day.

Centro de Cuenca, Hermano Miguel y Presidente Cordova. In hours from 6 AM – until 1 PM

Jesus: 096 273 9781

Technical service at home

Hello, We perform technical service and maintenance at home:

1. formatting of computers
2. formatting phones
3. Installation of programs
4. cellular and computer antivirus
5. phones
6. tablets
7. computers
8. laptops
9. coolers
10. blender
11. washing machines
12. stereo
13. TV

Available hours: from 7 AM to 1 PM

Centro de Cuenca, Hermano Miguel y Presidente Cordova. In hours from 6 AM – until 1 PM

Jesus: 096 273 9781

Domestic cleaning

Hello, my name is Jesus, I am willing to help you in cleaning your home disinfect each area organize, clean and tidy up. Also, if you have a pet I can help your pet’s area to leave it clean and disinfected.

You can contact me by WhatsApp or Gmail. from 6 AM until 1 PM.

Hoping you are very well, greetings.

Centro De Cuenca, Hermano Miguel Y Presidente Cordova. In hours from 6 AM – until 1 PM.

Jesus: 096 273 9781

Attorney – translator

I am a fluent English-speaking attorney, and I can help you with legal issues such as: legal documents, notary procedures, real estate contracts, labor contracts, legal advice, and much more. I have experience working with Americans in Cuenca, and I really enjoy it.

I am also a translator and can help you translating any kind of document (legal, medical, documents for visa process, etc.). I can help you as your personal interpreter for your appointments, errands, video conferences, and more.

Presidente Cordova 12-37 and Tarqui. All day from Monday through Saturday

Javier Muñoz: 099 582 0754

We can help you with your groceries, medications, IESS, bills

Helping Hand Offered by CFC Church and CCNations.

If you cannot go out for any reason or if you are not allowed to do so because of local regulations in your area or building, please, give us a call or contact us by email. You are not alone.

We are a group of young people who volunteer to buy your groceries, get your medicine or run your errands Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 1 PM (times may change depending on curfew).

We all wear face masks and gloves for the safety of all!

We are already helping out some expat friends, former and current Spanish students who are very grateful for this service.

Our service has 3 simple steps: (Please, when making your shopping list, think of one or two-week’s worth of groceries)

Step 1. Send us your exact address (location where you want to receive your groceries) as well as your shopping list (if needed, include pictures of difficult items to find) through email or at our WhatsApp number. (NEW: You can also place or tell us your order over the phone)

Step 2. When groceries are delivered to your place, you can either…
• Pay cash to HHO representative who will deliver your products and whose id and photo will be sent to you.
• Deposit or Wire money to any of our Savings accounts (Pichincha, JEP or Guayaquil)
• Pay with credit card/ debit card (Visa or MasterCard) by Payphone service
In any form of payment, include:
• transport fare (from Supermaxi Las Americas to your place and from there to our place downtown), which is usually $4 or $5, depending on the place you live at.
• $1 for boy/girl (supermarket packer)
• Please, also include, a love offering for HHO.

Step 3. HHO will monitor the shopping from the very beginning till you receive and check that everything is good.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask.

We look forward to hearing from you.

16-63 Mariscal Lamar and Miguel Heredia.

Antonio and HHO Team: +593 97 916 1784 / 099 841 0889

Organic market

Hi everyone here is Del Fructas y Verduras your organic Market to inform you that we are making free delivery in you orders more than $20. We offer the best fresh fruits and veggies. Simply text us requesting our order form, then just add the amount of each item. Do it using WhatsApp 093 937 1354 or to our email, Please place your order the day before, that way you’ll get everything fresh next day. Monday to Saturday.

Avenida Ordoñez Lasso, Edificio Pinar del Lago 4.

Maria Elisa

Recommendation for Iberia Pollo, Miguel Mejia, food / restaurant

I’ve eaten at Iberia Pollo restaurant (located on Don Bosco, across from Parque Iberia), many times before the quarantine went into effect. Miguel Mejia, the owner, is so affable, so kind, it’s always been a great experience. I had no idea until I saw someone else post, that Miguel was delivering his delicious fried chicken now, since we can’t get out. He’s offering his charcoal rotisserie chicken or fried chicken (whole chicken) plus French fries for $10, Monday to Sunday from noon to 8 PM. Yum.

I had some yesterday and as delish as ever.

Miguel speaks English so that is a plus. Call him on WhatsApp 097 924 2645 / 07 288 7258, to take advantage of this great deal.

Address: Av. Don Bosco, across from Parque Iberia

Contact information: 097 924 2645 / 07 288 7258

Recommended by Egyirba High:

Recommendation for Cafe Lojano, coffee supplier

Someone a while ago was asking if Cafe Lojano was open during the shutdown. I was wondering the same thing as I looked at a nearly empty coffee container.

So, I looked them up on google and called them. They are not open from their business, but they do deliver from their home. I ordered five pounds of coffee and It came to my house. I paid $23 including delivery. Send them a WhatsApp message with your address (en Espanol).

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 019 8539

Recommended by James Vosper:

Recommendation for Croz Cell, cellular repair and sales

I can highly recommend Charlie and his company. I needed a battery for one of my cell phones (Apple SE), contacted him, he suggested a time to bring it in, I came at the appointed time, and walked away about 20 minutes later with a new battery. He assured me he stands by what he does and encouraged me to contact him if something was not right.

Although I am trying to learn Spanish, his English is quite good so no worries. He works there with his sister and maybe one other. They have a nice shop on Ordóñez Lasso, 6-30. The number below is also whatsapp

Address: 6-30 Ordóñez Lasso

Contact information: 09 845 8915

Recommended by Bill Fox:

Recommendation for El Jardin in Hotel Victoria, restaurant

Just had delivered a delicious lunch:

Pernil (roast pork) sandwiches with aji and cold coconut juice drink, for only $2.

I ordered 10 of them because they freeze very well and with a $20 order from El Jardin you receive a free dessert. I got their yummy apple pie.

If you think you can’t afford El Jardin, think again.

Address: Hotel Victoria on Calle Larga 6-93

Contact information: 099 309 9132

Recommended by Susan Correa: 093 922 1464

Cinnamon rolls / delivery $1.50

Good morning

6 medium rolls for $4.50
8 medium rolls for $5.50
12 medium rolls for $8
6 large rolls for $5
8 large rolls for $6.50
12 large rolls for $9

Accompany the rolls with cream cheese or chocolate topping. They are made at the time of order. If you want raisins in the cinnamon rolls please let me know

All week, from 9 AM to 1 PM, Cuenca


This week Tienda Café’s menú

Tienda Café (located in San Sebastian Park area) has closed our doors to the public due to the current circumstances. On the bright side we have been cooking at home and created a limited menu that is available with our reliable delivery: Monday – Saturday. Allow one day of preparation before delivery. Please look our menu and we thank you for supporting our family owned business:

Lemon Bars: 4-$6/8-$10
Organic local lemons baked perfectly into a delicious lemon treat.

Banana Apple Bread: $5.50
Together these two fruits complement each other creating a delicious flavor.

Tienda Café famous Apple Pie: $15
Local Apples baked into a delicious dessert with a flaky crust just like grandma used to make.

Creamy Chocolate Pie: $15
A classic creamy chocolate pie, made completely from scratch! This delicious chocolate pie completely filling a homemade pie crust just add a dollop of whipped cream and enjoy with a cup of coffee.

Coffee Cake: $14.50 Our homemade version of the classic is a far cry from any of those overly-sweet, fake-tasting store-bought versions you may be used to. It’s buttery, moist, soft, and pairs well with a morning cup of coffee. Let’s face it, this coffee cake will pair well with an afternoon cup o’ joe too. Actually, the coffee is optional. You’ll love this cake no matter what you’re drinking with it. This loaf is dense and weighs over 2 1/2 pounds.

 Snickerdoodles: $7~10 cookies
These wonderful cinnamon-sugar cookies with crispy edges, and chewy centers; these cookies are a crowd pleaser for sure!

Whiskey Doodles: $8~10 cookies
A Tienda Café original Same as the snickerdoodle cookies from above baked with whiskey blended in.

Cold pressed Irish coffee: 750ml $12.50
Yunguilla valley coffee blended with whiskey for the right blend just add ice, milk, or even ice cream.

Pickled Mild Peppers: 12 oz. $5
Organic local Rocoto peppers. They have a dash of heat and seasoned to compliment any dish.

Meatloaf: $12.50
This is a Meatloaf is for people who love their Meatloaf oozing with flavor, moist and tender yet not crumble apart when sliced. Our meatloaf has spinach, onion and lean beef that’s seasoned to perfection. Over 1.5 lbs guaranteed to please.

Classic chicken pot pie from scratch: $13
Over ½ lb over chicken breast, peas, carrots, potatoes and gravy. Heat and eat (frozen) or baked.
Don’t forget this Sunday Mother’s Day.
Please contact us: call or WhatsApp @ +593 99 924 7837 Isabel
Or Tienda Café Facebook Messenger 
English and Spanish spoken

Monday thru Saturday, from 8 AM to 6 PM, Luis Moreno Mora y Paucarbamba

Isabel Tinoco:  099 924 7837

Recommendation: Dra. Lina Ulloa, attorney-at-law

My wife and I have been to Cuenca four times now and I have had a variety of visa related questions. Dra. Lina Ulloa has been excellent in responding promptly and with detailed answers to all of my questions. Her service has made our stays here in Cuenca much easier.

She is located at:

UZ Asesores Ecuador Cía. Ltda.
Avenida José Peralta 1-19 y 12 de Abril
Edificio Acrópolis, Oficina 312
Tel.: 410 3588 – 098 420 5336 / 099 867 2687

Address: Cuenca, Sector El Vergel-Parque de la Madre
Recommended by: Robert Smith

Address: UZ Asesores Ecuador Cía. Ltda. Avenida José Peralta 1-19 y 12 de Abril Edificio Acrópolis, Oficina 312 Tel.: 410 3588 – 098 420 5336 / 099 867 2687 Email: Address: Cuenca, Sector El Vergel-Parque de la Madre

Contact information:

Recommended by Robert Smith:

El Mesón Español offers daily lunch delivery

El Mesón Español brings you a freshly prepared lunch every day. The menu for Tuesday – Friday, May 5 – May 18 is below. Juice and dessert are included for only $4 plus delivery.

Tuesday, May 5
Firsts: Chicken Consomé or Mexican Salad
Seconds: Chicken Cutlet or Meatballs in Mustard Sauce

Wednesday, May 6
Firsts: Pea Soup or Caesar Salad
Seconds: Beef in Mushroom Sauce or Chicken Chop Suey

Thursday, May 7
Firsts: Vegetable Beef Soup (Sancocho) or Caprese Salad
Seconds: Tandoori Chicken or Pork Tenderloin with Chimichurri Sauce

Friday, May 8
Firsts: Green Plantain Soup or Fresh Salad
Seconds: Garlic Chicken or Spinach Cannelloni

In addition to our daily lunches, we are also offering the following specials with a minimum of one-day advanced notice.

Paella: $15 (serves two)
Baked Whole Chicken: 1 for $10 or 2 for $18
Chicken Croquettes and Patatas Bravas: $6.90
Shrimp Ceviche: $6.90
Fish Ceviche: $5
Mixed Ceviche: $5.90

Order by WhatsApp. Please include your name and complete address. We appreciate your support. Watch for our Mother’s Day specials later this week.

Carlos Cáceres

Until 1 PM, Delivery only

Carlos Caceres: 096 906 2808 Facebook: El Mesón Cuenca

New special, Origami Japanese kitchen

Super special,

Option 1, Vegetarian
5 Asparagus roll
8 Cucumber with Avocado Roll
5 Broccoli Roll
8 tempura onion, carrots with avocado roll

Option 2
8 California Roll
8 Philadelphia roll
1 Miso soup

Option 3
8 Gyoza roll
8 chicken tempura roll
1 miso soup

Option 4
8 Crunchy Roll
8 Philadelphia roll
1 Miso soup

Email, WhatsApp and text messege available.

May 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Cuenca

Eddy:  098 722 6797

Have you tried our Cuban sandwich?

This week international chef Ori Pujol is offering her signature Cuban sandwich.

It consists of roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, mayo and mustard on a generous roll that’s pressed in a panini maker. The sandwich is $6.

If you’d like to add freshly made potato chips with a light dusting of oregano, $.50.
A mixed salad with crisp lettuce, olives, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers with a mustard dressing is $3.75.
A special dish will be offered Friday but you must order by Thursday.

If you order before 5pm on Thursday, you will receive the order Friday, May 8th:

– Chicken roasted in casserole accompanied by white rice and fried plantains (fried green plantain) … $8
– Black beans and rice, Potaje de frijoles negros: 1/2 liter $3.50.

You may want to suggest a window of time for delivery as they won’t know whether you want it for lunch or dinner.

You can text your order via 096 327 8937. Or go to our Cuban Cravings Cuenca Facebook page here:

Be sure in both cases to include your name, address and cross street, and telephone number. Thank you.

May 5 delivery if placed by 5 PM. Deliveries end at 6 PM. Calles Puerto Rico y Latinoamericana.

Ori Pujol: 096 327 8937

Fresh, delicious, affordable sushi!

Chef Ori Pujol of Orimaki Sushi has these offerings for the week beginning May 4th:

Orimaki (Every day of the week) 11 AM – 5 PM.

Option 1
– Miso soup with vegetables … $4

Option 2
– Miso soup with shrimp … $4.75

Option # 3
– Alaska Roll (salmon, avocado, cream cheese) … $8.50 (10 pieces)

Option # 4
– Alaska Special (salmon, avocado, wakame seaweed, masago caviar) … $10.50 (10 pieces)

Option # 5
– Osaka Roll (crispy shrimp, salmon and avocado) … $10.50 (10 pieces)

Option # 6
– Crispy shrimp (with panko) … $7.50

If you would like us to omit anything, please specify.

Sunday, May 10th is Mother’s Day. Why not surprise someone with delicious sushi?

You can order via WhatsApp with this number: 096 327 8937.

Or go to our Facebook page:

Be sure to include your name, address and cross street and telephone number.

Please know we care about your safety and take the utmost care in our preparation. 

Thank you for your business.

May 5 delivery if placed by 5pm. Deliveries end at 6pm., Calles Puerto Rico y Latinoamericana.

Ori Pujol: 096 327 8937

Cinco De Mayo celebration at The Good Life Cafe

Order online at or Call: 096 269 4801
We are closed on Mondays.
We take orders between 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM Tues – Sunday

At The Good Life Cafe preparing for our Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Andreas: We have many beautiful piñatas for the Cinco De Mayo celebration, each one filled with little surprises.
Jules: How many piñatas?
Andreas: Many piñatas, many!
Jules: Andreas, would you say I have a plethora of piñatas?
Andreas: A what?
Jules: A plethora.
Andreas: Oh yes, Jules. You have a plethora.
Jules: Andreas, what is a plethora?
Andreas: Why, Jules?
Jules: Well, you just told me that I had a plethora, and I would just like to know if you know what it means to have a plethora. I would not like to think that someone would tell someone else he has a plethora, and then find out that that person has no idea what it means to have a plethora.
Andreas: Jules, I know that I, Andreas, do not have your superior intellect and education, but could it be that once again, you are angry at something else, and are looking to take it out on me?

After this exchange and realizing that Andreas did not, in fact, have a plethora of piñatas, Jules decided that having many items on the menu to celebrate Cinco De Mayo would be the more prudent thing and thus, using his superior intellect, he devised the perfect menu and prepared the perfect beverage, The Good Life Margarita…rivaled my no other margarita, this beverage will have you doing a Mexican folk dance around a sombrero and pretending to fire six shooters in the air. Order enough for your neighbors so when they come over to complain about the noise, you can offer them one or two. Soon they will forget about the noise and celebrate with you which, if you are wearing gloves and masks and keeping to the social distancing protocol will be awesome.

First and foremost, our burger special of the day is our Mexican Burger – 5 oz. of hamburger topped with guacamole, sauteed peppers and onions, jalapenos, our Spicy Southwest Sauce and mixed cheese. This is not a burger to be trifled with and should be consumed with a margarita for the full Cinco de Mayo experience. This burger is yours, for the paltry sum of $5.

Need a margarita, no problemo – we have margaritas to go that are so good you will wish you ordered a dozen. These tasty beverages are only $3 and are ready to be poured over ice with or without salt.

Additionally, we will be offering our Big Ass Burritos and Quesadillas for $5 on Cinco de Mayo. These also wash down easier with a margarita!

Just because we are in lock down doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time.

Order online at or Call: 096 269 4801
We are closed on Mondays.
We take orders between 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM Tues – Sunday

Happy Cinco de Mayo from your friends at The Good Life Cafe

May 5th, 2020, Ordonez Lasso y Ave. Los Cedros 5-58


Lady Liberty New York cheesecake, shepherd’s pie, and more

If you have a palate for New York cheesecake, this creamy, delectable cheesecake is sure to satisfy. Order by slice, $2.50; or whole small (18.5 Cm) or whole large (25 Cm) cake, $15/$30. Large whole cakes come pre-sliced for easy removal of 1 or 2 pieces at a time and storage in your freezer.
Next popular menu item is shepherd’s pie – $4 single / $8 double portion

Other menu items include:

Sundries tomato hummus: $4
Beef chili with beans, corn, and peppers: Single $4 / Double $8
Oatmeal cranberry apple bars 1/2 dozen: $4
Cakes – Carrot Cake/Norwegian Cream Cake: $23 (8 x 11 flat) / $25 (layered)

No delivery fee for orders over $25

Look forward to receiving your orders – thank you, and stay safe and healthy.

May 5th, 2020, Ricardo Duran y Juan de Seniergues

Inez Liberty:  098 522 1831

Pizza and beer delivery from the Pub

The Pub is open for takeout or delivery of pizza and beer Monday until…we’ll see how it works. For now, it’s just Shawn and Greg, with a little help from our friends Alejandro and Rosemary.

Our special is 1 large pizza and 1 liter of our beer for $23 delivered.

Pizzas: Meat Lover’s, Pub Special, Veggie (peppers, onions, black olives, and mushrooms)
Beer: GIPA, El Cajas Pale, Irish Pale, Oatcrema, and Klub Killer

Take out same deal, but $20, and please pick up at 1. Of course, you can buy as much beer as you want. Until we run out of bottles anyway. The beer will come capped in brown Pilsener bottles, 1/2 L – $4 or 1 L – $8. Each delivery stop will cost only $3, but please feel free to tip Alejandro.

Due to restrictions, we must take orders in advance. Send us your orders for beer and pizza on Facebook or WhatsApp (098 724 3613 or 098 332 7839) with name, phone, and address. We will try to accommodate every order, but please try to order early. The kitchen is open from noon – 4 PM.

For best results chill the bottles for 30 minutes before opening, and reheat the pizza in the oven on high, or frying pan, until the cheese bubbles. Microwave bad.

Noon – 4 PM, Monday – Friday, Miguel Cordero Dávila 1-104 y Francisco Moscoso

Shawn Rathjen:  098 332 7839

Double D’s: There’s still time to order, but not much

There’s still time to get in on our Mother’s Day menu celebrating our moms/grandma/sister. Please order by 3 PM today, Tuesday, May 5.

Mother’s Day is May 10 so we have chosen some items our mom/grandma/sister loved. They both were big fans of pork so we had to feature a pork dish. Virginia (Deb’s mom/Dawn’s grandma) and Kathy (Deb’s sister/Dawn’s mom) also loved chocolate so dessert is, well, our famous flourless chocolate mini-cakes.

Please place orders by 3 PM today, Tuesday, May 5.

Pork and Scalloped Potato Casserole: $25 (6-8 servings, chilled); $13 (2-3 servings, chilled)
Roasted Veggie Enchilada Casserole: $25 (6-8 servings, chilled); $13 (2-3 servings, chilled)
Buttermilk Biscuits: $8/dozen; $5/half-dozen
Flourless Chocolate Mini-cakes: $2.50 each

When placing your order, please include the following information.

Preference of pick-up or $2 (estimated) delivery
Preferred pick-up/delivery date and time or delivery address
Phone number

Pick-up or $2 (estimated) delivery is available Thursday or Friday, May 7 or 8.

Some of you have ordered every week, and we can’t thank you enough. Keep taking good care of yourselves.

Deb and Dawn

Order by 3 PM Tuesdays, Delivery/Pick-up Thursday or Friday, Agustin Cueva 3-56 y Honorato Loyola, #201 (1.5 blocks from Clínica Santa Inés Emergency)

Double Ds Delights: 096 802 2874 (after 8 AM; English) or 096 802 2545 (after 8 AM; English and Spanish) Facebook: Double D’s Delights Cuenca

Boutique hotel Mansion Alcazar’s home delivery service

Boutique Hotel, Mansion Alcazar offers home delivery service for your convenience. Place your order accordingly to enjoy the Mansion’s crafted menu items for delivery. It includes special daily and promotional items. Other menu items forthcoming. Check the Business Directory of this GringoPost publication for further Mansion Alcazar information. As always, The Mansion wishes you and yours the absolute best. Here is our weekly Boutique Hotel Mansion Alcazar Delivery Menu and remember to inquire about our artisan bread offerings.

Soups and Salads

* Tomato Cream $5._____ * Peruvian Ceviche $7.
* Cobb salad $7.________ * Peruvian Cause of Tuna $7.
* House salad $5._______ * Caesar salad w/Chicken $9. w/Shrimp $12.
* Locro Potato Soup $5.__ * Bisque de Quinoa $5.

Main Dishes

* Fettuccine with Chicken $9 _____ * Meat Lasagna $9.
* Neapolitan Milanese $9.________ * Pork ribs with chimichurri or BBQ $9.
* Grilled salmon trout $12.________* Mezzago´s Risotto $12.
* House Parmesan Chicken $9.____* Chicken Cordon Blue $9.
* Chicken supreme in herb sauce $9.

Desserts $5.

* Chocolate cake with manjar_____ * Passion fruit cheesecake
* Coffee Cake_________________ * Red fruit Crepes
* Apple Strudel________________ * Panna Cota Passion Fruit
* Lemon creamy dessert on a biscuit base

Daily and promotional specials

* Cheeseburger & Chips + choice of soda or beer $7.99 taxes incl. (Tuesday and Wednesday only)

Delivery cost depends on distance,
Delivery is free up to 5 km on purchases of $25 or more.
Contact us: 099 825 4612 or 07 282 3918

Tuesday – Sunday (order early is best) Delivery hours noon to 5 PM, Bolivar Street 12-55 and Tarqui. Cuenca, Ecuador

Guillermo Peledini:  099 825 4612 or 07 282 3918

Pei’s dumplings (pot stickers)

The way cooked: Steamed
The price: one package (10 pics dumplings) is $4
The kind: pork chicken vegetable
The customers cook way: pan-fry (three mins – one side 1.5 mins) or oven (two mins)
We also provide stir-fried noodles ($5) and some dishes like stir-fried green beans, potatoes slices, cabbage with tomatoes, etc.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Monday to Saturday, from 9 AM to 6 PM, Paseo Imbabura y Unidad Nacional

Pei: 099 253 6116

Café Ñucallacta – Both shops now open for takeout

For the last month and a half we have only been working out of our Plaza Otorongo local for takeout and delivery. Well now you can also visit our Hermano Miguel Local for takeout Monday to Saturday 8 AM to 1:30 PM. We are still offering home delivery every day of the week, now Monday to Saturday 8 AM to 8 PM and Sunday 8 AM to 4 PM. Send us a WhatsApp or order via our website (for best rates choose Cash on Delivery)

The world and the cafe business have changed so much in so little time. Things will not return to normal even after the quarantine. In order to survive we have had to adapt. We are now offering a few more bakery products, stop by one of our shops for a free sample. We would love your feedback. Also, if you have any special requests, we can make it happen. 

Get your roasted coffee, pastries, desserts and even burgers and burritos right here at Café Ñucallacta. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Mon to Sat, 8 AM to 8 PM, Sunday 8 AM to 4 PM, Plaza Otorongo – Cafe Ñucallacta

Ruminahui Duchicela:  096 311 4958

Peruvian food – Chef Jean Paul Camp

Chef Jean Paul offers home delivery service of delicious Peruvian food. Also, if you want a special dish, you have ordered one day in advance to prepare it. Place your order.

Entry dishes:
* Huancaina Potato $5.
* Peruvian Ceviche $7.
* Tuna or Chicken Causa $6.

Main dishes
* Lasagna (Meat or Veggie) Personal: $4. Family: $10.
* Fish Nugets $6.
* Lomo Saltado $5.
* Chicken Aji $6.
* Personal pizza $4. – Veggie option: $5.
Family $12. – – Veggie option: $13.50

* Three Milks $4.50
* Lemon Pie $4.50
* Flan $2.

I can make you breakfast and if you want something special. Ask me.

Delivery fee applies by zone and are made every day of the week.

7 AM to 6 PM, Cuenca

Jean Paul Camp: +593 98 853 6115

5 de Mayo en Taco Tuesday, Sofy special

Because 5 de Mayo is to celebrate twice, this Tuesday and Wednesday are our 5 de Mayo Taco Tuesday with no tacos. Instead we have the $15 four steps menu:

1. Roasted mango salad
2. Tortilla soup
3. Tomatillo green enchiladas
4. Tres leches

And to pair such a good food we have the yellow cab beer (3 for $5)

Sofy Cuisine and Tienda gourmet

Tuesday, May 5th and Wednesday 6th, from 11 AM to 5:30 PM, Benigno Malo 5-112 y Juan Jaramillo

Sofy: 096 955 4901 WhatsApp: 096 955 4901

Café del Museo brings your favorite food home – delivery service

“On behalf of the (Vintamilla Family) and entire staff at (El Museo) we want to express our sincere wish that our valued customers are healthy and stay that way. To make things a bit easier we are back in the kitchen doing what we love –cooking for you. We are ready, willing and able to serve you the great food we are known for and be the best part of your day.

Museo Cafe is a consummate dining experience for many people in Cuenca because from day one we have offered excellent, innovative and healthy cuisine, with you, the customer in mind. We will continue serving you with the highest standards of food safety and delicious healthy ingredients.

Until we have the privilege of serving you again at one of the most beautiful venues in our City, please know that our entire crew, Giovanni, Pablo, Pablo and Eduardo … are now back at (Museo) ready to make and deliver your favorite dishes, whether it be a succulent Museo burger, crispy shrimp crocantes, or a hearty pasta dish, we are ready.

Take a break from cooking and order from our extensive menu designed to our exacting, mouth-watering standards.

We deliver: Delivery service, from 10 AM to 6 PM, Presidente Borrero 7-34

Giovanny Gonzalez Adm Cafe del Museo: 099 378 0721 / (07) 282 8000

Shop Online for Schullo Products, safe home delivery

Shop Online for your favorite Schullo Products at
Our complete assortment of organic and all natural foods, in addition to quality coffees, olive oil and wines.

We are now fulfilling your orders directly in Cuenca, making our deliveries faster. 

Pricing is the same as in the supermarket! Use your US or local credit cards. If you need help we can assist you on the phone or through WhatsApp

366 days 24/7,

Emilia:  096 308 5584

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