Cuenca to Guayaquil Airoport

Hi everyone. Please someone knows how to travel from Cuenca to the Guayaquil airport.
Does anyone know if the US Embassy has organized trips to Guayaquil for American citizens who want to return?

Thank you.

Eduardo Culcay

Death of Larry McKnight

I am sorry to announce that Larry McKnight who lives near Pizza Hut, was found dead in his rental. We are the condo owners, but are not in Ecuador.

I have contacted the US Embassy in Quito, but they are requesting any information regarding family. We know that Larry was in Cuenca by himself without any relatives.

The coroner will not do an autopsy until they have family permission.

If anyone has any contact information, we will forward it to the contact at the embassy. Please email me directly.

Ryan James

City: Cuenca

Concert for Easter in the Digital Room of the OSC

Concert for Easter in the Digital Room of the OSC

This Friday, April 10, the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra together with the Directorate of Culture, Recreation and Knowledge of the Municipal GAD of the Canton Cuenca, present on the occasion of the Mayor Week, the concert in D Major for Violin and Orchestra, op. 61 by Ludwig van Beethoven, with the participation of the virtuous violinist Wolfgang David (Austria), Guest Soloist for the fifth installment in our Digital Room. In addition, we dedicated this concert to the great composer Paul Hindemith (Germany) for the 125th anniversary of his birth, performing his beautiful symphony Matías el Pintor.

We wait for you on our YouTube channel at 8 PM.

Matías El Pintor Symphony. Paul Hindemith. In the opinion of its creator, Matías embodies “problems, desires and doubts that have occupied the minds of all serious artists since ancient times. For whom are works of art created? What is their purpose? How can the artist make yourself understood by your receiver? ” A contemplative lyricism, bordering on the mystical, runs through the work. Its main elements derive from Gregorian chant, medieval ways and religious songs of the Reformation. Each of the three movements of the symphony bears the title of a panel from the altarpiece of the Church of Isenheim (France) by Matthias Grünewald (1460 – 1528). The first movement is the Angelic Concert, which sings the hymn to the birth of Jesus sung by three angels. The second is the Burial of Christ and Lament of the Virgin Mary. The last movement is the Temptation of Saint Anthony, a movement that accompanies the culmination of the drama.

Concerto in D Major for Violin and Orchestra, op. 61. Ludwig van Beethoven. Composed in 1806, the concert was forgotten as the great virtuosos considered it impossible to play. It had to be Josef Joachim, when he was thirteen years old, who rehabilitated the work in 1844, under Mendelssohn. From that moment, the concert became a regular work of the repertoire. Currently, it is one of the peak works of the genre.

Wolfgang David – Violinist. In a period of a few years, he has managed to perform on international stages, as a recitalist and guest soloist with many first-rate orchestras. It has also been very well received by the press – the Washington Post wrote “Wolfgang David climbed the heights of musical performance” and The Strad described his performance “of a wide emotional range as one might expect.”
He was admitted to the Vienna University of Music at the age of eight. He studied for many years with Rainer Küchl, the concertmaster of the Vienna Philharmonic. Later he continued his studies at the Musikhochschule in Cologne with Igor Ozim and with Yfrah Reaman at the Guildhall of Music in London.
Winner of various awards and competitions, Wolfgang David has performed in major concert venues such as Konzerthaus and Musikverein in Vienna, Carnegie Hall in New York, Cerritos Center in Los Angeles-California, Wigmore Hall in London, Victoria Hall in Geneva and the Philharmonie in Cologne. He has captivated audiences in more than thirty countries and regularly tours Europe, the US, South Africa, and South Korea.

Find us at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Looking for info about IESS and Etapa (internet)

My apologies if this has already been discussed. If it was, I must have missed it. I have heard rumors (but nothing definitive) about IESS and Etapa suspending payments for 3 months (April, May, June) due to the coronavirus pandemic and the Cuenca shutdown. If anyone has definitive information about this, I would be extremely grateful for the info. Don’t want to lose my IESS, or have my internet turned off if it just a rumor. Thank you.

Sincerest best wishes to all the members of the gringo / gringa community during these difficult days.


City: Cuenca


I became aware that another rescue group is suggesting that Bear be euthanized only because he has a fully-functioning, irregular right paw. Seems Ecuadorians prefer perfection.

Bear will be your loving companion. Will you help him? Photos to follow. Here is the plea for help:

Bear should be euthanized or do you think it’s possible to give him a family life?

This puppy is a 5-month old male. He is medium, vaccinated, very loving, cheerful, sociable, with an extremely beautiful face.

Bear was born in one of the streets of El Camal, with a bad formation on one of his legs, his rescuer got a family for him and his brother at the time of giving them to the adopter. Only his brother was welcomed because his protector emphasized his condition which discouraged the adopter.
His proposal was euthanization because: the puppy had no chance of being adopted and he covered the space of 3 healthy dogs who could be helped with the resources of this one.

When I knew this, I decided to take care of him and find him a home which I have been trying for 3 months and I see that the rescuer is likely to be right: “no one will adopt him in that condition”.
Bear is a normal dog with a different hand.
Now I ask you: do you think this puppy could be your pet?

Inf. 099 355 5702 / WattsApp 099 365 2615

Jo Austin: 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca


A young lady contacted me about a homeless doggie that she had been feeding on the weekdays. We call him Theodore. We’re trying to find a foster home or permanent home. We think he may be a male.

This doggie comes every day to my pharmacy. I feed him sometimes but, as you can see, his fur is a mess and people treat him really bad because of that.

During the lock down, wouldn’t it be nice to have some loving canine company? Will you please help Theodore?

Please give him a chance to have a home; either adopting him or by sharing this post.


Jo Austin: 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Embroidery thread

Does anybody know where I can get about 100 (different colors) of embroidery thread, and have it delivered?


Does anybody have a bunch of embroidery thread at home that they’d be willing to sell or give away?

Shelley: 096 943 5231. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Helping during the current crisis

There are many questions about the best way to help in these trying times and we greatly appreciate Gary Vatcher’s clear explanation yesterday regarding some of the ways of giving to the city. We met with the city yesterday and learned the following:

• The city is keeping records of the individuals and families they are distributing food kits to. We have coordinated with them so that they know exactly who the Cuenca Soup Kitchen, in partnership with Hearts of Gold has distributed to. This will eliminate duplication of efforts.
• We are sharing pricing and vendor information.
• The city has only 30 staff members to man this huge effort and needs volunteers. If you are interested and able, please email for contact information.
• At this time the kits contain non-perishable foods for obvious reasons. The city is working on a practical way to include fruits and vegetables
• Financial donations are greatly appreciated and there are a number of ways that you can do this:

   – As per Gary’s excellent post, you can give directly to the city through a number of departments.
   – You can also give to one of the charities that you are familiar with.
   – During this crisis 100% of each donation (bank to bank transfer, below) to Hearts of Gold is used to feed the needy. These monies are used in coordination by Hearts of Gold and the Cuenca Soup Kitchen.

Hearts of Gold, Cuenta de Ahorros at JEP Account number: 406079928700 RUC: 0190395251002


Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith

Filing from temporary to permanent visas

Hello Everyone, I sure hope you are safe and staying inside. We have been notified that we should be able to start submitting applications for permanent visas. It is a different process so will require a bit more work on our clients end of this.

If you are ready to file your permanent visa application please contact us at either our website or our regular email to begin the process.


Joann (Jodie) Mansfield:

Breakfast in the new world: Bonobo style

Hi Everyone,

Some ideas for those days at home when you want to cook, but not do the work.

We’ll carry the load; all you do is thaw, heat, and add the final touches.

For example,

Bonobo Bob’s Huevos Rancheros:

Heat up Bonobo Bob’s Refried Beans with Hatch Chilies (picante or normal) and Bonobo Bob’s deep-red Ranchero Sauce (picante). Fry a couple corn tortillas and eggs sunny side up, decorate your plate, and you’re a rockin’ in style.

Or, how about a traditional Ecuadorian Tigrillo with Seco de Carne (beef stew) and a fried egg on top?

We supply the frozen seco de carne and mashed green plantains (verdes), you heat the stew, sauté the verdes with a few fine chopped veggies, and fry a couple of eggs.

But maybe you’re an old salt, or one of the brat club, and SOS on toasted white bread is more your roll? Yeah, we got it. And made with onions, decent burger, real butter, and whole milk. 

Hungry for just carbs with your bacon and eggs? Fry up our frozen hash browns, llampingachos, or tortillas de papas.

And for those fiesta or post fiesta mornings, we deliver mojitos and other cocktails by the liter in a sealed bottle with Güitig and limes as needed. All you need is ice, a glass, and maybe someone to pour.

Please request a complete menu of our frozen foods, cocktails, shrubs, and vinaigrettes.

Order for next day delivery, but if you need it the same day, I’ll do what I can.

WhatsApp text or call: +099 447 0229

Bob Kezer
Bonobo Bob’s Shrub Research Center
Coronel Talbot 8-34
099 447 0229

Bonobo Bob’s Shrub Research Center Coronel Talbot 8-34.

Bob Kezer

Berenice studio

A fraternal greeting to all my clients, wishing that they are all healthy together with their family. Soon all this pandemic will calm down with the blessing of God and we will be able to see each other, embrace each other and catch up with their hair.


Vicky Andrade

Paucarbamba 5-16 Y Tomillos.

Victoria Andrade: +593 98 963 9264

Jo.Mar Seafood home delivery

Seafood home delivery services. Jo.Mar is a family business that has been serving Cuenca since 1990. We have a wide variety of products for you to choose from. Contact us. We will be happy to provide any information you need. Find our brand in local stores as well. Jorge Martinez Jo.Mar Cia Ltda

Maria Elisa Martinez: 098 327 4665. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Avenida 1ro de Mayo. 8am to 12:30 PM

Elisa: 09 837 4665

Need a helping hand for your groceries and errands?

Helping Hand Offered by CFC Church and CCNations

If you cannot go out for any reason or if you are not allowed to do so because of local regulations in your area or building, please, give us a call or contact us by email. You are not alone.

We are a group of young people who volunteer to buy your groceries, get your medicine or run your errands every day from 7 AM to 1 PM, weekends included. (times may change depending on curfew).
We all wear face masks and gloves for the safety of all.
We are already helping out some Ex-pats friends, former and current Spanish students who are very grateful for this service.
Our service has 3 simple steps (Please, when making your shopping list, think of a week’s or a two-week’s worth of groceries):

Step 1. Send us your exact address (location where you want to receive your groceries) as well as your shopping list (if needed, include pictures of difficult items to find) through email or at our WhatsApp number.

Step 2. When groceries are delivered to your place, you can either:

• Pay cash to any HHO representative (HELPERS do not take any cash).
• Deposit or Wire money to any of our bank accounts (Pichincha, JEP or Guayaquil)
• Pay with credit card/ debit card (Visa or MasterCard) by Payphone service

In any form of payment, include transport fare, which is usually $3 or $5, depending on the place you live.
(Please, also include, if you feel like, a love offering or a donation).

Step 3. HHO will monitor the shopping from the very beginning till you receive and check that everything is good.

If you have any question, please, do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you again for giving us the chance to serve you in Cuenca.

We look forward to hearing from you.

16-63 Mariscal Lamar and Miguel Heredia.

Antonio and HHO Team: +593 97 916 1784 / 099 841 0889

Casa de Bienestar – flu and pneumonia vaccines – house call

The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. The flu vaccine is the best protection.

Casa de Bienestar offers four-strain flu shot:

• H1N1
• H3N2
• 2 Type B strain

Prevnar 13 vaccine is used to prevent infection caused by pneumococcal bacteria. Prevnar contains 13 different types of pneumococcal bacteria caused by Streptococcus. It offers protection for 5 years.

Prevnar 13 is for use in children from 6 weeks to 5 years old, and in adults who are 50 and older.

Includes doctor´s consultation and certificate.

The best protection:

• Can reduce the risk of flu including among children and older adults
• Can protect people with chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart and lung disease
• Can help protect both pregnant women and their babies for several months after birth from the flu
• May make your illness milder if you do get sick

We go to your home in Cuenca

Vaccine Flu cost $35 + $5 house call
Pneumonia vaccines cost $95 + $5 house call

Cornelio Merchan 7-94 & Padre Sodiro (one block from Av.10 de Agosto). Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 12:30 PM.

Beth Shahda: 093 982 0306 / 07 281 5579

Online Spanish lessons, simple, fun and effective

Spanish lessons, online and on your time.

Hello GringoPost Friends, I am Carolina, I have been a Spanish teacher for 15 years here in the city of Cuenca, I offer a very simple solution to learning, my lessons are based on your specific needs and are online.

I offer a free first lesson in which we will determine what you need to work on.

But I also offer the freedom of working on what you want to focus on, for example, conversation, history, arts, culture, local colloquialisms, or if you want to focus on grammar, advanced grammatical rules, etc.

We can use any one of many ways to connect for our lessons, Skype, Zoom.

For pricing and availability please send me an email or at WhatsApp.

Also if you would like to learn a little bit more about my experience please visit my blog and LinkedIn pages just copy the links and past in google:

And a small introduction video on my YouTube channel:

Thank you for your time, have a great day.

Cuenca, Ecuador.

Carolina Machuca: 098 210 3187

Recommendation for Sinfonia Coffee delivery, cafeteria and coffee roaster

I know how I can live without toilet paper or human contact, but I can’t imagine life without fresh coffee. The bagged stuff at SuperMaxi and Coral doesn’t cut it. Diego at Sinfonia delivered two pounds of warm, fresh-ground coffee to my home. Ten dollars per pound is a bit steep but there’s no other delivery charge and the coffee is delicious, so it was well worth it to my mind. Diego has several grinds and sources of coffee. He speaks English and follows health-safety protocols when making his deliveries.

Address: Federico Malo 1-265 | El Ejido Suites Local 1, Cuenca

Contact information:  099 891 9222

Recommended by Frances Hogg Lochow: 093 929 7017

Recommendation for CATSA Travel flight to NYC, travel agency

CATSA Travel is offering to put together a flight from Cuenca and Quito to New York for Americans and US residents. In order to secure the flight and departure date we must have 200 passengers. The cost will be approximately $960 per person. If anyone is interested please contact Bryan Vidal at or if necessary call 099 492 3033 from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Address: Av. 12 de Abril y José Peralta Edf. Paseo del Puente Ofc. 5

Recommended by Gary Sisk:

Recommendation for highly recommend Cuban cravings

Delicious freshly cooked Cuban takeout food

Be patient, we are still trying to find the very best ingredients for a Cuban sandwich. Any day now.

For Friday, Chef Ori Oujol, is offering:

Fricasé de res con papas-braised beef with potatoes accompanied by white rice and tachinos which are fried plantain chips. $8.

Potaje de garbanzos-chickpea stew with pork. $6.

If you’d like to see photos, go to our Facebook page. Here is the link: You can order there if you’d like. Remember to leave us your name, address with cross street, and your telephone number.

The other way to order is to text us via WhatsApp. Here’s how you do it. First put Cuban Cravings in your smart phone. Then download WhatsApp. Once you have it on your phone search for Cuban Cravings and it should come up. Then text. Remember to give us the info necessary to deliver your food.

Again, this menu is for food to be delivered Friday, the 10th of April. Please order by 10 AM for delivery between noon-1 PM. 

Ori Pujol: 09 632 8937

Address: Puerto Rico y Latinoamericano.

Recommended by Harper Spino:


La Guarida delivers, Paiche is back on our menu

Thanks to all the people that have called us and have helped during these difficult times. Here is our menu for the upcoming days:

– Vegetarian omelet, sourdough toast * ($4.75)
– Omelet with homemade sausage, sourdough toast * ($5.75)
– Shrimp omelet, sourdough toast * ($7.25)
– Scrambled eggs, homemade sausage, roasted potatoes * ($5.75)
– Sautéed chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, roasted tomato dip, poached egg * ($6.25)
– Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, sourdough bread and roasted tomato dip * ($7.25)
– La Guarida salad with smoked salmon * ($7.50) with chicken breast * ($6.75)
– Spaghetti carbonara, mushrooms, bacon, green peas, parmesan cheese * ($8.50)
– Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta * ($8.50)
– Garlic Shrimp with yucca tortillas and sauteed veggies ($9.25)
– Asparagus in a creamy roasted tomato dip, poached egg and sourdough bread
– Tilapia with quinoa or mashed potatoes & sauteed veggies * ($11.25)
– Paiche (Amazonian Sea Bass) in a creamy Dijon mustard and wine sauce, yucca tortillas and green beans ($12.50)
Sourdough bread loaf * ($3)
Hoppe organic coffee 250g * ($6.50) 450g * ($10)


Luis Felipe Edwards (Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot) * ($15) or 2 for $30.
Chardonnay * ($20)
Trapiche Melodias (Sauvignon Blanc) * ($15)
Trapiche roble or Piccini Memoro * ($20)
Trapiche rose $17
Champagne $17

Sol, Latitud Cero or Cuzcungo * $3.50

April 9th, from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta

Andres: 099 806 8071

Pay with PayPal at Cafe San Sebas – online ordering available

You can select PayPal to pay for your online orders at

Choose from our cool crisp salads, unique breakfast items, quinoa bowls, hot sandwiches, organic coffee and more.

Create your order up to 3 days in advance and pay with cash or Paypal.
With Paypal you can pay directly with your USA bank account, credit and debit card or your existing Paypal balance.

Cafe San Sebas is now open 7 days a week for convenient home delivery. Order online now for home delivery or make an order up to 3 days in advance.

Monday and Tuesday: 9 AM – noon
Wednesday – Sunday: 8 AM – noon

If you are having internet issues, or would like to talk to a human instead, feel free to call us at 07 284 3496.

Every day,

Adam: 07 284 3496

Cinnamon rolls / delivery free

Good morning

4 medium rolls for $3
6 medium rolls for $4.50
8 medium rolls for $5.50
4 large rolls for $3.50
6 large rolls for $5
8 large rolls for $6.50

Accompany the rolls with cream cheese or chocolate topping. They are made at the time of order. Delivery free

All week, from 9 AM to 1 PM, Cuenca


Need food

Can anybody help me and my family with food I’m not working and I have a wife and a 12-year old girl. I’ll really appreciate your help.

April 7 from 9 AM to 9 PM, Octavio Diaz 4-57

Edgar Sergio Rojas Calvo: 099 734 7355

Boutique Hotel Mansion Alcazar offers home delivery

Boutique Hotel, Mansion Alcazar is now offering home delivery service during this challenging time. Please see our classified posting within this publication for a detailed view of the Mansion’s home delivery menu and place your order accordingly to enjoy the Mansion’s crafted menu items for delivery. Other menu items forthcoming. The Mansion wishes you and yours the very best in this trying time. Here is our Boutique Hotel Mansion Alcazar Delivery Menu:

Soups and Salads

House salad
Fresh green leaf with tomato, cucumber, uvillas (Goldenberries), mixed with a maracuyá dressing and parmesan cheese. Price $5
Caesar salad
Mixed Romaine lettuces, with Caesar dressing, toasted crotons and parmesan cheese.
W/ Chicken $9 W/ Shrimp $12.
Locro Potato Soup
Traditional soup from Ecuador´s central Andean zone.
Creamy potato soup, served with a slice of avocado and fresh cheese Price $5.
Green Ball Soup
Traditional light Ecuadorian coastal soup flavored with peanuts, coriander, beef broth, and accompanied by mini green balls filled with stewed meat. Price $5.

Main Dishes

Italian Pasta with Shrimp or Chicken
Spaghetti or Penne Rigate al dente with your option of Chicken or Shrimp, with fresh Pesto or Pomodoro sauce.
Price with chicken $9.
Price with shrimp $12.

Mezzago´s Risotto
Creamy rice with wine, fine herbs, asparagus, mushrooms and fresh grated parmesan cheese.
Price $12.
House Parmesan Chicken
Fresh breaded chicken breast cooked with a touch of tomato and gratinated cheese with fettuccine and pomodoro sauce.
Price $9.

Chicken Cordon Blue
Chicken breast stuffed with Dutch ham and cheese in pomodoro sauce accompanied by yucca pudding, lettuce mix, cherry tomato, onion rings dipped with a balsamic vinaigrette
Price $9.

Sirloin Steak with Red Wine
Juicy Sirloin Steak with red wine, roasted red peppers, grill vegetables, mozzarella, and parsley butter potatoes.
Price $12.
Trout in Lemon Sauce
Trout grilled to perfection, with fresh lemon sauce, potato, and butter sautéed vegetables.
Price $10.


Coffee Cake $5. Red fruit Crepes $5.
Apple Strudel $5. Panna Cota Passion Fruit $5.

Children’s Menu
Mac & Cheese
Delicious Macaroni and cheese with a choice of chicken or bacon. Comes with milk and cookie. Price $6.

Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Comes with milk and cookie. Price $6.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Creamy grilled cheese sandwich with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Comes with milk and cookie. Price $6.

Delivery cost depends on the distance. Delivery is free up to 5 kilometers on purchases of $20 or more.

Monday – Sunday (order early is best)
Delivery hours noon to 5 PM Contact us: 099 825 4612 or 07 282 3918

Mansion Alcazar Boutique Hotel Simón Bolívar 12-55 y Tarqui, Cuenca – Ecuador 099 825 4612 or 07 282 3918

Monday – Sunday (order early is best) Delivery hours noon to 5 PM, Mansion Alcazar Boutique Hotel Simón Bolívar 12-55 y Tarqui, Cuenca – Ecuador

Guillermo Peledini

Treats from DEFY and free delivery too

Have bike, will travel.

My mission here at DEFY (Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings) is to “treat you and planet earth, with dignity.” That hasn’t changed at all during the current world crisis. I’m still making treats for you, but now you’re getting free delivery, by bike.

How good are my products? Well, just let me tell you. Actually, let me share what a couple of my clients are saying:
“I thawed, heated and ate one of your Roasted Sweet Onion/Roasted Tomato soups last night–Fantastic! What a pleasure to eat soup not laden with salt and too-many-herbs. The pure taste of the vegetables was a delight.”
The four jars I have are 12 ounces–about eleven ounces of soup allowing for the freezing space. That is a perfect ‘serving’ size.” – Marcia Kowske
“I loved your Nanaimo bars. I ran into some fellow Canadians who were renting the AirBNB upstairs from me. I gave them a square to try. They loved it. One of them even said it was the best Nanaimo bar she had ever had.” – Heather Griffiths

I have organic vegetarian gourmet soups and desserts, conveniently frozen, as well as plant-based home and personal care products from the genius of Melody of Plants. Ah, yogurt too from MoP.

Email me at to get my product price list. Order cut-off is 8 PM on Thursday, with delivery in El Centro on Friday and the rest of the world on Saturday (by bicycle). You can also pick up from my place, 3 blocks from Banco Central.

Remember, delivery is free for orders during the COVID-19 health crisis.

You can email me at or see my Facebook Page: Defy for Life (copy and paste this to get there for more info.

Please stay safe. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thursday, April 9th, Jesus Arriaga 4-69

David Coote: 096 034 0240 Defy for Life Facebook Page

Number one dumplings/noodles/wontons $3

Free delivery for order over $30

Handmade noodles 450g $3
10 dumplings Frozen $4
10 wontons Frozen $5
7 dumplings Fried. $3.5
6 wontons Boiled $3.50
30 Dumplings Wraps $3 (without filling)
25 wonton Wraps $3 (without filling)
Dumplings Stuffing options: beef and vegetables
Wonton stuffing options: shrimp
WhatsApp: 099 101 5553

Every day from 9 AM – 1 PM, Benigno Malo y Presidente

Yolk: 09 9101 5553

Pei’s dumplings (pot stickers)

The way cooked: Steamed
The price: one package (10 pics dumplings)is $4
The kind: pork chicken vegetable
The customers cook way: pan-fry (three mins –one side 1.5 mins) or oven (two mins)

Monday to Saturday, from 9 AM to 1 PM, Paseo Imbabura y Unidad Nacional

Pei: 099 253 6116

T-Rex Burgers and Cesares Internazionale: weekly delivery service

4th week of quarantine. Still delivering great food to your house. Enjoy and support. Stay at home.

T-Rex Burgers.
Thursday and Friday.
April 9th and 10th 2020:
(4) 8 oz Burgers of your choice:
Double cheese classic or BBQ bacon
(2) Grilled garlic potatoes with cheese and chimichurri
6 meals for only $25

Cesares Internazionale.
April 11th, 2020:
(2) Shrimp Quesadilllas
(2) Pork ribs and white beans soup
4 meals for only $25 

Order 2 days in advance or before.
• $2 Delivery extra charge •

April 9th, 10th and 11th from Noon – 1 PM, Padre Aguirre 14-71

Cesar Mejia: 096 272 0330

Cuchi Suco BBQ Pit is back

Best BBQ in town is back! Thinking about our clients and taking all the protection measures for our employees and food we have decided to open our delivery service. Now you can enjoy our ribs, pulled pork and more in the comfort of your home! You can see our menu in our social networks or by writing to our number. It will be a pleasure to serve you.

All April from 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Avenida 12 de Abril y Francisco Talbot next to Parque de la Madre

Gustavo Lloret:  099 537 8761

Delicious baked chicken

You want to try a spectacular baked chicken with our grandmother’s homemade recipe?
Please your order must be 24 hours in advance.

Every day from 11 AM to 5 PM. Cuenca

Marcela: 099 915 0443

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