Darling Lassie – abandoned by owner

Lassie, a small/med size Golden Labrador mix, is a very sweet and gentle girl about 3-years old. She’s been groomed, spayed and has received all annual vaccinations.

When her owners moved away, they tied her inside the house. The next-door neighbor heard her cries for help and broke into the house to save little Lassie.

Lassie is a sweet adorable and manageable doggie with excellent manners.

Would you consider giving her a chance in a real loving home? She will love you and I know you will love her.

Please contact for photos or any other information.

Thank you,

Thank you so much for your concern Jo, I really appreciate it.

Actually I rescued Lassie. She used to live next to my house, with awful owners. Until last week, that we noticed a huge truck in the neighborhood, and these people moved to another place, leaving Lassie in the house.

She was tied up at the corner of the house, she was crying and asking for her freedom. She looked very sad, and conquered me, with her sweet eyes. So, I had to break into her house, I borrowed a ladder of my neighbors, and I climbed into her house. I know this is a crime here, to break into a house that is not yours; but I thought, Isn’t it a crime to abandon your own dog to her faith, inside your house? That’s a crime for me…so, anyway, yes, I broke into her house and took her in my arms, because she was unable to walk, for her bad situation.

As a result of a terrible treatment of her owners, she’s limping on her right leg; she was abused many times, kicked off the house many times, and she didn’t eat or drink in days, and we couldn’t help her, because she used to be tied in her house.

But, those bad days for Lassie are over. I rescued her, and I took her to Clinica Veterinaria Gallardo, where, Dr. Javier Gallardo, gave her all the attention and caring for a few days. She even stayed there, because she needed to be treated for her bad health, but now, she looks new; she’s reborn to a new Life, and she deserves all the best. What kind of human being, commits a crime like that? I’ve never seen anything like this myself, this is simply cruel.

Lassie is in my house now, but, she’s looking for her forever home to stay and be happy and make you the happiest person ever. She’s an adorable puppy, very sweet and affectionate, you’ll love her, she’s very obedient and calm.

Give her a chance to live her life in a nice environment, and a nice home, with people that love her; she really deserves it.

Thanks for being a nice person. My heart is with you…

Jo Austin: jomarieaustin99@gmail.com 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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